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Connect a PS4 Controller to Your PC

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You and gadget reviewer Doug Aamoth get off to a rocky start but eventually find happiness in connecting your PS4 controller to your PC. Watch more Doug videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHRxVckaE8dZ_Q5RDbxqPp3op9fQrols8 Subscribe to TechCrunch today: http://bit.ly/18J0X2e TechCrunch is a leading technology media property, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news.
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Text Comments (630)
Maximus 32 (7 days ago)
Thanks man it worked nicely explained.
ADMIR BRKANIC (7 days ago)
Fuck you
Edward Elric (1 month ago)
why you say sorry all time, you never did wrong
The Scripter (1 month ago)
i have a issue on bluetooth that i cant controll anything
justin mohomed (1 month ago)
i got through with the controls but is there a way to do this for a non original ps3 controller
justin mohomed (1 month ago)
hi it shows up as xbox controller configurations is there a way for it to show ps4 controls in gameplay like square circle x triangle etc
justin mohomed (1 month ago)
thx man u helped me so much i liked and subscribed
Mudi Al-Halas (3 months ago)
thank you
tahaya sample (3 months ago)
This just worked for me and it was an easy install
RobloxGamer231 (3 months ago)
Is a Nintendo switch or PS4 better
Maureasha Butler (3 months ago)
Will it work for sims 4?
myles kennedy (3 months ago)
I got a much better and detailed tutorial here https://techphenom.com/2018/07/09/how-to-use-ps4-dualshock-v2-controller-in-pc/
Jacques-Pierre Schmidt (3 months ago)
You are coooool man.
vDribbles _ (3 months ago)
Whenever I click instal the driver it gets stuck on opening installer then it says failed I keep restarting my pc but does same thing😑
kiid__jrob (3 months ago)
Nothing works for me plz help
Lavender Pine (4 months ago)
jayden brown (4 months ago)
Jajaja wtf
Dilshan (4 months ago)
Press stop and start to solve problems
Max aufderheide (4 months ago)
Woodyyy y (4 months ago)
don't work
1rageyboi (4 months ago)
this gave me a virus!
Ranil Peiris (4 months ago)
why it's says - using shared mode
Ranil Peiris (4 months ago)
work just once , after restert pc won't work :/
Dre Prince (5 months ago)
The intro was gold 😂
Master of gaming (5 months ago)
All i have to do is plug it in
Ghost (5 months ago)
Will it work on a Dell 2-1
Random And Mlg Gaming (6 months ago)
i tried bluetooth but my windows 10 pc doesnt have bluetooth.i tried usb but counts it as a sound device.
Fluffy _MrSheep (6 months ago)
It actually works im legit surprised cuz of all the comments saying it doesnt. Most people arent doing step one after download
Guido Mista (6 months ago)
it works i just cant hear any audio
Mario & Fox (6 months ago)
Does anyone know how to get the Audio working? Don't tell me to put headphones into a controller because i seen people playing it with audio coming from the computer/pc.
Shane Slattery (6 months ago)
Thats stupid
Elias Trigger (6 months ago)
When I click to download the driver, it just says Opening Installer, and then it fails to download the driver. My virtual bus driver files are empty???
ed gamer (6 months ago)
It does not work
Dustin Yeager (7 months ago)
Nice vid, short, helpful, and your personality put the whole thing over the top. Thank you.
escobarlopezandi (7 months ago)
Vrai Lama (7 months ago)
You are so bad
Faiz Ruhoonauth (7 months ago)
You are to old to play game
Athai Adrita (7 months ago)
it workked!!!!!! THE DISLIKE BUTTON WORKED!!!!!!!!
eiliteplayer gaming (7 months ago)
It won't even let me download anything
Sinnoe (8 months ago)
i have a driver and have the bluethooth ps4 controllered paired but i still cant play on gta san andreas
Kyle Yeaman (8 months ago)
Thanks you help me so much
jayson sandoval (8 months ago)
How about the game, how to download it?
Joseph Stalin (9 months ago)
Its not working with wireless
Wicked ShUnny T3cH (9 months ago)
can i play any game with hep of this driver and help of pairing.
mark stevens (9 months ago)
how doyou do it the bluetooth way?
Ram sevak singh (9 months ago)
Hahaha bro you are funny.... Thanks a lot. Great video
KrushGamerr (9 months ago)
Its not popping up for the wireless
Kyle Buttler (9 months ago)
Will it work with Ps3 Controller
Домас P. (8 months ago)
no, you need to download DS3
Hirveän Nopea (9 months ago)
BANANA BRANDON (9 months ago)
The beginning was so funny🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jutwotimes FKFB (9 months ago)
Daniel B. (9 months ago)
Yeah... this guy is definitely a Doug. This is just so much of a Doug move you know?
ADDICTED GOAT (9 months ago)
it says no controller connected when I tried looking for it, please help
Royal X (9 months ago)
Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
MLGIvan_BUL (9 months ago)
if i am on win 8?
It's a laptop u idiot
Niyaz Saheb (9 months ago)
website doesn't work
Elijah Hood (9 months ago)
i have windows 8.1 what do i do
Blackboygaming 123 (9 months ago)
great video
Jose H (9 months ago)
How can I get 2 ps4 controllers to work ? I managed to get 1 to work but for some reason the second one won't work on the emulator
evan muhammaf (9 months ago)
Makasih gan, lu lebih bagus dari temen gua, goblok dia
Catherine Mcsweeney (9 months ago)
Explain it more than that
tinppis (9 months ago)
My bluetooth on/off toggle disappeared when I installed the program ...
herpy derps (9 months ago)
can I play roblox?
Prabhat Lamichhane (10 months ago)
I know how to connect, but your intro earned you a like! 😂😂😂😂
Sivakumaar Elango (10 months ago)
Will this damage my PS4 controller ? Please reply ASAP
Домас P. (8 months ago)
no lol
rehan_5 games (10 months ago)
u fat man
Declan Moralee (10 months ago)
Say sorry again, it’s not quite ten minutes yet
Vandré Maia (10 months ago)
Man U are awesome. thank you very much. cheers from brazil. huehue.
Ibrahim khan (10 months ago)
Damian Oostveen (10 months ago)
For everyone who has trouble with connecting the PS4 controller to your laptop: simply reboot your pc after u downloaded the PS4 driver, it's also mentioned below the download button. Worked perfectly for me
Mr. Tongue Beanie (10 months ago)
im on windows 10, when i click the updater then "Open DS4W" it wont open HELP ME
Bnm Graal (9 months ago)
Mr. Tongue Beanie me too
AXLE Fortnite WW2 Channel (10 months ago)
Avlon Miran (11 months ago)
Hey my games are force closing when I am trying to connect it with my PS4 controller on my pc what should I do?
kebleb (11 months ago)
Fucking playing with a keybord is hard
Jan Abellana (11 months ago)
thanks it worked
Tariq __khan (11 months ago)
Intro was good ...😋
it works thanks for you time
Lynn Perry (11 months ago)
Rick Resendiz (11 months ago)
This was so easy that I understud and succesfully connected my brothers ps4 remote via bluetooth.
LXL gaming (11 months ago)
thx for telling now i can do anything with my red controller!
Unlimited VLOGS ! (11 months ago)
It's ok BRO
Tucks 5star (11 months ago)
Mines won't work can someone help me ???
Johnathon Montoya (11 months ago)
lol this guy is funny
ThomasDanserc (11 months ago)
DS4windows site is down?
AsassinXD Gaming (11 months ago)
When i connected to bluetooth i was not enable to controll it just connect but nothing happend just the controll was on and nthg happnd so plz anyone help
RaimondoOfficial (11 months ago)
it doesn' install the ds4 driver
ayush sajeev (11 months ago)
Thrilling Hazardous (11 months ago)
does the ps4 slim/pro controller features will work on pc? btw i'm playing gta 5
Домас P. (8 months ago)
its the same fucking controller dum ass, no your not playing gta 5 because its not even realeased.
Fvm BloodyDagger (11 months ago)
MACFOXACD (1 year ago)
Ok just figured out the bluetooth thing, if it dos'nt show up just switch off the bluetooth on your computer then switch it back on
RevoLt_ Hater (1 year ago)
worked for me all you have to do is download step one (everyone has to) download step 2 if you r on windows 8 or below download step 3 if your on windows 10 after doing this exit out of all DS4 programs turn off your controller and the unplug your plug from the ps4 to your computer then hold down the ps4 button and the share button at the same time for 5 seconds (this will put your controller into bluetooth mode) then open DS4WINDOWS and then plug your controller back in if it does not show up click the stop button in the bottom right and then click it again. after that your controller should show up ;) like this if it helped so others see it ;)
RevoLt_ Hater (1 year ago)
500TH COMMENT!!!!!
sopje (1 year ago)
it work thanks !!!
GUY BITTON (1 year ago)
Cool vid
Jordan Thomas (1 year ago)
Mine keeps making my controller players 1 and 2 but doesn't let me just be player 1
Leehan the gamer (1 year ago)
For all the people having sound issues when plugging in the controller just go to the bottom where the taskbar is and click on the speaker in between the ENG and the computer ethernet logo then click on the arrow above the volume adjust bar thing and choose the sound device
mmmCoffee (1 year ago)
this is stupid that you have to do this. Why doesnt windows 10 support the ps4 controller but it supports the xbox one controller wtf. windows is becoming its own platform and needs to be versatile.
Dhin Cardoso (1 year ago)
Everything works fine, but how to reconnect the DS4 without removing it and pairing it again?

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