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Words to use instead of Said. 1# | Writing Tips.

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I know this video came out a little earlier then it was planned but please give it a like and comment if you liked this video or if it answered your question about other words to use instead of said.
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Heather Berglund (2 years ago)
New subscriber. This is amazing for someone whose writing a novel and feeling like they use said too much :3 You deserve so many more subscribers than you have!!
Writing Tips (2 years ago)
+Bookish Talks Thanks for subscribing and commenting on this video Bookish! Please go watch some more of my videos and like them as well, and I agree i should have more subscribers, maybe you can help by spreading the word to your friends and family about this channel.
Writing Tips (2 years ago)
Hey if you watched this you would know that I'm was going to post another video today (Saturday April 9th 2016) But when I went to upload my video it turns out my mic was off when I was filming it, and I don't have anytime to film again within the next three to five days, so I apoligize for that but I did come out with three videos in the last four days so you guys have already had your fill of videos for a week. So I hope to get that video filmed again and posted by next Wednesday.
Writing Tips (2 years ago)
Thanks Bigfatfriendlypanda for your support.
Barry Allan (2 years ago)
Yeah great job on this one! This will help me!
Writing Tips (2 years ago)
Thanks for commenting Aaron and BigfatfriendlyPanda, because now I know that I've actually helped someone with one of my videos.
Writing Tips (2 years ago)
+Kyle 27 Hey Kyle! I already do have a video on Similes and Metaphors here's the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vg36-mBsPtc please like it and please subscribe to my channel for more videos on writing.
The One True Donut (2 years ago)
could you do similes and metaphors
BigFatFriendlyPanda (2 years ago)
This video rocks!
Aaron Moroni (2 years ago)
Dude this will help me a lot!
BigFatFriendlyPanda (2 years ago)
+Aaron Moroni Me to!

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