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Counter Strike: Source - Low Violence Death Animations

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For some reason instead of dying as ragdolls, the characters in my game do this ridiculous animation, and I don't know how to turn it off. Edit: Ok, I figured out how to fix it, if any of you are having this problem, or if you feel like playing like this for whatever reason. In your console type these commands: violence_agibs 1 violence_ablood 1 violence_hgibs 1 violence_hblood 1 replace the ones with zeroes if you WANT these ridiculous animations.
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Text Comments (117)
MaxaN (2 years ago)
Radi0he4d1 (4 years ago)
so this is what Germans play
YARi1337 (3 years ago)
valve patchd it
Radi0he4d1 (3 years ago)
+YARi1337 Did your government revamp the rating system, or did Valve patch the game?
YARi1337 (3 years ago)
everything its "normal" now :D
Radi0he4d1 (3 years ago)
+YARi1337 What changed?
YARi1337 (3 years ago)
not anymore......
jek vait (4 years ago)
спс посодействовал
Monzarath (4 years ago)
violence_agibs 1;violence_ablood 1;violence_hgibs 1;violence_hblood 1
Sold Gineer (6 years ago)
FKA [REDACTED] (6 years ago)
Either type these in the console every time you play, or add these lines to your autoexec.cfg and config.cfg violence_agibs 1 violence_ablood 1 violence_hgibs 1 violence_hblood 1
guillimaki (6 years ago)
Yeah, of course... You have watched a lot of movies.
DTH10 (6 years ago)
why dont you make an animation so they whenever they die, they start jerking off. imagine in a middle of a big gun fight and a bunch of dudes, pants down the ankle, just going at it.
swagboi (6 years ago)
@risonhighmer Watch out guys we're dealing with a badass over here.
Justin Prado (6 years ago)
suicide xD
FKA [REDACTED] (6 years ago)
@DrFreezedUp What's makes it gay?
swagboi (6 years ago)
@risonhighmer What's the problem? I just think that this animation looks gay. Is that bad?
FKA [REDACTED] (6 years ago)
@DrFreezedUp Shut up mister XD face. You're a lame little chode, that's what you are.
swagboi (6 years ago)
That looks gay xd
Trax Nitro (6 years ago)
the animations are fucking worse
xTh1eFx (6 years ago)
[email protected]@[email protected]@ I can't believe they did it sometime...
FineGamerYT (7 years ago)
I odont have that in mine.
Memnarch (7 years ago)
@risonhighmer i live in germany, and never had problems(except the beta update when the whole world had this animations). Bought the game at local stores o.O.
Johan Ehrendahl (7 years ago)
they changed these to settings (no blood n gore) and u know what i mean
FKA [REDACTED] (7 years ago)
@Conny6000 No worries dude. :)
Conny6000 (7 years ago)
@risonhighmer yes i do live i germany! finally i found a way to fix the problem a few minutes ago :) thanks for your help!!
FKA [REDACTED] (7 years ago)
@Conny6000 I'm not sure. Do you live in germany? Also, when I had the problem it never really solved itself. changing the console commands only worked for that one session, it would always revert back to the animations if I closed the game. I ended up getting a new computer and the problem was cleansed for good. I don't now what else to tell you, sorry. :(
Conny6000 (7 years ago)
@risonhighmer i did what you said but nothing changed!! i think i have the censored version of css!! are there different versions??
FKA [REDACTED] (7 years ago)
@Conny6000 Yeah, check out the description of the video, it's got the console commands listed. I guess just put them in your autoexec.cfg and it should iron itself out from there.
FKA [REDACTED] (7 years ago)
@Conny6000 Yeah, check out the description of the video.
Conny6000 (7 years ago)
@risonhighmer did you find a solution?? i have the same problem!! i want to have like the "normal" violence mode on my css but i dont know how...
FKA [REDACTED] (7 years ago)
@Csontdani It's a video showing a problem I had where I couldn't toggle off the characters not actually dying. They would just kind of surrender instead.
m3gadork (8 years ago)
*yawn* I'm tired gonna take a nap now.
ricardo silva (8 years ago)
fuck you valve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mac Keegan (8 years ago)
@WoWproductions21 ;)
Mac Keegan (8 years ago)
@MandosMady yeah same for me
Mandos (8 years ago)
@WoWproductions21 did you deleted the whole Valve folder from there, and if this doesn't work, then i have no ideas, steam told me how to do it and it worked for me...
tci67 (8 years ago)
Its the new gay beta?
SmittyGir4 (8 years ago)
@TyggusViking ive tryed 0, -1 i have not, but idk how thats gona help
TyggusViking (8 years ago)
@smittygir4 "0" or "-1"?
TyggusViking (8 years ago)
We should remod the deathanimations, so that instead if lying down, they go down on their knees, flip you off, and then collapse. That would be awesome.
AKTR (8 years ago)
@MandosMady well they replied to me and said to find the steam folder in C:/programfiles/steam and delete everything except steam.exe and steamapps. IDK which is the steam.exe, they siad to see the black and white steam icon, but idk which that is
adi (8 years ago)
Dont work. I tried everything! Ive got blood, but theres that jackass surrender. i tried cl_ragdol_psyysics_enable 1, cl_ragdoll_colide 1, and still dont work!
SmittyGir4 (8 years ago)
ok i checked all the commands, they all have 1s and the animations are still happening.... any suggestions?
junkietomato (8 years ago)
@BenBenjiro those are the same people who think videogames are just for children and don't look at the fucking rating in the box so they buy violent games for their kids because they fail as parents.
Rohan2o1o (8 years ago)
This is awesome xD I'm from Germany and i dont have this Animation. Steam Registration Date & CSS Buy Date: xx.xx.2005
Mandos (8 years ago)
@BlackPlane well how the heck would i know how to fix it, it was the first time i had censored version, after the extensive update, and i didn't find a solution anywhere so i asked steam... smartass... i just want to help, so...
SeLpHy (8 years ago)
@MandosMady we are not silly like you :D
Mandos (8 years ago)
Steam has response to me with a solution!!! Read this: Hello ****, Thank you for contacting Steam Support. Please try the following: 1.Click on Windows START > RUN > type regedit and press enter 2. Search for the following file: \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\VALVE Please delete this file in your registry. Please start Steam again and start the game.
Mac Keegan (8 years ago)
@showstopperthebest yeah you removed he reply "STFU" to me coz you tried it and it worked im guessing, idiot.
fml i'm not from germany or australia, and still getting that bs!
Mac Keegan (8 years ago)
HERES THE OFFICIAL FIX: 1.Click on Windows START > RUN > type regedit and press enter. 2. Search for the following file: \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\VALVE Please delete this file in your registry. Please start Steam again and start the game. YES this means delete the who VALVA file. dont worry it will not do anyhting to your games or steam. no need to thank me :)
Ben De Bie (8 years ago)
@p0seyd0n I am not german and I HAVE THIS BULLSHIT?
BlueLegion (8 years ago)
@o0Mace0o low violence and censorship is always fail. "its okay to shoot people because it doesnt hurt them, they just lie down" they NEED to change those freaking bullcrap laws in germany. im german btw, and i HATE censorship. dont know anyone who likes em actually. only the g-men and angry bitch parents (equivalent to rednecks) want em
AKTR (8 years ago)
@ankzmoviez ummm...... its my opinion right. anyways, did say that the new update after the beta to CSS has caused the violence to go low for some reason for me. and of course its a surrender animation. but it happens after you kill the guy DUHH!, and IDK why your so tense all of a sudden.
Cogents (8 years ago)
It's not even a death animation. It's fucking retarded. I'd shoot someone in the head and they go all prone and shit and put their hands on their head.
p0sey (8 years ago)
ahahahahahaah so funny .. now im happy im not german lol
FuscusNight (8 years ago)
I'm not even from Germany or Australia and i sitll got the god damn censored version
Ianas Andrei (8 years ago)
WTF? ahahhahaha this game has gone from SUX to BULLSHIT :))) if i were in germany i would sue VALVE and ASK them for my monney back :)) WTF A CT SURENDER FOR A TERRO and wtf................... This will mean that DEAD IN SPACE will be abnned in germany MUhahahhaha fking nazziz
ankzmoviez (8 years ago)
@PinoyPogiman it's not fucking funnie because: 1.it's not a death but a surrender animation. 2.i payed for ragdolls. 3.if i knew this i fucking continued playing cs1.6 so DON'T FUCKING SAY IT'S FUCKING FUNNIE
AKTR (8 years ago)
i got that new update, and now they are doing this. it seems funny tho. its like cops 'n' robbers.
ankzmoviez (8 years ago)
doesn't work in the netherlends. my blood is there but that fucking death animation won't go away plz help
TheLonelyLion (8 years ago)
those animations suck common i just want old ragdolls back
explosmateer (8 years ago)
I have the same animations and i used the console commands but they dont work, what the fuck will i do??
tomimn2233 (8 years ago)
@Cmac270 I have played CS S in germany without this shit, then after update BAM! imagine my surprise!
Jon Blond (8 years ago)
lol what bull shit is this????
UARAF16 (8 years ago)
@UARAF16 damnit even this doesnt work to change it in the new update. col
UARAF16 (8 years ago)
hope this works for the new update .__.
jimmyjoejoeshabadoo (8 years ago)
@kenji2298450 Obligatory: GIMIE AWP I B& U HUEHUEUH
Golden Aegis (8 years ago)
@WolfWoot Indeed.
Golden Aegis (8 years ago)
@WolfWoot Indeed.
Aya Tachibana (8 years ago)
Danmit, this didn't worked to me :(
Lolshockify (8 years ago)
i can still remember playing this uncensored yesterday.. good old times (i'm from finland btw)
Aya Tachibana (8 years ago)
Thanks man. I'm from Brazil and i don't know why my CSS is censored O_O
Mandos (8 years ago)
it doesn't work for me.......... please my friend, help me..... i really hate these animations, i am 18 years old, i don't need censored....
FKA [REDACTED] (8 years ago)
@predking How mature and clever of you.
FKA [REDACTED] (8 years ago)
@predking Australia has censored more than just Left 4 Dead 2. Stop flaming up.
Coonie Waschbär (8 years ago)
These would work well in a paintball / Airsoft server
SpyGuysX (8 years ago)
*terrorist takes 10 bullets to the head* terrorist: OK OK I SURRENDER awesome animations, gonna try it right now
Senhor Gerusão (8 years ago)
oh man you got me i wanna take a nap now
FKA [REDACTED] (8 years ago)
@lindenswitzer049 Yeah alright. Good idea.
FKA [REDACTED] (8 years ago)
The only problem is, I live in Canada, so there's no reason this should have happened to me (Way back when)
SpiderGMan (8 years ago)
This is also known as: Counter Strike: Source: German & Australian Version.
AKTR (8 years ago)
i guess they are playing paintball lol either than that, they're probably tired of taking hosties and planting bombs and fighting T's
Senhor Gerusão (8 years ago)
ct:oh man i so tired i ll take a nap good luck then he go sleep lolololol
RobinLitland (8 years ago)
_vspa krix (8 years ago)
hey does anybody know how when kill..player dissapears?
FKA [REDACTED] (9 years ago)
Actually, making an autoexec didn't work, I had to do it manually every time. But I have a new computer now, so this problem isn't around anymore.
justcallmelaika (9 years ago)
Wow, that's incredibly gay, thank god you fixed it. Also, make an autoexec.cfg (in your cfg folder) and put the code like you would in the config.cfg.
AirForce194 (9 years ago)
Chainsawwed (9 years ago)
AHAHAH THAT'S HILARIOUS! "I think i'm... just gonna take a nap now..."
Housesider (9 years ago)
Lexar tm (9 years ago)
i can type this 4 commands within 4 secs. just type vio and then 1 time down. the vio 2 tmes down vio 3 times down and vio 4 times down. easy
FKA [REDACTED] (9 years ago)
I tried that, to enable the stuff, but it still defaults to disabled.
Lexar tm (9 years ago)
ok i get new pc. i had the same as i reinstalled windows but i send a message to valve and in 3 hours it was ok. do it to. report bug and write it
FKA [REDACTED] (9 years ago)
I have to write it every time I turn on the game, and I even added it to the config files, and it still does it. I don't play much anymore so it's not that much of a bother, but yeah, it's a little frustrating.
Lexar tm (9 years ago)
qestion. do u have to write violence_ablood 1, hblood..... evereytime when you restart the game or do you just written it 1 time?
Games5522 (9 years ago)
I lol'd.
FKA [REDACTED] (9 years ago)
Input the same commands as I say in the description, except instead of putting ones, put zeros.
Welder boy (9 years ago)
how do you take ragdoll efects off tho???
FKA [REDACTED] (9 years ago)
No problem dude :)
Meister Kleister (9 years ago)
Thanks for posting. My friend had the same problem, after he formatted his pc. Ima forward this to him.
joman66 (9 years ago)
I think thats a hostage animation that its doing but not sure and it has happened to me before so I reinstalled it. lol though
LillStrömberg (10 years ago)
HAHAHHAHAHA lmao they dont die?, they give up xd

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