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Fortnite Funny Moments: Trolling Random Teammates! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Text Comments (1646)
Aryaveer Dewan (4 hours ago)
Your videos are so cool
Anthony Gubbins (21 hours ago)
Ibrahim Khan (1 day ago)
Lure Lucas (1 day ago)
The guy who killed lachlan what an aimbot
Abensur1243 (1 day ago)
Anyone 2018?
Boss Gamer (1 day ago)
Yea Ali a
Gamingtarier (1 day ago)
taylor s (2 days ago)
the last guy was me 💀
Andy gamez (2 days ago)
Why Ali-a and the space
Kolton Bickell (2 days ago)
Anybody watching this in 2018
Imelda Quintana (2 days ago)
Hey what to play
Cruze Reading (2 days ago)
Can I play Fortnite with you I Play on control
Zaid2505 (2 days ago)
Damn, I miss the old fortnite
Ultra arrow hero (2 days ago)
Do this again
Khali Baby (2 days ago)
My name is Asia
Yami Polo (3 days ago)
Rftdgt is a time to get Wyoming it is Day I was just finished eating
Peggy Anderson (3 days ago)
Joe Timerframe (3 days ago)
Fortnite’s on mobile too!
Hi Bye (3 days ago)
GamingRedVlogger (3 days ago)
Can we jump into the game anyone SkylarTHEbest844
Christian Penland (4 days ago)
Best video ever
zadma (4 days ago)
Booper Dooper (4 days ago)
Anyone watching this in 2018?
Zain Carrimjee (4 days ago)
Top ten Fortnite players 1 Ali a 2 Lachlan 3 mueslk 4 daequan 5 myth 6 ninja 7 tfue 8. Vikatarr123 9. King Richard 10 kinstarr Comment if you agree
Angel Flores (4 days ago)
Turn it uo
TheBuilder BOB (5 days ago)
I’m watching this video 6 months after it was uploaded, lol XD
Elvi Lyla10 (6 days ago)
Plz can u ask someone if their grandma eats potatoes!!
Dany Dud3 (6 days ago)
You said you were wearing a default skin but it was an uncommon 800 V-Buck skin.
Nicole (6 days ago)
mehul speedy (6 days ago)
Great work this is hilarious
jamison amado (6 days ago)
Ali-A lies
Arhan Zahid (6 days ago)
I l❤️ve Ali a too
Lucas Werenich (6 days ago)
Anonymous Storm (6 days ago)
Nice American accent
XxZachyBoy08 xX (7 days ago)
It’s hard to chat and talk at the same time lolololol
It’s Shaz (7 days ago)
Maya Beckmann (7 days ago)
OMG do this again hahahaha
HawaiianStyleBoys 99 (7 days ago)
Is that season 2
Saim Shaikh (7 days ago)
Why ali a
Saim Shaikh (7 days ago)
Ali A
Preston kelley (8 days ago)
So bad
gg nojo (8 days ago)
Roblox kinda sucks all offence included
GametronV2 (8 days ago)
Do more of these plz
TheDiamondDragon (8 days ago)
Season 1 fortnite!
Lloyd Reynolds (8 days ago)
I watching this when it’s season4
Captain Cream (8 days ago)
xjayson64x are you de guy in vid,??
Michael Fisch (9 days ago)
That was awesome and the Ali a part was so funny do it again
Fiery Gamer269 (10 days ago)
I play on mobile friend me
James Adams (10 days ago)
i am your biggest fan bro love the vid
cesar santiago (10 days ago)
Please more of these videos and at the end of every game tell them your a YouTuber
Gwen Grace (10 days ago)
If they ask if you are Lachlan say no then ask them if they are Lachlan.
Danin Sijercic (10 days ago)
Ali-A was a meme even 6 months ago
Bethany Lol (12 days ago)
Can you play with me?
Diego Garcia (12 days ago)
Do more
Isabella Spina (12 days ago)
I love Ali A!!😋
TRICKY TV (13 days ago)
Tell him
Eddie Parks (15 days ago)
Season 1😂
RCG55 (15 days ago)
Og days
Lewis Stevens (16 days ago)
but he’s alright not da best bc he clickbaits
Mitchell Anstey (17 days ago)
Definitely post more of these. There hilarious!
Big Benn (17 days ago)
Hes an australian canadian american brit
Baby Love (18 days ago)
Ali-a ?
KALEB SUMMERS (18 days ago)
This makes me cringe so hard
# Fortnite4Ever ! (19 days ago)
The crystal Titans (19 days ago)
You should definitely do another I loved that
TeamTarget Official (20 days ago)
Who. Else is in seasooon4
Jenny Salyer (21 days ago)
2 game killed avxry
Breyan Hunter (23 days ago)
Huh back in in season 1 one skull 💀 trooper no tilted no divot no junk moisty or dusty depot no salty no motel no anarchy no pleasant Bro everybody succeed no 100 💯 percent accuracy Dang
MTM PLAYZ (23 days ago)
Carson StJohn (24 days ago)
Oceania...? OCEANIA??? Where Is That!? WUT!!??
Justin Dooley (24 days ago)
People know that its Lachlan because he starts talking about you tubers
Justin Dooley (24 days ago)
Huzaifa Uddin (24 days ago)
Xander g. (24 days ago)
When fortnite was new!
MuCuS pOtAtO aLiEnS (24 days ago)
ali-a is a meme now...
Jivina Bai (25 days ago)
Arturo Zapote-Lora (26 days ago)
lachlan does have a good american accent
YouNoMeBro (26 days ago)
Had to change your name
BLUEOPS GAMING (27 days ago)
Your my favourite youtuber
Leilani Mendez (27 days ago)
Daniel Wang (27 days ago)
Do that again it’s so funny
Professor KityKat (28 days ago)
Hey Lachlan you are my favourite YouTuber can you please help me with my channel. Professsor KityKat. 😀
Homero Martinez (28 days ago)
I went to jayhdx channel
Game Stream (28 days ago)
Hey guys Ali A here and today I’m showing you how I won a solo game on private servers *ali a music starts playing*
Jason Samuels (29 days ago)
Mason C (30 days ago)
Normal smg
Melissa Yamamoto (1 month ago)
Ali a
Rangersrockbra 32 (1 month ago)
I’m hitting the unsubscribe button just because you complemented Ali a
Denae Dupree (1 month ago)
It made me so uncomfortable when he was doing the American accent
Savage Maverick Gamer (1 month ago)
Ben Johnson (1 month ago)
No wonder this kid has no friends to play with
Tyler Hung (1 month ago)
I am watching in 2018 and their is Dusty divot and tilted
Hailey Garcia (1 month ago)
the key lol
Blake Latella (1 month ago)
TheChickenGamingHD (1 month ago)
U were joking about the Ali-A part right
Jason Davis (1 month ago)
that was me
The Getaway (1 month ago)
that was me and i actually believed that he is not Lachlan
Everything Is Unicorns (1 month ago)
You killed my brother

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