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Fortnite Funny Moments: Trolling Random Teammates! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Text Comments (3037)
Channel of Everything (9 hours ago)
Does anybody think the guy has aim bot at 4:40 and that old scar sound dogh
Danielle T. (12 hours ago)
Pause it at 0:06
Ernest Wilder (13 hours ago)
Siddhant Mehendale (16 hours ago)
Misha Gierek (1 day ago)
Emilio Aliotta (1 day ago)
You just dont sound normal
threedaysdead (1 day ago)
lachlans american accent😂❤
Cgm Playz (1 day ago)
Anyone watching this in season 6?
Nolan Troutt (1 day ago)
yea season 6 is here LOL
Jayce Sumbera (1 day ago)
I am
hmshowroom (1 day ago)
i am
Carmelo Spider (1 day ago)
anyone in season 6
Alhayzam Al Barwani (1 day ago)
Any body have any skins in season 6
DIAM0ND SHAD0W (1 day ago)
Him talking about Ali A just reminded me of my friend, they just go on about him all the time. "Ali says teamwork is the best work." Nevermind I turned off the video
Hash BrownYT (2 days ago)
These thumbnails man... wow
Weep dude (2 days ago)
The thumbnail?
Voyt Krzychylkiewicz (2 days ago)
Yo Lachlan you are my favorite you tuber
Kelly Laing (2 days ago)
It season 6
Jazmine Leigh (2 days ago)
Yes me
Ada Mese (2 days ago)
you can see Hi Im Jayson in the chat who was the guy who lachlan played with in the previous match
Itz Glizzy TV (2 days ago)
"how I not kill that guy" uses a AR up close instead of shotgun
Cranex (2 days ago)
Anyone watching when epic is richer than lachlan 💷
UNICORNGUY jeff (2 days ago)
I'm watching in season 6
AU Master (2 days ago)
Remember the jason guy he was in the last game u played and he killed someone
TokyoGhoulWolf 0806 (3 days ago)
Scuffed Lachlan
Karlos Gaming (3 days ago)
Olga Henderson (3 days ago)
who is watching in season 2?
Lester Sassman (3 days ago)
Still is no one anoyed with is loadout
Ava Kelic (4 days ago)
do more of these vids!!!!!!
T&j outdoors (4 days ago)
Do it again
MartyYartyz (5 days ago)
Fortnite Roblox collab? wth
Oh music?
Ameer Ahmed (5 days ago)
Biz Wiz (5 days ago)
Pls do this a lot more I watch all of yer vids!
MiNI-GuN 013 (5 days ago)
Clickbait back in the day😂
Natalia Sotelo (5 days ago)
SafuanCraft 786 (6 days ago)
Look at chat at 6:04
RandoManVideo (6 days ago)
yo whats with the scary ads
joseph venable (6 days ago)
The graphics were horrible back in the day from season 1 it was the worst because I played it
defaults are life (7 days ago)
Is anyone watching this in 2011?
Jayleen babbby (7 days ago)
Me want marche
Syed Hussain (7 days ago)
Parker Smith (7 days ago)
Make a new account
Erika Belford (7 days ago)
Dang season one omg
ClassicStache (7 days ago)
Haukur Orri Ólafsson (7 days ago)
Xforce 1200 (7 days ago)
Dolores Watson (7 days ago)
At the end hi I'm Jason appears in the kill feed
aisca berkemeyer (7 days ago)
Yep watching in season 6
Emerald Lord281 (7 days ago)
Ashley Owens (7 days ago)
Please do this again
Eugenio Sotelo (8 days ago)
I have it
Lily Meyer (8 days ago)
This is great sooooooooooooooooooooo great
George Baldry (8 days ago)
5:21 I thought he was gonna say he was pretty haha
BIGDAD69666 (9 days ago)
do this now oceanic servers
Kyan Goodyear (9 days ago)
mason Taylor (9 days ago)
rip skull trooper skin
To Moca (9 days ago)
That voice is so annying
To Moca (9 days ago)
What fu*k
EnderGod Playz (9 days ago)
the person hi im jayson is in his next match after he played with him when laclan died
Macca’s Boiii (9 days ago)
What is going on here!
MakoBoy 24 (9 days ago)
Anyone watching in season 6
Robot monkey 8heat (9 days ago)
alycia Holmes (9 days ago)
GG Lachlan
Steffone Owino (9 days ago)
Was this video sponsored by Ali a?
music groups (9 days ago)
season 1 is so laggy
Sahajdeep1 (10 days ago)
Anyone watching when skull trooper is back
Brooklyn Riggins (10 days ago)
I literally can NOT STOP LAUGHING 😂
Josh Taylor (10 days ago)
Sense when did he say that
Bėțå FŇ (10 days ago)
Jimmy JET123 (10 days ago)
2018 season six
Pierce Hohensee (11 days ago)
I am playing with my Camilo
Super B (11 days ago)
Who’s here in season 6
William The Warrior (11 days ago)
Wait your an Aussie
Alex Vlogs (11 days ago)
Hendog 257 (12 days ago)
Reviving is so much faster in season 1 than season 6
hosein mohseni (12 days ago)
Sharpwolf56 (12 days ago)
What do u mean I'm American 😬
Noob Gamer (12 days ago)
who's watching at 12 : 57 on january 2019
Galaxy Gaming (12 days ago)
Anjali Thorve (13 days ago)
wolfi santi pack (13 days ago)
Samuel A (14 days ago)
Anyone ?
"Ali says teamwork is the best work" 😂😂👏👏 Lachlan= newest crazed Ali A fanboy
Brody McNab (14 days ago)
Squad _01 (14 days ago)
0:42 the music doe I miss it
stoots gaming (14 days ago)
Wtf is ur voice in this
When did you met musselk
Sierra Fun (14 days ago)
anyone watching dis in season 6
Streamer by the way (14 days ago)
Who’s watching in season 9
Yvng Cookies (14 days ago)
Ostin Clarke (14 days ago)
Candace Fehr (14 days ago)
And moblie
Kristijan Banicevic (14 days ago)
I’m watching in season 6
Anastasia Chaw (15 days ago)
I am
Dingo's Life (15 days ago)
2018 Lachlan really good
Ld Christensen (15 days ago)
Look at 8:20 it’s not even close to him
Inv3ntosaurusHD (15 days ago)
“Ali says team work is the best work.”
Eric Wilson (15 days ago)
Yeah i am

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