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Minecraft: FARTLANDS #15 - TOUR

2070 ratings | 87661 views
NEW FARTLANDS! =D Enjoyed the video? Support us by leaving a LIKE and consider SUBSCRIBING! ►Last video (FartLands #14): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qXhozqHc-U ►SERVER IP: play.itsjerryandharry.com ►Main channel: http://youtube.com/itsjerryandharry ►Facebook: http://facebook.com/ItsJerryAndHarry ►Twitter: http://twitter.com/JerryAndHarry Friends in this video: -Saul: http://youtube.com/saul1337ftw -Potato: http://youtube.com/thepwnagepotato ===CREDITS=== ►Music and sound effects from: Monstercat: Rogue - Adventure Time http://incompetech.com/ http://audiomicro.com/ Neil Cicierga - Brodyquest Intro animation made by Sinabixx
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Text Comments (1286)
Landen Paul (24 days ago)
Null crashes your game so he is in your world if signs show up as null null null null
ALFAIZ SA (4 months ago)
ALFAIZ SA (4 months ago)
How can you say bad words
Jesse Gaming (5 months ago)
But sual it so weird
catlover 1 1 1 (6 months ago)
I like turtles
Thegamerboy Lautipro (7 months ago)
Q: saul + 1 is= sack?
n1kk2 (7 months ago)
sorry not a build a be can you show me the tour
GREGORIO BONETTI (8 months ago)
Saul stress out at 4:00
Tsampika OikGR (9 months ago)
I destroyed the like button I can't do like in this video
Tsampika OikGR (9 months ago)
this unicorn is like a frog
Eric Reznok (9 months ago)
I think Saul is good at biulding
Jeff Han (9 months ago)
null is a hacker he might of hacked u
Zenny_Drops MUSIC (9 months ago)
why is null is here
Daxua gank team (10 months ago)
Qua: can i marry saul
venomgamer Lee (10 months ago)
jerry has help his friend build ok you little mother fucker
chiranjibc (10 months ago)
Why is Saul so fucking stupid
valerie_evy valerieevy (10 months ago)
Q: potato do you Spanish
UnicornGirl YT (10 months ago)
I think saul is cool
Pachekin (10 months ago)
put a download link of the map
keluarga kpg (11 months ago)
when fartland finish can u make it a map @jerryvsharry
Pearista wolf (11 months ago)
waiy Hary such a hotie?
Retribution Fan (11 months ago)
It you redstone strong at building strong, you dream house don't use the normal door, you can use 2x2 glass seamless hisper door to open door or close
Retribution Fan (11 months ago)
Why the car have no big look engine, big brakes, no Hong, no the refused engine, no chair, no down things, no nitrous and more
_-*AA 2 1*-_ ẍ̤D̤̈ (11 months ago)
itsHarry say What?
Different Climax (1 year ago)
Saul is so angry
Different Climax (1 year ago)
On 1:15, Saul is funny and someone /kill Saul, i think its Potato
vhai russell (1 year ago)
did jerry and harry drink pee and eat poop or eat
Ecdr Behric (1 year ago)
i find saul very good at what he does
RoAnne del Castillo (1 year ago)
9+10=19 Duh
¡Mario y Sonic! (1 year ago)
Saul you are a boy but you look like a girl
Valentine Tokarczyk (1 year ago)
I like you
Aenur Rokhmah (1 year ago)
Saul Why you Edit dis Video
Solanoboss (1 year ago)
Q: I dare you guys to make a dog s#iting
Dylan Hannum (1 year ago)
I love fart land
fnaf6 gameing 123 (1 year ago)
pwnage potato suck likes sual
Zulkarnain Ijul (1 year ago)
Q: Why Saul suck very much
LitoPogi Urian (10 months ago)
Zulkarnain Ijul Shut The Fuck Off Your are shit shit Like a Bitch
Sandey016 (1 year ago)
Q: why you guys make fun of saul, everyone is funny
Yap Fong Ping (1 year ago)
Q: Do you all fart to your friends face
Hamster Bear (1 year ago)
Q: WHY DOES EVERYONE MAKE FUN OF SAUL??!?!!!! HE IS THE ONE MAKING MORE FUN!!!!!!! If you don't want Saul go to a different channel.
venomgamer Lee (10 months ago)
noooooooooooi saul is suck
UnicornGirl YT (10 months ago)
I think saul is good
Minecraft Ocelots (10 months ago)
beacause its funny how saul reacts
T. Scheepens (1 year ago)
8:20-8:22 new alien scream sound
Litten Toast (1 year ago)
Is the contract real or is it a joke?
Hamster Bear (1 year ago)
Real I gyess
Ethan Challoy (1 year ago)
build a baby zombie sitting in a chicken
Abdur Rozak (1 year ago)
Fnaf Dude 183 (1 year ago)
Abdur Rozak no.
Music Instrument (1 year ago)
At that scene Saul peeled the paper that sounded like he is so angry wat???
Frank Jackson (1 year ago)
Q: when is the fartlands coming back?
Gabriel Nässtrom (1 year ago)
Badr Albodour
gwb_2000 (1 year ago)
Why is everyone so mean to saul XD
Minecraft Ocelots (10 months ago)
beacause its funny how saul reacts Emma Manole i like your profile pic :)
*the other 19 pilots* (1 year ago)
zombie_slayer_1738 I like saul
Hamster Bear (1 year ago)
Amra Periz (1 year ago)
im armangames
Saslizawati Izam (1 year ago)
Thatguy Stop Donny (1 year ago)
Why sauls skin sucks O no saul sucks
Kirk Valdezco (1 year ago)
why is everyone so mean to saul
Hamster Bear (1 year ago)
Blurange Boy KM's see (1 year ago)
and also 1more thing i hate sauls vids but i dident wacth it i hate it trooololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololollolololololol
Hamster Bear (1 year ago)
Learn to make sense lil kid,
Blurange Boy KM's see (1 year ago)
and also saul marry patato
Blurange Boy KM's see (1 year ago)
and harry pls kill patato
Blurange Boy KM's see (1 year ago)
i like jarry buecuase poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop
The Cube Tubers (1 year ago)
Saul is amazing why does everyone hate him
Hamster Bear (1 year ago)
Because they hate fun.
The Cube Tubers (1 year ago)
I don't know
VOLTAGEN (1 year ago)
15:13 Jerry seemed mad :/
mond yap (1 year ago)
Potato 9 + 10 = 19
Hamster Bear (1 year ago)
It's called a joke lil kid.
Thatguy Stop Donny (1 year ago)
No its 9999
Li Wang (1 year ago)
saul sucks
Stell Formia (1 year ago)
2:28 Potatos are used to make 9/11 I'm a potato but I hate PwnagePotato
Hamster Bear (1 year ago)
There's a reason no one liked your comment.
Crâzy Tânk (1 year ago)
Crâzy Tânk (1 year ago)
(im talking about saul)lean slol
Crâzy Tânk (1 year ago)
raffles srsly idk but hes funny
Crâzy Tânk (1 year ago)
guys fartlands is a them park right? if it is why no rolkercoasters and games
Wati Takidjo (1 year ago)
+Marco Medina You're a dickhead! You fucking bitch! You're so mean to Saul! Why are you mean to Saul?!
hunter purdy (1 year ago)
i think jerry and harry house is better
Maxwell Biggame (1 year ago)
Saul is not a f*cking little b*tch.
Maxwell Biggame (1 year ago)
Anyone who posted questions about Saul that he's bad are a d*ick. Saul is not a d*ick.
Saul got rekt
love exid kpop fan (1 year ago)
why? dont you want to show your fucking faces man why
Gabe Obias (2 years ago)
Lol Awkward moment at 3:49
Christopher Jones (2 years ago)
Q: Why Saul looks like a dickhead
Hamster Bear (1 year ago)
Because people hate on him because they hate fun
mikee liling (2 years ago)
Pls do not show illuminati next time
FloXSter (11 months ago)
mikee liling Just skip it
Mario Galaxy 1022 (2 years ago)
8:20 RIP headphone users xD
xyxgirlboixxd (2 years ago)
How long can saul laugh?????
Ass cubes
BigAllan (2 years ago)
Saul, I will be ur friend
Hamster Bear (1 year ago)
Me 2
WhitePig1111 (2 years ago)
Q: what most do you love Harry Jerry or dick
Lolz. (2 years ago)
Saul's such a dick XD
Hamster Bear (1 year ago)
You are.
AnthonyPo3654 Vlog (2 years ago)
So cool
[gd] darkness (2 years ago)
Q: why saul fucking werid
[gd] darkness (1 year ago)
Dude this is my old comment..
Hamster Bear (1 year ago)
Why do you have terrible grammar
Zackary Joe (2 years ago)
Will you please build a Warner Animation Group logo with WhatTheHai instead of Bugs?
Dimasbayuu Praseto (2 years ago)
please make big sword
VIRTUAL ESENCE (2 years ago)
null is a horrible entity in minecraft!!!
make sumarine
Wayne Krollig (2 years ago)
love your videos W
Sonic and Jr (2 years ago)
I like saul
khalid bakar (2 years ago)
mr death william were in jerryvsharry
Crazylol master (2 years ago)
I'm in wa
Jesus Najera (2 years ago)
i love your Video
SanderAndMarkus (2 years ago)
Why Saul such at building?
Pogo Junior (2 years ago)
M:Casino? JH:Wha,t You Mean PS:Why Are You Fighting. Tha,t Mean M Is Me JH Is Jerry Harry PS Is Potato Saul
Nick Charnon (2 years ago)
Q: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life and you wouldn't get sick of it, what would you eat?
Teodora Dimitrova (2 years ago)
is that the last episode

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