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Project Galaxy Announcement

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Project Galaxy is is collaborative project between Builders, Developers, Artists, and Players. We're a network trying to compete with the largest of networks. We're striving to make a fully customized experience, weather its custom mini games, or completely new game modes. We're striving to become TOP-NOTCH in our members' eyes. What do we do? - We host a 24 hour 7 days per week minecraft server network - We provide our community with our Unique take on Factions - We provide our community with our Unique mix-up of SkyWars - We provide our community with SkyBlock, unlike no other! - We provide our community with Prison, with customized ranks - We provide our community with the hassle free, easy to play network. And most of all, a safe play to play your favorite, yet unique gamemodes. We're set to launch on 12/02/2016, so donations will not be accepted after said date. We are PROJECT GALAXY. Help spread the word! Donate now! https://www.gofundme.com/project-galaxy-2w5rbdjc $10+ Receives EARLY BETA access pass!
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Jordan (1 year ago)
So when is this going to be up? I can't wait! :D
iFatBoi (1 year ago)
Can't quite tell you, but i can say the number 110.
iFatBoi (1 year ago)
Tune in this friday for some more spoilers about #ProjextGalaxy

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