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How To Stop Being Ugly - "Family Friendly" Lauren Plays GIRLS GO GAMES (GGG)

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This new Advertiser / Family Friendly YouTube drama is causing me to play Girls Go Games again!! We learn valuable life lessons like, change yourself & your appearance to impress others... Girls Go Games: http://www.girlsgogames.com/ "LIKE", SHARE, and/or FAVORITE this Video if You Enjoyed it! It Really Helps Me Out!! Thanks for Watching!! ❤ SUBSCRIBE HERE ► (http://bit.ly/10uru1W) Become a Z-Sider! NEW CHANNEL MERCH ► https://laurenzside.3blackdot.com/ ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------- Get Awesome Gaming Gear: http://steelseries.7eer.net/c/193844/100327/2390 ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------- Follow Me Everywhere!! ❤ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/LaurenzSide INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/laurenzside FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Laurenzside TWITCH: http://www.twitch.tv/laurenzside SNAPCHAT: LaurenzSide
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Text Comments (1204)
Cat Eyes :3 (13 hours ago)
I have glasses :< BUT I AINT AFRAID TO ADMIT IT :D
Jesanna Klee (14 hours ago)
I'm myself near my crush now we're friends
Rebecca (22 hours ago)
I played "Geeky to Emo Makeover" instead
Nordin Jais (1 day ago)
twich band yandere sim in 2016 but 2017 they unbanned the game
Hope Ramos (2 days ago)
5:41 is that sam golbach??? XD
April Jarrett (2 days ago)
I have glasses
Erdei Adrian (3 days ago)
Whyyyyyyy Lauren
Clindy Furry (4 days ago)
I tried this and it didn't work why did you lie to me
Fluff da unicorn (4 days ago)
I hate girls go games cause it says that girls or boys are ugly if they have glasses,but I have glasses and that really isn't a good message.
wolfie sisters (4 days ago)
This is youtube now?! this is bad I FEEL LIKE CRAP I have glasses :( I DON'T LIKE CONTACTS THO thanks youtube for making me feel bad for how I look Ps. you are wonderful no matter what ;)
Eviemay Martin (5 days ago)
Not to lauren to ggg
Eviemay Martin (5 days ago)
I have glasses to thats offencive
Isabel's Corner (5 days ago)
I was laughing sooo much that I almost exploded love u Lauren
TheCosplayhouse (5 days ago)
my ex had glasses and braces o.o never botherd me in the slightest o.o infact it was adorable cuz I could see her beautiful green eyes when I looked at her <3
TheCosplayhouse (5 days ago)
YouTube.... you are a bag of shite .-.
Ava da Cat (5 days ago)
Dark Night (6 days ago)
Oh I played Nerdy to emo!
NatsukiChan Playz (6 days ago)
Fun Fact: I used to play these games as a toddler.
Ashpash Bubblegum24 (6 days ago)
You know braces can cost up to 6000 USD (US Dollars), mine costed my parents about 2000-3000, and my brother’s braces were about 4000, maybe 5000, so yeah, they’re quite expensive.
carlita Xx (6 days ago)
Games like these make girls with glasses and braces feel bad. I have glasses and my eyes react poorly to contacts so I can’t help it. Nice vid by the way.
Holly Family (7 days ago)
BRUH MAKING FUN OF POEPLE BECAUSE OF GLASSES AND BRACES?!?!??! DAM in my school everyone likes glasses and think braces are cool af!And the most popular have em likeee........Things are diffrent
Jem10009YT (9 days ago)
i wear glasses. (plays shake it off) HATERS GONNA HATE-
Tomorrow is my surgery and I’m so glad I found this to make me less TERRIFIED...
Heisy Corenjo (10 days ago)
Wow ok Lauren you said s bad word bull sh*t wwowowo
Angeli Pua (10 days ago)
Maria Campbell (11 days ago)
"family friendly" lol
Chloe Reid (12 days ago)
So, this game is saying I’m ugly bc I got braces!!!??? But these are making me lol!!!
LaBanana 03 (13 days ago)
According to psychology glasses make people more attractive as it makes their faces more symmetrical and symmetry in a face is desirable in a partner heh
3:00 the line at the far right made me try and wipe it away so much
KestrelDC (13 days ago)
At first, seeing the game about the nerdy girl “becoming beautiful and popular” had me internally cringing (especially as a nerdy girl that finds nerdy/geeky quite cute itself) but the end kinda changed my feelings. It wasn’t anything amazing, but I appreciate the message. That poor geeky guy, though. He’s not my cup of tea with the hair and beard, but he looks fine and there are totally chicks that will be driven mad by that look! He needs to dump that bitch and find a cute, geeky girl that likes him as he is!
Leah Potato (13 days ago)
Lauren: So I’m back on Girls Cocaine!
lilys pyscho (15 days ago)
I bet Laura is a yandere future gaming idea s
Dani Wilbur (15 days ago)
Get is cute and sik too
Moonlight Gachagames (15 days ago)
I have the threee natural colors green blue and brown and I have FREEEECKLES YEEET
morgan10april ! (15 days ago)
I wish it was that easy to get a guy
Jocelyn Ubillus (15 days ago)
Black senpai hair
BunnyTimes Panda (16 days ago)
R u kidding these games are just dumb but of course you should like your self just the way you are
Sara Silaghi (16 days ago)
I am wearing glasses and i got triggered when they removed the glasses. Especially when they did not even give him contacts like “SCREW HIS VISION!”
Sweet Pea XOX (16 days ago)
I got glasses so I guess I’m ugly lol 👓
wolfy luna_ playz (17 days ago)
Do more
Gavin Moore (17 days ago)
You're being mean to me because I have glassess
Diamond Avenger (18 days ago)
I agree with Lauren everyone is pretty
Ava Bangs (18 days ago)
Again I have glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ava Bangs (18 days ago)
There is nothing wrong with being a bookworm I like certain books and I have glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meg Bruck-Krawitz (19 days ago)
I have glasses but I’m going to get contacts because they will help me see
Yvonne Walker (20 days ago)
I have glasses and I think I’ll need braces soon and I get a lot of compliments on it sooooo every one remember you ARE beautiful just the way you are 😊
Celestial Dove (20 days ago)
I thought she said she's back on Girl's Cocaine lol
Just Divinity (21 days ago)
I saw the first one in gacha studio kind
I can’t believe I used to play these games ;-; and don’t forget the dora ones
Karkat Vantas (21 days ago)
The nerdy to emo is s***... I hate it EMO ahem emo people have depression GGG why?!!! (Lauren love you I am talking about the game)
Lumbum Kenny9000 (21 days ago)
I have glasses!
katerine castro (22 days ago)
AlyssaPlays (24 days ago)
As an emo, I am TrIGgeReD
Veronica Lovelygirl (24 days ago)
I laughed sooo hard when that happened “she looks so elegant” “Lauren made me look beautiful”😂😂 “slap” “oh I like the end of this story”😂😂😂😂😂
【 aishi 】 (24 days ago)
posted on my bday HAH
UL_GAMING _GIRL (24 days ago)
I hate when people add braces and glasses and braids and make a bully story and be like *your ugly so change yourself and boom popular*
Shani Price (24 days ago)
oh the mushtase thats what she said lol
Uni the Unicorn Cookie (24 days ago)
Well I have braces and glasses , So what I have been bullied for them but I know that I’m beautiful just the way I am! This comment is for anybody who thinks there ugly You don’t have to change anything If you want to change then change but just remember that nobody can make you change your beauty or personality.
REMEMBER GIRLZ! change yourself not for you but for guys so that thid like you and dont ask for parental supervision when you literally tearing metal our of your mouth
This didn’t get ads Luaren your plan failed
fun times with emy (25 days ago)
I don't have glasses but dude they are cute
Justin Clayton (25 days ago)
Emo means emotional soooo😐
Its.dat.spoon (25 days ago)
brown hair NANI
Bryll (25 days ago)
...but you're only beautiful if you have glasses or braces
Alextheteletubbie (26 days ago)
I have glasses and braces........-_- triggered
Molly Finney (26 days ago)
I am my self I cute
Sappy Cakes (26 days ago)
I love that girl's go games has the impression that glasses and braces only make you look horrendous and need to be removed if you ever want to be loved.
Jamie Mar (27 days ago)
Say advertising family friendly again...
Alissia Hanamaikai (27 days ago)
kill me
PerfectDucks🦆 (27 days ago)
Kitty club (27 days ago)
I have glasses 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔
Titan Barnes (27 days ago)
Im just gonna pop on some braces and put on some glasses and then we'll be the superior creature
Female Funtime Foxy (27 days ago)
i have to get braces soon and i wear glasses
pinkpeppers55 (27 days ago)
See, this video is really funny because the advertisement that I got was literally murdering people in a basement... the advertisements aren't friendly 😞
Simix371213 (29 days ago)
Why do these games always want you to stop using glasses~? Like, If you use glasses, it's because you need them~! And I think that glasses are pretty~
Minty The Wolf (29 days ago)
*That website is my childhood XD*
Desira Poland (29 days ago)
And it's not pronounced Mora it's pronounced Maura
Desira Poland (29 days ago)
My name is Also Maura 😁
Heidi Lusk (29 days ago)
It's only 300 dollars for braces but thats still a lot
SloppyAlex Sander (30 days ago)
My mom wanted me to have braces and i already got glasses good thing i didnt get braces :D
Bill Cipher (30 days ago)
At least pricess maker the game you can do what ever you want as a look and doesn't care on the looks
Emma Bluesky (30 days ago)
I don’t like how people assume people with glasses and braces are nerdy 😡
unicorn cat (1 month ago)
You Sead glases are ugly and im had glases that mean im ugly you are Stupid
Cora Isn't Dead (1 month ago)
This game puts out such a horrible message that to get the guy you have to change everything about yourself.
Peyton Belle (1 month ago)
I cant believe u yea you said that braces are horrible. i am offended.
A Animation (1 month ago)
I have glasses :/
panda hugs (1 month ago)
My names maura and im nothing like that😄
Little Piccaso (1 month ago)
Wow the first game....... THAT IS A HORRIBLE MORAL
vasiliy petrov (1 month ago)
i want braces but im only seven
WolfieGirl10 Gaming (1 month ago)
One time when u were at the home screen for the website there was an ad for a game called “animal jam” u really should play it! I used to make videos about it on my second channel!
Georgia does Whatever (1 month ago)
Thumbs up for the intro
RoseWood (1 month ago)
Being Emo isn’t cool or a style, it can be bad. It should’ve been goth, not Emo.
HeyIm AStar (1 month ago)
Charles looks like Shaggy from scooby doo. Lmao
Diamondstar The Husky (1 month ago)
Lily Deotor (1 month ago)
Thank you i have braces and glasses
Carolyn Bush (1 month ago)
Mangle woolems (1 month ago)
Lala Latte (1 month ago)
"Bringing you some super advertiser-friendly games!" bECuSe thIS iS wHAT yOUtUbe iS BecOmINg!!!!!!!! "This game is making me angry." "Wash your hands before sticking them in your eyeballs..." ME: Thing One) I'm getting braces some time...not sure when but the worst part isn't how I look. That's the least bad. The worst part is...I can't have candy. Thing Two) I have glasses that I don't need in my life, but they're cute so I wear them anyway!

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