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When the cameras were off...

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Last night during the Revival Club Podcast we shut the live feed off so that Teresa, Nick, & Travis could watch a video. Here's the reaction.
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Jay Admoante (7 months ago)
I remember when this came out and at that time I got the stomach virus for the first time (shit man O was 12 asfhjll) and I laughed so much at this despite dying LMFAO i miss these days ;-;
Scrapz (10 months ago)
just picturing one guy one jar in a silent hill game lmao
Snowman20 (4 years ago)
What's this... The girl is like poker faced?!? Doesn't even seem grossed out. XD
stevensonbak (4 years ago)
It certainly looks like 1 Man 1 Jar; if it was 2 Girls 1 Cup, Nick would be gagging uncontrollably.
Tomislav Ognenovski (4 years ago)
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darkmark145 (4 years ago)
Top-Kun (4 years ago)
They were watching a man stick a glass jar up his ass and it breaks inside and starts bleeding all over the place.
anis shrestha (4 years ago)
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Dylan Haas (5 years ago)
One guy one jar.
reena shah (5 years ago)
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smileysface18 (5 years ago)
What are they watching 'guy eats a bloody tampon'.
Bithum Samith Dilan (5 years ago)
These videos are awesome. I found this because my pal came to be a lady-magnet He began attracting women overnight. He pretended he didn't realize. Then he told me when he was wasted on Tequila. Turns out he uses the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you wish to know about it... He's seeing a sexy chick... Where are the most useful of these videos on Youtube?
Giovann Collazo (5 years ago)
The original 4pp... (sigh) those were the days
Jay Admoante (5 years ago)
I still remember what I was doing when I saw this first uploaded LOL So long ago but still so funny xD
Xadnem (5 years ago)
Ah, that's what it was. I was trying to figure it out based on what they were saying, and the best I could come up with was some moron took an exacto knife to his dick to carve his girlfriend's name in it or something. Not sure which is worse, to be honest...
UnitingMilk (5 years ago)
Instead they were only watching a man shove a glass jar in his anus and having it shatter while in there.
TobiasWins4 (6 years ago)
Most like 1 Man 1 Jar
tyler mccann (6 years ago)
it is 1man 1 jar XD
SapphireLove101 (6 years ago)
It's probably 1 Man 1 Jar. =P
Alphakr3w (6 years ago)
Could be the video where the guy has a huge zit on his neck.
Leanne Harrison (6 years ago)
I think it's the jar one
HerpDerpBeehive (6 years ago)
I'm guessing it's 2girls1cup? :3
mikethe4th (6 years ago)
Points go to the awesome Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door wall sticker 8D
TheAndrewj96 (6 years ago)
No, they're watching 1 Man 1 Jar.
James V. (6 years ago)
Maybe one guy one screwdriver, but with the comment of the still bleeding thing, I'm going with one guy one jar.
dragonz1511 (6 years ago)
are they watching the Pain Olympics?
Vicky Chaps (6 years ago)
@ninjarobo110 O_O Oh god....XD Well I think we all know why Nick reaction is so epic now XD
Cobar (6 years ago)
@HyperDarkWolf One guy one jar
Vicky Chaps (6 years ago)
What is the video?! XD
JirkProductionz (6 years ago)
I think Nick had a vagina there for a second.
Cidrux (6 years ago)
I'm getting uncomfortable just remembering this video. DX
cristianthedragoness (6 years ago)
I bet they were watching 1 man 1 jar.
DeadEyeDann (6 years ago)
Lol i love you nick.
CODmw2blackops100 (6 years ago)
tosh.0 anyone
H3rns (6 years ago)
>> "If she throws up all over my laptop!... >> *Nick the Survival Horror/Dexter fanboy retches*
Thomas Oblinsky (6 years ago)
So wait, you have a camera on, recording a moment that happens when the cameras are off? x_x
ChueyiCha (6 years ago)
The vid they were watching is called 1 guy 1 jar, or something like that.
Ethan Inciong (6 years ago)
Thanks for clearing the air Travis, I was a bit 50/50 on whether or not you would do it.
Fidel Silva (6 years ago)
For those who wonder what they where watching they were probably watching the pain Olympics
Manic B (6 years ago)
@KillerGhostist i have a feeling its, 1 Man 1 Jar.
andiesilly12 (6 years ago)
also.. i miss travis
andiesilly12 (6 years ago)
EvilGummybearAttack (6 years ago)
@11010101101110111111 Ahh, right! sorry, I must have read your comment wrong! I see your point now.
Xniaz (6 years ago)
@BryanRG1996 1 man 1 jar. Dude shoves a jar up his ass and it breaks. and he removes the glass... crazy shit
Chaboy Sam (6 years ago)
@EvilGummybearAttack No, I think its good that she isnt grossed out by it actually.. I didnt say it SHOULD be that way, i'm saying knowing the common stereotypes of males and females you'de usually think the girl would freak out, when in this case she's quite calm about it.
EvilGummybearAttack (6 years ago)
@11010101101110111111 So, she should be grossed out just because she is female, is what you're saying then?
Chaboy Sam (6 years ago)
@CyberSlayer128 lol, wow XD Probably cuz this is real is why he goes crazy XD
Ebeneezer Splooge (7 years ago)
@thetdslayer 1 guy 1 jar
Darkwolfsbane (7 years ago)
What did they watch?
CrunchyFinn (7 years ago)
"It's gonna be in the next Silent Hill." Mother of god...
theshadowofdarkneify (7 years ago)
@KarmaTuesday i did to
rsmvomfg (7 years ago)
but the camera wasnt off :c
wheredarknessislight (7 years ago)
Paper Mario!
alematt (7 years ago)
I have that exact same laptop. Isn't it an awesome laptop Brad!!!
StarTheFury (7 years ago)
watch 2 girls 1 cup!XD
bintrza09 (7 years ago)
1 guy 1 screwdriver is even worse. but you might get a virus if you look it up
fishNguitars (7 years ago)
@theshadowofdarkneify all of them were nasty as hell except for 3 guys one hammer. That's just fucking murder right durrrrrr
theshadowofdarkneify (7 years ago)
ive seen two girls one cup, two girls one finger, one guy one jar, bme pain olimpics, and 3 guys one hammer and here is my advice tou you...DONT LOOK UP ANY OF THEM
T0mpkinz (7 years ago)
Jar squatter.
sithmastur (7 years ago)
1 Man 1 Jar was fucking brutal!!!
ThemN3RDs (7 years ago)
3 guys hammer ??
The Ram Guy (7 years ago)
Hey girlfriend check this out Smug faceXD ok here we go FUUUUUU-
Cesar (7 years ago)
@SuzieOMFG i dont think this was live.....
Boostique44 (7 years ago)
Pause then un-pause the video and then hold down 3 LOL
Vitor Scarabello (7 years ago)
"That's sucks..." REALLY?!
Chaboy Sam (7 years ago)
Teresa should have Nicks reaction, Nick should have Teresa's... You'de suspect that though but knowing nick its not suprising but you'de think teresa sohuld be like a little more OX about it like nick but that makes it so much more funny how they worry about her but she's fine :D... And travis is crapping himself.
EmperorXaozx (7 years ago)
@xoxoadriigirl101 Meh,I guess i'm insane somewhat.
EmperorXaozx (7 years ago)
@xoxoadriigirl101 I think i could watch all these without being sick.
EmperorXaozx (7 years ago)
@xoxoadriigirl101 Am I?
EmperorXaozx (7 years ago)
It can't be that bad.
LuLucid (7 years ago)
Hahah I love nick xD
GGGriggs (7 years ago)
@the58425 I thought the same thing when I first saw the video, but then they mentioned that it was a guy in he video...Plus, everyone said it's 1 Man 1 Jar... :-D
GGGriggs (7 years ago)
@the58425 It's not 2 Girls 1 Cup... The real video's called 1 Man 1 Jar... Now, I'm not squeamish, and I really did not react at all to 2 Girls 1 Cup or 3 Men 1 Hammer, but the 1 Man 1 Jar video really did make me think to myself, "What the fuck's wrong with humanity today..." :-D
Allan Vazquez (7 years ago)
@RCKasper Very true, thanks. :)
Allan Vazquez (7 years ago)
@RCKasper Ahh, as for the laptop heating up, the laptop doesn't overheat and malfunction, but it does it fairly hot.
Allan Vazquez (7 years ago)
@RCKasper It actually is, the only thing is, I got mine when Windows Vista was the best out there, but it still runs like a beauty. :)
TheBakedBeaver (7 years ago)
Ooh.......i like skyliner
Tokki Rin (7 years ago)
@DemonLogos I like how Brad thinks she's the one whos going to be the one throwing up when Nick is praticly dying there~ XD
Tokki Rin (7 years ago)
So the only one with a pair of balls to see it all without flitching is the girl? XD *Clap clap clap* Well played madam! WELL PLAYED!
rainman1344 (7 years ago)
i like how she handles it so much better then the guys
Son Goku (7 years ago)
is that pain olimpics?
Allan Vazquez (7 years ago)
My exact laptop!!! :D
Drake Galicia (7 years ago)
are they watching 2 girls 1 cup or something else?
A place of death. (7 years ago)
my pc is asus
DarkDax (7 years ago)
what were they watching
TsundereZaki (7 years ago)
@mcm203 Cause people are IDIOTS.
john guy (7 years ago)
why are the 2 top rated comments the same?
Boomer (7 years ago)
"Its still bleeding" Wait, wut?
Buttercupsky (7 years ago)
keep pressing 3 XD
Buttercupsky (7 years ago)
i love travis and nick..... nick is the funny one as the same as travis <3
Rotneybot (7 years ago)
@TombMan12 xD
TheMeleeMan321 (7 years ago)
Yes that is the pain olympics. Its where losers or virgins cut off their weiners and show what used to be there and what is left. 1 guy i saw on pain olympics ended up having a hole where his weiner should
PhilNguyen (7 years ago)
i think they watched the pain olympics
Rotneybot (7 years ago)
Let me guess, 2 Girls, 1 Cup?
1LitreofCola (7 years ago)
@guanjon that's pretty much it. and he digs glass out of his ass while he bleeds all over the place. on a side note i didn't realize ass blood was so dark red...
KewkehMonstuh (7 years ago)
Probably 1 guy 1 jar
RebornRevolution (7 years ago)
What video is this?
Soundwaveification (7 years ago)
lol not even 30 seconds into this video and nick is on the verge of tagging the walls with puke XD
Buttercupsky (7 years ago)
i was waiting for nick to FIRE HIS LAZER XD
Buttercupsky (7 years ago)

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