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Minecraft - Custom Boss Bar using Wither Spawners

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▼▼▼ Open for the commands ▼▼▼ Using Mob Spawners and the /blockdata Command you can create Boss Bars very easily and highly customizable! ==============================­======== As always, leaving a like makes me happy :) Commands: /blockdata x y z {EntityId:Pig,RequiredPlayerRange:0s} /blockdata x y z {EntityId:WitherBoss,SpawnData:{CustomName:"Name",HealF:175.0f}} Formula: √(64²-x²) x is the desired visibility radius of the Boss Bar. Credit for the formula goes to staffehn: https://www.youtube.com/user/staffehn1 Minecraft Server: crushedpixel.eu TeamSpeak IP: crushedpixel.eu Website: http://crushedpixel.eu MCEdit Filter Subreddit: http://reddit.com/r/MCEditFilters For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages: http://ChannelPages.com/CrushedPixel
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Text Comments (142)
The Legendary Gamer (3 months ago)
Today in the New minecraft version there is a command called bossbar
HaydenKenMutthew (3 months ago)
You may use /bossbar on 18w05a!
Fatima Fati (5 months ago)
TheDiamondCave17 (1 year ago)
I need the command to the monster spawner I'm in 1.10.2 help pls!!
QwertyCraft3 (1 year ago)
It does not work there, I need help too! :(
god_of_sound ! (1 year ago)
cuz u suck at gaming
Jonathan Abramo (1 year ago)
This didn't work. Also, the other two commands are not in the description. How are we going to get the commands? Please help!
Bob_Sava_K (2 years ago)
Cool!!! Awesome video!
TCAtrevor (2 years ago)
Doesn't work... remove this video from the internet
SplashGame (3 months ago)
Logic Gamer (2 years ago)
+TCAtrevor In 1.9, it doesn't work, that true
lolzgamingmc (2 years ago)
How do I change the name because I try and it wont work for some reson
1337 k x m (2 years ago)
1337 k x m (2 years ago)
Ezequiel Amin (2 years ago)
hi! in 1.9 this doesnt't work...
Rice & Necr0z Adv (1 year ago)
me too
robske Büba (2 years ago)
+Ezequiel Amin I'm too having this prob
Saalaus channel (2 years ago)
please make for shanpshot
Pulse (2 years ago)
i haven't played around with commands, so i'm kinda rusty, the 3rd command doesn't work for me, plez help
Pulse (2 years ago)
+mitsos13ps k, i fixed it, i just put the wrong brackets on one..
Khairul Ikhwan (2 years ago)
it will be awesome if i make it in Factions server :D
WooDooWooDa_YT (2 years ago)
can we see the boss bar at more than 64 block...??
can you get the visibility range higher than 64?
could you do some command examples for that?
MTGMage (2 years ago)
+Drake Duffin´s Prachtige Prachtanjers Constantly spawn a wither to all players with the name and desired health, then instantly despawn it and respawn it on a 20 tick clock
Minecart696 (2 years ago)
AdrenalDruid08 (2 years ago)
on 1:02 it says ''cuz u suck at gaming''
Donut City (2 years ago)
well you told us how to set the boss health bar but then how do you attach that health bar to different mobs and stuff?
Bild (2 years ago)
+boshty Dragnoz made a tutorial
CPT Xeon (2 years ago)
i cant connect 2 your server is it 24/7?
CPT Xeon (2 years ago)
thx man rlly helpd w/ my serverr
Dylan weston (2 years ago)
I need help
realario (2 years ago)
Thank You :) Helped A Lot :D
Pulse (2 years ago)
awsm although you said some stuff wrong
Pulse (2 years ago)
+RedstoneDerp_47 hi red :D
Bernardo Silva (2 years ago)
+mitsos13ps Mitsos?
Plurk Studio (2 years ago)
Why you sayd: cuz you suck at gaming
Minecart696 (2 years ago)
Cuz he suck at gaming
Christian James (2 years ago)
Can you please teach us how to make the quest system you used?
blue ant (2 years ago)
+Christian James Just click the profile.
Christian James (2 years ago)
+Pascal Vanderveen Can I have the link, plz?
DutchDeveloper (2 years ago)
i go make it now first i go make a set up for the test its gonna be a newer system i have alraddy make the video for the set up look on my channel
Christian James (2 years ago)
+Pascal Vanderveen Where is the tutorial for the quest system you used?
DutchDeveloper (2 years ago)
nope :D i try to talk in inglish i am dutch and my inglish is bad D:
Pixelated Network (3 years ago)
MAN, YOU ARE THE BEST!!! This will really change my BossMessage plugin now. It is a minecraft 1.8 solution for displaying messages on BossBar!
Cryptic Heaven (3 years ago)
Can you have 2 of these spawners with text in 1 world?
sanoylp (3 years ago)
ould you hook this up to the health of any mob so the bar represents the health of a certain mob
TotallyHotGameplay (3 years ago)
Sanb Bans (3 years ago)
1:02 cuz u suck at gaming. Text appeared.
Dumberand Bummer (3 years ago)
you should try to find out how to change the color of the name of the Wither/EnderDragon to make map makers/ server makers have a cool look for there games
Dumberand Bummer (2 years ago)
good idea thx
Kota Walsh (3 years ago)
this sucks! :(
Miguel D (3 years ago)
Can you make it so that it follows the amount of a scoreboard?
WX-78 (3 years ago)
but how do i make the boss bar go up when i place the block in the hopper D;
Minecart696 (2 years ago)
carrot man (3 years ago)
pausse at 1:02
Las the gud (3 years ago)
1:02 Cuz you suck at gaming
Vylan (3 years ago)
Did you say 46 when you're typing 64? -bad english at least im trying
Commanvil (3 years ago)
For those who dont know what version u need to be in, u need snapshot 14w25a/b, also for crash... please improve ur voice
AryaZaky Iman Fauzy (3 years ago)
very usefull
Kami (3 years ago)
EnderDragon is better because you can see the gray in the sky
Firal Rally (3 years ago)
BUT WHY AM I A NOOB?? (cuz you suck at gaming)
Zerghunter666 (3 years ago)
umm is this for 1.7 or 1.8?
carrot man (3 years ago)
Im Never EVER Unsuscribing!
RedBlocker (3 years ago)
Does there exist some Filter for taking the Health of some other Mobs? Or can i take it with the Scoreboard?
tris jeorge (3 years ago)
cuz you suck at gaming at 1:02 1:03
GridRaptor Sherman (3 years ago)
just to let u know, the text that flashed said "cuz u suck at gaming" i actually didnt pause at the right time i just saw it.
adoloul nico (3 years ago)
give @p written_book 1 0 {title:"Quick Commands",author:"Master",pages:["{text:\"- Teleports -\",color:black,bold:true,extra:[{text:\"\n\n1: Spawn\",color:blue,bold:true,underlined:true,hoverEvent:{                                action:show_text,                                value:\"Teleports you to Spawn.\"                        },clickEvent:{action:run_command,value:\"/tp 415 12 -260 0.0 4.0\"}},{text:\"\n\n2: The Hall\",color:blue,bold:true,underlined:true,hoverEvent:{                                action:show_text,                                value:\"Teleports you to the testing Hall\"                        },clickEvent:{action:run_command,value:\"/tp 478 12 -260 -90.0 0.0\"}},{text:\"\n\n3: World Spawn\",color:blue,bold:true,underlined:true,hoverEvent:{                                action:show_text,                                value:\"Teleports you to the world spawn center\"                        },clickEvent:{action:run_command,value:\"/tp 511 13 -145 0.0 0.0\"}},{text:\"\n\n1: NotSpawn\",color:blue,bold:true,obfuscated:true,underlined:true,hoverEvent:{                                action:show_text,                                value:\"???\"                        },clickEvent:{action:run_command,value:\"/tp 0 0 0 0.0 0.0\"}},{text:\"\n\n1: NotSpawn\",color:blue,bold:true,obfuscated:true,underlined:true,hoverEvent:{                                action:show_text,                                value:\"???\"                        },clickEvent:{action:run_command,value:\"/tp 0 0 0 0.0 0.0\"}}]}","{text:\"-Admin Commands-\",color:black,bold:true,hoverEvent:{                        action:show_text,                        value:\"???\"},extra:[{text:\"\n\nTime Set:\",color:black,bold:false,underlined:true,hoverEvent:{                                action:show_text,                                value:\"Sets the time\"}},{text:\" [DAY] \",color:gold,bold:false,clickEvent:{action:run_command,value:\"/time set day\"},hoverEvent:{                        action:show_text,                        value:\"Sets time to DAY\"}},{text:\"[NIGHT]\",color:black,bold:false,clickEvent:{action:run_command,value:\"/time set 20000\"},hoverEvent:{                        action:show_text,                        value:\"Sets Time to NIGHT\"}},{text:\"\n\nItems:\",color:black,bold:false,underlined:true,hoverEvent:{                                action:show_text,                                value:\"Gives you the hidden blocks\"}},{text:\" [1] \",color:blue,bold:false,clickEvent:{action:run_command,value:\"/give @p command_block 1\"},hoverEvent:{                        action:show_text,                        value:\"Gives Command block\"}},{text:\"[2] \",color:blue,bold:false,clickEvent:{action:run_command,value:\"/give @p barrier 1\"},hoverEvent:{                        action:show_text,                        value:\"Gives barrier block\"}},{text:\"\n\nGame Modes:\",color:black,bold:false,underlined:true,hoverEvent:{                            action:show_text,                            value:\"Changes your Game Mode\"}},{text:\" [C]\",color:blue,bold:false,clickEvent:{action:run_command,value:\"/gamemode creative\"},hoverEvent:{                        action:show_text,                        value:\"Sets Gamemode to Creative\"}},{text:\" [S]\",color:blue,bold:false,clickEvent:{action:run_command,value:\"/gamemode survival\"},hoverEvent:{                        action:show_text,                        value:\"Sets Gamemode to Survival\"}},{text:\" [A]\",color:blue,bold:false,clickEvent:{action:run_command,value:\"/gamemode adventure\"},hoverEvent:{                        action:show_text,                        value:\"Sets Gamemode to Adventure\"}}]}"]}
TheEnderEffect (3 years ago)
Dragnoz, Command Book I have a very very futuristic one, I Skype with Dragnoz
Marino Feric (3 years ago)
Oh really , -.- for what
adoloul nico (3 years ago)
it s a command
Marino Feric (3 years ago)
Whats that ?
Isaac Hansen (3 years ago)
Nice idea! Pretty awesome and useful rather then doing that enderdragon stuff to make a frozen enderdragon far far away.
David Sattler (3 years ago)
Hello, how do you detect if you collected 5 logs?
Marcel Schwarz (3 years ago)
you typed in '64', but you said 'forty-six' (46)
_PaulTheMiner_ (3 years ago)
I didn't know about the blockdata command!
_PaulTheMiner_ (3 years ago)
You have made my day. I'm gonna use this on a map I'm working on :) Here, a sub for u! _execute command { java.code.coreedit javacore.youtube.subscriber javacore.subscriber.add = add.1 = add.confirm _executed.subscribercount.add.1 if not ok then return end {} if }executed{ print>>"+1 sub for u!" if }else{ _execute if not ok then return end {} print>>"Lol fake coding i don't know how to code xD" }
Michael Hyams (3 years ago)
Anybody else notice he read 256 as 265 and 64 as 46?
Harrington (3 years ago)
Žiga Modrič (3 years ago)
Can It Be Colored ?
Žiga Modrič (3 years ago)
Žiga Modrič (3 years ago)
you can make it a ender dragon spawner too right ?
Dumberand Bummer (3 years ago)
yea instead of WitherBoss do EnderDragon
I am Miner249 (3 years ago)
How do get the spawner?
Gabriel Sonicstar (3 years ago)
What version is this?
James Shemoon (3 years ago)
Thx crushedpixel This is gonna be a new thing in my connect Four game in 1.8 with a lot of command blocks
ehamawy (3 years ago)
"The Target Block is not a data holder block" Help?
ehamawy (3 years ago)
To GET  a Mob Spawner (for noobs) - just do /give name minecraft:mob_spawner
Deli73 (3 years ago)
Any particular reason you switch the tens place and the ones place when saying numbers out loud?
Minecart696 (2 years ago)
+Deli73 didn't know that either
Deli73 (2 years ago)
+Zhongmin Huh, interesting. I didn't know that!
Minecart696 (2 years ago)
In German you speak the ones and tens the other way around. Example: 64 English: sixty-four German: four-and-sixty
Kaith_mllr (3 years ago)
It said "u suck at gaming" in the INTRO
CoolAsFreya (3 years ago)
Are you using spawners so there is no redstone lag and because it is smaller than summon command blocks?
Christopher Turner (3 years ago)
lol now in 1.8 we have the /title command
João Pinto (4 years ago)
very useful!
Sam Jaffe (4 years ago)
Can you do this with ender dragons when you use withers the sky get darker
Cade Griffin (3 years ago)
yes you can
Jakeb Mariani (4 years ago)
someone make a bukkit plugin for chat calculators lol
Jakeb Mariani (4 years ago)
promote your server more because no ones ever on it
jdmorton25 (4 years ago)
/setblock -125 71 13 minecraft:mob_spawner 0 destroy {EntityId:EnderDragon,MaxNearbyEntities:­0,MaxSpawnDelay:20,MinSpawnDelay:20,RequiredPlayerRange:0,SpawnCount:0,SpawnRange:0,SpawnData:{HealF:200,CustomName:"Text]"}}
DiamondLP (3 years ago)
thanks ;)
system_update (3 years ago)
DiamondLP (3 years ago)
Does that work in 1.7
system_update (3 years ago)
Thx it worked
Deltin (4 years ago)
I had done this a very long time ago, I had created an enderdragon spawner, and the top boss thing showed up at the top. I didnt figure I could do this, nice job.
Alexander (4 years ago)
You and Wumpacraft should make an epic server together, you'd have all sorts
Smile Beats (4 years ago)
Can you make one video where you speak german? Bitte ;D
Pickolo01 (4 years ago)
Whats the name of the song in background Bad english ^_^
NanoRex (4 years ago)
Could you use enderdragon spawners so it doesn't change the sky colour? EDIT: Yes you can.
ngenardi (3 years ago)
qbe (3 years ago)
+Jocolo yes, you can see it at 1:50
Bligblog889 (3 years ago)
but it could break out so it has to ride a ender dragon
Michael Achilles (3 years ago)
Now i can make a target shooting obstacle course too shoot stuff that take the boss bar a target will take 100/300 from the wither boss trick for the boss bar without a boss that will murder your face and family like the wither it is a map key in my opinion and its a way too make a clock with repeaters it will go down 50/300 from the wither boss health bar trick - is a button and (| is the player also -- is arrow trail Level 1 - -- -- (| Level 2 - -- (| - -- Level 3 up too 10 Is not planned This video is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Djimusic (3 years ago)
+CJ G Yep. I have tested it haha.
Vrail Nightviper (4 years ago)
From 3:30 and on, I understood 0%... XD wow, lots commands, much confusing. ;P
TheDestruc7i0n (4 years ago)
Oooh! Putting math in Minecraft, luckily, math is my best subject ;) Also I am pretty sure you can do this with Enderdragon spawners too.... I use that for my map.
entereloaded (4 years ago)
wow, well done
Balázs Ádám (4 years ago)
Can you make the Boss bar colored ?
Bang ! (3 years ago)
you can mess with the commands to do so, there are some command generators for it :)
Cade Griffin (3 years ago)
and what feature is that??
Cade Griffin (3 years ago)
you would need to use a external program like mcedit :) 
staffehn (4 years ago)
(3:58) Showing 64, saying 46 - German number pronunciation strikes here ;)
staffehn (2 years ago)
+t4ni2015 shoot is schießen, Schuss means shot.
AlupAllTheWay (2 years ago)
+staffehn Oh, I understand now. I thought you meant pronunciation. Thanks for the chlarification, Schuss! (Bye) 
staffehn (2 years ago)
+AlupAllTheWay It's not about the German pronunciation of 46 but the one of 64, which is "Vierundsechzig" and literally means "four-and-sixty". So it is about the fact that germans flip the order in which the 10s and the 1s digits are occurring in the spoken number.
AlupAllTheWay (2 years ago)
+staffehn What do you mean German number pronunciation strikes here? Forty six in German doesn't sound close to the English version."Sechsundvierzig" (Proncounced zex-oond-feer-zig)
AlexanderA72 (3 years ago)
He also said 265 instead of 256
Rafessor (4 years ago)
nice done
Fam0r (4 years ago)
Cuz u suck at gaming :D
Cade Griffin (4 years ago)
after 3:34 I ended the video my head was about to explode :D
Tom You Twit! (4 years ago)
I would play a map like this
Tom You Twit! (4 years ago)
Djimusic (4 years ago)
I am in the process of releasing it. I am doing a series on it first.
TVTehVau (4 years ago)
Very nice :)
Christoph Kern (4 years ago)
124 (4 years ago)
3:34 I understood nothing from that point on.
Ben Heirbaut (4 years ago)
Cool! Maybe you could make a new serie: server plugins in vanilla minecraft
Atenfyr (4 years ago)
It's 64 not 46.
Daniel Keriazis (3 years ago)
+MrOrebreaker I think that regardless of what it is, CrushedPixel is awesome!
MrOrebreaker (3 years ago)
+Daniel Keriazis Yeah I think so. Its not a matter of him not knowing english well, but a disorder. If it was language, he would be mispronouncing the actual numbers I believe.
Daniel Keriazis (4 years ago)
And it's 256 instead of 265.  I'm not sure but could dyslexia be the cause of that?
Atenfyr (4 years ago)
+Zonkofonko YT Everyone makes mistakes like that, not just Germans...
Zonko Kongo (4 years ago)
He is from Germany accept it, you know what he mean thats important!

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