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The RifeRine Tutorial

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Text Comments (404)
Artur Quaglio (3 months ago)
Lian Pang (4 months ago)
It's 2 am in the morning and I think I have internal bleeding from holding back the laughter
RaTcHeT302 (5 months ago)
Jason Hofmann (5 months ago)
God is this brad? I miss him
StarFox85 (7 months ago)
still legend
Lemon KING (1 year ago)
Lol he laughs like Peter XD
Slawek361 (1 year ago)
That song is catchy :3
The-Dapper-Scrapper (1 year ago)
She say speak propery, why you no rissen!
Bulau K (1 year ago)
Funny stuff aside, this has got to be the worst video game ever made in the history of video games
{-KAPTAIN-} TM (1 year ago)
those looked like number 2s
Gary Grandy (1 year ago)
Seychermanium (1 year ago)
Purei Suteishon.
angelus barnett (2 years ago)
still is better than metal gear survive
dorandragon (2 years ago)
"hello" "bad" "hello" "bad" "herro" "bad" "HEH ROH" "good!"
Coldy Bright (6 months ago)
Okay, we saw the video.
fraser frazzle (2 years ago)
I am raughing so road after ratching dis video
beepis peepis 420 (2 years ago)
heXed (2 years ago)
you raff you ruse
Chode Master (2 years ago)
Holy shit im dead
TechDark (2 years ago)
YOOOO holy shit he's DEEAD
Ben Willock (3 years ago)
FullDarkGear (3 years ago)
Truly a classic... er crassic
Seychermanium (1 year ago)
Gmzorz (3 years ago)
does anyone know the music or composer?
Bird In Motion (2 years ago)
Yeah its fuck japan
Jeff Mendoza (3 years ago)
Thanks for raugh.
Jack (3 years ago)
+Jeff Mendoza i think you mean Tankks fol raugh
Jeff Feng (4 years ago)
"Try pronouncing the items written in the middle of the screen." "Tutorial." I'm weak.
King Of Mirrah (2 years ago)
Could not stop laughing
ClangaDang (4 years ago)
I love this guys laugh
cronikproductions (4 years ago)
This video made me ROR.
Smith (3 years ago)
No0by (3 years ago)
+cronikproductions rororororororor
Roronoa Zoro (4 years ago)
thank you for making my day i never laughed this hard in so long 
Danitruc6 (4 years ago)
I can't stop laughing seeing this
Fariz Pmy Pmy (4 years ago)
dat engrish tho
Emanicas (4 years ago)
When TwoBestFriends mentioned this. I knew I had seen it and it was Brad xD
Thegoodoldays (3 months ago)
4 years late but it is the code veronica shitstorm.
Emanicas (4 years ago)
I can't remember, was a long time ago now :c
DialTheDude (4 years ago)
Can you give me a link to it? Which video was it?
Dish gem ish shoo lehsisht
Nik Leban (5 years ago)
mr. Chow
FootballCoachK (5 years ago)
I love how excited the voice is when saying "BAD!". It's like.. oh stop it you naughty boy
Duck Wizard (5 years ago)
The laugh is amazing.
D4rw1N (5 years ago)
And then afterwards: "Tu- HELLO!"
Danitruc6 (5 years ago)
lol 0:45, I can't stop laughing
Fatima (5 years ago)
Dat laugh.
Shawn A (5 years ago)
omg my stomach hurts :c so funny
Aaron Wes (5 years ago)
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phonzerelli (1 year ago)
Kakap0 (5 years ago)
nurbs (5 years ago)
Wouldn't it be easier and faster just to push buttons and controls on a game pad to do the same things?
mutegrab666 (5 years ago)
They should do a version of this where your forced to use Cockney accents.
William (5 years ago)
no He said Herro. He just made the L's R's
R Mabee (5 years ago)
Rook at the bottrle GOOD God dammit.
loveisamistake (5 years ago)
Lucas Mota (6 years ago)
"try speaking normally" "DAAAAAAAAH"
Lolli Dragon (6 years ago)
OHHHHH, this game is in Engrish!
kim john eel voice
Anders Jønsson (6 years ago)
Hello. "BAD." Hello. "BAD." Hewo. "BAD." Hell row. " Good! I laughed my brains out at this video xD
WTD Samurai (6 years ago)
I'm Asian and I think this is funny as fuck
immortal4hm (6 years ago)
xD CUTE! n.n
Melamamoduro (6 years ago)
Brad Way of speaking normally: AHHHHHHH... DAAAAAAAHHHHHHH
Ashrie Wahid (6 years ago)
Hello! BAD! Hello. BAD! Hello. BAD! HERRO!! Good!!
Ashrie Wahid (6 years ago)
@yukyuk21 RifeRine in Praystatian! XD
Maximo Wilson (6 years ago)
heyro, craystation, ryfry lol thats funny worst game ever
marti6021 (7 years ago)
@yukyuk21 lifeline
Pufinated (7 years ago)
Funniest videos ever.
yukyuk21 (7 years ago)
what game is this?
EvilCookies8 (7 years ago)
is it just me or does it sound like it says "scrub your mouth" at the start?
TheCookingmaster (7 years ago)
so keep the first letter but add r's GROT IRT
FORAIR (7 years ago)
I shit in my pants as i start to laught....
coldeed (7 years ago)
reed bebr engrish
Professor Rhymes (7 years ago)
jeffdunhamrockz (7 years ago)
the ememy is literly a pice of shit
DanTapperful (7 years ago)
is this on pc? :D
Voltaic Evoker (7 years ago)
Now this game tells you one thing, racist impressions will get you far.. :D
Abject Underdog (7 years ago)
Riferine teaches good Engrish!
Pyrohamster (7 years ago)
1:15, i literally spat water all over myself.
GIChiyo (7 years ago)
He has the best laugh xDDD
jsx6x (7 years ago)
gotta love brads laugh
2ndLieutenantBadger (7 years ago)
[Playstation] PRAYSTAYTIAN! Great! This game is just amazing...
Details (7 years ago)
Callaway63 (7 years ago)
Void (7 years ago)
Dish gemm hewps paypuw to pwoperee undashtand the Engrish ranguage.
FroggerTheToad (7 years ago)
This game's voice commands are so rascist XD
Quesic (7 years ago)
That laugh is so funny XD
Rod Munch (7 years ago)
@5:14 Thats what she said
Speculate Me (7 years ago)
Try saying the words in the middle of the screen : Tutorial. Lmao
kanatapaw (7 years ago)
have to have a japanese accent btw what is this called?
xenafan15 (7 years ago)
ZombieGirl1717 (7 years ago)
say your l's like r's <33
Alex Gueno (7 years ago)
Try saying the words on the middle of the screen. "TUTORIAL"
SonicTracks (7 years ago)
spaz bomb (7 years ago)
Peter Chao would love this game xD
Catbark (7 years ago)
You raff, you ruse.
artc27 (7 years ago)
love this vid
Maxaxle (7 years ago)
@sakuramiyakawa Google Translate says: "So Japanese Do not laugh at this Kusojiji". I think I get the idea of what you're trying to say.
Maxaxle (7 years ago)
@sakuramiyakawa Putting that through Google Translate comes up with nonsense.
Noseke TV (7 years ago)
HERRO! Good!
Argel Tal (7 years ago)
What dat, I raff I ruse?
THEDERPMAN YAY (7 years ago)
praystation xD
Extragunbon (7 years ago)
Hero to you too!
KingYoBro (7 years ago)
hello bad! hello bad! haro bad! hero good! pwaystation good!~ Wifewine good!
Tor Nordmark (7 years ago)
i see it is a japanese game
Freedom 35 (7 years ago)
Its funny cuz when you mess up your points go to 0
Tikka Koski (7 years ago)
@aliokatan he said commie
ali okatan (7 years ago)
its a konami game! ROFL
ScurvySquire (7 years ago)
"..." BAD!
Siggi Spiggi (7 years ago)
Best ever

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