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Minecraft Xbox 360 Lets Play #244 - House Building Ideas

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Ideas for different rooms you might want to include in your house! - Previous Video(TU29 in Cert Test): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80W49646IPo - Learn More about upcoming TU30 Features here: https://goo.gl/EvHfnJ - Think you've missed a video? You can check my most recent uploads here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ibxtoycat/videos - My Twitter: http://twitter.com/ibxtoycat - Follow for video updates and personal updates - Recorded With an Elgato HD60: http://e.lga.to/ibxtoycat Buy in US - http://amzn.to/1DcpKgv Buy in UK - http://amzn.to/1KAjBwY - Music By Bulby: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrBulbamike - Minecraft Console Edition Seeds Playlist: http://goo.gl/niZorV - Minecraft Xbox - Update Adventures Lets Play Playlist: http://goo.gl/MKvYLj
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Text Comments (165)
NCX Kay (1 year ago)
I heard crying in the backround
J sjs (3 years ago)
Anyone wanna play minecraft 360
Jay29 (2 years ago)
I do! :P
Joshua Unland (3 years ago)
"5 is such an even number"
CoC Divine (3 years ago)
You should make a download in episode #250. I love your world so much that I pay money to just be in it with you.
Еan (3 years ago)
leonardo rojas (3 years ago)
What seed is this?
Finn Clegg (3 years ago)
Make an Iron golem to guard your thrown
karen vargas (3 years ago)
this is a little boring :(
Krog (3 years ago)
Why isn't the traveler doing anything for the guardians in the taken king
Kolton Heimann (3 years ago)
Why were you using automatic crafting instead of classic crafting
liam darlaston (3 years ago)
toycat will you ever put your world out for download? I think it would be nice so people could have a look around it
Bigmac GamerHD (3 years ago)
i heard a baby crying in the background
Kamuuz _ (3 years ago)
You should make a stable outside
Sephlu May (3 years ago)
Yeah for the female ants!
The OneManJoe (3 years ago)
I'm new to this let's play and when I saw the big skyscraper thing at 0:14 I was like "OH!"
ImFire (3 years ago)
Hi everyone I'm fire and I'm a very small youtuber who has a dream and no I'm not asking for subs all I want is a chance on YouTube not a like not a sub but if you could please go check out a video on my channel and let me know if you like it all I would like is a chance on YouTube:)
ImFire (3 years ago)
Over the age of a teenager but my mic has been having problems so ya
The OneManJoe (3 years ago)
+ImFire How old are you? Because you seem like you're 10 or 11.
GamerBoy5667 (3 years ago)
I don't know if this was here before but I think this is new if you press LT with armour in your hand you put it on
Cameron Maggs (3 years ago)
ibxtoycat how to make a blindness potions
gizm0 (3 years ago)
Not even out
Pravin Singh (3 years ago)
Can you show us how to get mods on Xbox 360/ps3
Tony Ehab (3 years ago)
tu 29 have this option to make the world masev
NarwhalGaming (3 years ago)
Do a world tour
Bradley Dollar Jr. (3 years ago)
Hey IbxToyCat its me again and I just wanna say I found this glitch on my XBOX 360 so if u start a world on survival and u put on host privlages and then u switch your gamemode to creative by tapping on your name then on the Host Privlages button and toggle on Creative on both, all the blocks break really fast and if u place a block u get unlimited amount please share this comment in a vid and show it please I would love that!!!! 😊😊
Its Just Fisher (3 years ago)
You should doing a lot of how to build videos
TJ Minotti (3 years ago)
You should make a parkour staircase out of the haybale dummies. Also, make the disco room out of redstone lamps.
Easy Luigi (3 years ago)
Make an iron farm, because of your iron famine.
Luke Cable (3 years ago)
I want to play minecraft now but It's my first school night Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-
TJ Minotti (3 years ago)
Instead of making a new anvil, just move your old one :P
derpergin snergin (3 years ago)
ibxtoycat you live about 30 miles away from london. I wish I lived that close
Stephen Cox (3 years ago)
Why don't you use diamond armor? Or tools like the axe or shovel?
Andrew Gaming (3 years ago)
Wow, 244 episodes?! That's pretty impressive! ;)
TJ Minotti (3 years ago)
I know, but can you believe Stampy, 335 EPISODES?!?!?
ZenTeT (3 years ago)
sigh still no acacia saplings in survival for ps4 will have to wait for it before building a new world
Ahamed Fofana (3 years ago)
This video sucks that why I watch youtubers who care about comment like A2EZ64 and VIKKSTAR
Michael Ray (3 years ago)
please be my friend on xbox soo we can play survival
Kendall Bahlke (3 years ago)
You should do the roof in half slabs
+ibxtoycat will you do a video about comment house building this week?
James hunt (3 years ago)
Why does popularmmos no take beacon from well
T for Tom 69 (3 years ago)
Toycat make a iron farm it is hard to find iron on my world too my world is real old too it's easy please do it and nice vid
Frodo (3 years ago)
Only use the hopper system when smelting stone don't do it with iron or gold
Ckott (3 years ago)
I know most of you wont read this but I'm 17 and i recently began Youtube and I love doing it, I love playing minecraft as well as call of duty, and I like making challenge videos. I don't have too many subs so I'm trying to get a little more because I love support and feedback:) any advice at all would be awesome! :)
KATHIE Fergen (3 years ago)
can I be your friend on xbox 360 my gamer tag is Mr Iowa Fan
Indoman123 (3 years ago)
Can someone give me feedback on my first vid and watch the whole vid
unknown user (3 years ago)
toycat have u ever used creative or host privliges in that world
RadicalPizza14 (3 years ago)
how do you do it toycat? how do you upload every single day? dont you ever get overwhelmed?
Tina Speciale (3 years ago)
There's Chipotle In America And I Found A Bug Where U Go To High In UR Inventory U Can't Go Down
Minecraft Dude (3 years ago)
Can you build a giant tree house hide in seek
Josiah Simmons (3 years ago)
Dang #244!!!!!!!!!!
Frankie Marren (3 years ago)
Count how many times he says "make my/your life easier"
Pratique (3 years ago)
Toy cat how you record full screen on xbox
sandra vega (3 years ago)
elgato he made a video about it
I just make a square and decorate it and say look my house is done/ call it my house
Nathaniel Casson (3 years ago)
You should make an iron farm, they're super useful!
Kevin (3 years ago)
Hey! Chipotle is from here in Colorado. You should put a painting in front of that 1 block dent in your brewing room and make it a secret entrance to a room of riches or something. Also, I was playing split screen today with my brother and some weird glitch happened where I was still in creative after I had changed the game mode to survival but it was just me.
if u look at a guy fedex gaming he has a Redstone build for most of this stuff so u can use some of his ideas
Gummi Koalabears (3 years ago)
Console crafting? more like, Con sole crafting! get it?
Nighthood (3 years ago)
Toycat, link to your t-shirt please! Also, can you make Tuesday vloging Tuesday? Or at least do the tell your week in 2 min. thing? so we can have QNA Saturday, Seed Sunday, lets play monday and Vloging Tuesday?
Tamerlein Music (3 years ago)
Will you do something special for episode 250?
snakatckthegamer (3 years ago)
Wish me luck, I'm gonna watch all the episodes in a day.
Jack Knight (3 years ago)
for the edge of the castle use stairs so it doesn't look so edgey :L
Jack Knight (3 years ago)
+First2comment I apologise but my name my rules
Death (3 years ago)
tina- this name is better
Tina Speciale (3 years ago)
U Stole My Name ;(;(;(;(;(;(;(;(;(
Brendan Brice (3 years ago)
what seed is that
carson Allman (3 years ago)
he has a full set of armour finnaly lol
Josiah Moss (3 years ago)
do you think their will be any new blocks in this update
Dark Pikachu (3 years ago)
Someone wants to be my Minecraft ps vita edition friend. Its so boring all alone
MJ4LIFE_SON (3 years ago)
MJ4LIFE_SON (3 years ago)
exxcept my ps4 friend request
GamingPandaFTW (3 years ago)
do 3rd person outro
Rhysbutler04 (3 years ago)
#QnA do u have ps4 ps3 ps vita if u do plz add me rhysbutler04 (ramdom letters)
im soda (3 years ago)
I hate when people dislike the video they do not even give it a change I give the video a changes and I like some people give it a change then they dislike any way
Dibly (3 years ago)
Aldo Macias (3 years ago)
Make A New Let's Play
Aldo Macias (3 years ago)
+Villager263 Yes
Nighthood (3 years ago)
1Nighthawk1 (3 years ago)
Why you no take beacon from well!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Ali Kassem (3 years ago)
+Jasmin Giles its hard to explain but it has to do with popularmmos
Why are. People saying that every were
Kory Beaudet (3 years ago)
+Nighthawk lol popularMMOS reference
Macy Cunningham (3 years ago)
1,117th view eek
Hucklebury Flynn (3 years ago)
Are you going to put trap doors over the staircase down to the under area full of mobs!
Hucklebury Flynn (3 years ago)
+Ryan Whitney because i can
Ryan Whitney (3 years ago)
+Hucklebury Flynn why do you care
Hucklebury Flynn (3 years ago)
+ibxtoycat my question was just whether or not you were gonna put trapdoors down to cover it
ibxtoycat (3 years ago)
+Hucklebury Flynn I'm working out if I want the area full of mobs or not first, if I get rid of it it'd seem pointless
Blizzard Plays (3 years ago)
toycat:one thing you need in minecraft is a goal Blizzard: a girl ? toycat: a goal Blizzard toycat your too british
Christian Larsen (3 years ago)
What's going to happen to your cave home?
Keira Ciobanu (3 years ago)
He talks a lot and soooooo fast slow down
AngelaPuppy (3 years ago)
Wow! Those buildings are huge! Amazing builds.
Jimmy R (3 years ago)
Toycat! You should do the same thing you did with the furnaces with the brewing stands!
A Very High Doge (3 years ago)
+Faithfull Gamer look up fedx gaming and find his industrial brewing stand 2.0
A Very High Doge (3 years ago)
+Faithfull Gamer yeah
Domallama (3 years ago)
Ok... ants cool
595th view!☺... 😐... 😕... 😥... 😢... 😴
wild tron (3 years ago)
14 minits ago Fist me daddy
will they fix all of the bugs inTU29?
TheUnholyNecromancer (3 years ago)
No they are just fixing a big the last bug fix made were the lag on xbox360 and Xbox 1 and it made it impossible to play it made it look like a slideshow
LXavierW (3 years ago)
we don't know but the main fix is the random framer ate drops that break the game
Hucklebury Flynn (3 years ago)
There will always be bugs
Hwkns (3 years ago)
Love your videos toycat, Here's a question: In Minecraft Console do you think they can make an easier download system, like in the menus there is a bit where you can upload content and download content from other players??!! I think that might come with the Servers/Realms if they ever come! :)
Austin Guzman (3 years ago)
Ibxtoycat when will u do another world download
boss gamer great (3 years ago)
Can i be first
Carsity (3 years ago)
GamingChamp_ 02 (3 years ago)
Ur world has come so far
TJ262HD (3 years ago)
+ibxtoycat will Xbox 360 ever get command blocks because I have a hide and seek map with no way to hide thanks appreciate the stuff you do
Sam Masters (2 years ago)
+Chara Farrag Who told you that?
Creeper Ninja (3 years ago)
They can shift
TheUnholyNecromancer (3 years ago)
Yes PS3/4 and xbox360/1 are getting them in the next next big update
the last punslinger (3 years ago)
Connor Diamond (3 years ago)
Awesome content!
Oriane Nyaburerwa (3 years ago)
And TU30 Will also be a bug fix. and btw i just noticed that Toycat as taken of classic crafting:(
A Very High Doge (3 years ago)
for smelting you won't receive xp. and look up Mumbo's second super smelter it is expensive, but try it
LubeNoob (3 years ago)
+Alexander Flamand The seed is everything
Ameena Mosaid (3 years ago)
+ibxtoycat how are you
FoxtailPlayz (3 years ago)
+A Very High Doge sup brb
A Very High Doge (3 years ago)
+Arnav Kumar if it goes through hoppers, it gives none.
Arnav Kumar (3 years ago)
+ibxtoycat mine quarts for XP, it gives the same as diamonds
Liam Williams (3 years ago)
omg I'm early
Oriane Nyaburerwa (3 years ago)
Toycat already said that TU29 Will be a bug fix
Sean Glitchier (3 years ago)
Carlos deDank (3 years ago)
under 301 club lol
xboxgamer (3 years ago)
Toycat is this update (TU29) most likely to be a bugfix
xboxgamer (3 years ago)
+Faithfull Gamer I suppose we need this update because I have found a few bugs and hopefully the lag on offline single player is fixed
Gerald Adkison (3 years ago)
4 minutes ago I'm so late
AM (3 years ago)
1 dislike. Who did this?!!
gizm0 (3 years ago)
+Jeff Hadwin zombies ain't even out
gizm0 (3 years ago)
And I have preordered Bo 3 on ps4FTW NUK3TOWN
gizm0 (3 years ago)
+Jeff Hadwin yeah you don't know any pthing about Bo 3. The beta expired like 2 weeks ago
carson Allman (3 years ago)
+Jeff Hadwin :)
TheUnholyNecromancer (3 years ago)
+carson Allman yeah on multiplayer I only play zombies (sorry I have anger issues I do not mean this tho sorry 😔)
TdG Neon (3 years ago)
toycat can you please reply
Ubinex (3 years ago)
#Qna toycat do you think that we will ever get custom skins for console?
wass new (3 years ago)
Microsoft own minecraft and Xbox
wass new (3 years ago)
+First2comment it's not 4j its Microsoft :)
Ubinex (3 years ago)
+MLG Gamez oh i see. i remember when he mentioned that now. thank you :)
MLG AutisticNinja (3 years ago)

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