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Minecraft Saturday | Top 3 "Prison" Plugins! | #14

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Follow me on Twitter to talk to me! ► https://twitter.com/EasyRoast Check out these awesome three Prison plugins that will make your Prison Server top Notch! Can we get 40 likes?!? ☺ New Minecraft Tutorials ☺ Open description for all info! ► Join the UNOVERSE! http://goo.gl/Iyjfc8 ► Talk to ME! https://twitter.com/imnumerounobaby ► Want a YouTube Partnership? Apply 4 free! http://goo.gl/c1Ao5R ► Best Servers! Reliable! http://goo.gl/0ykw1i ──────────────────────────────── ► #3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e76ipff8m66ngue/PrisonTools.jar?dl=0 ► #2: http://bit.ly/1wOS6uP ► #1: http://bit.ly/1zIFpBx ► Playlist of #MINECRAFTSATURDAY: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAz7rteH-zR3ErkJrhUfPkuO8SrAJ6Z-Z ──────────────────────────────── ► Partnered with Tgn.tv/BroadbandTv: http://tgn.tv/ ► Join the Team: http://bbtv.go2cloud.org/SH32 ──────────────────────────────── Song in the Background: ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjwm8MOvVMM Intro Made By: ► https://www.youtube.com/user/ItsMelon123 Outro Song: ► DJ Fresh ft. Ellie Goulding - Flashlight (The Insurgents Remix)
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Text Comments (42)
4RNAS (9 months ago)
Plzzz prison guard plugin: (Players guards)
Ash Fajilagutan (1 year ago)
badjao kayong nag chat
DarkAge Games (2 years ago)
at the last plugin you showcased to us i keep getting a error: The rank must be loaded in %0 first but how to fix this (permissionsex)
Lukas Poulsen (2 years ago)
Like and sub
אייל ג (2 years ago)
Numero Uno In Philippine is Number 1
Hallowed Scythe (2 years ago)
PrisonTools bypasses my WorldGuard.. ;(
ᴍᴅғ Rauw (2 years ago)
if i put a prison plugin in the plugins folder it doesnt show up in plugins and doesnt work ingame can someone help me
DJ Gaming (2 years ago)
anyone know like prison shop plugins?
Carter Harris (2 years ago)
You should make top three prison plugins 2 this helped my prison server a bunch ;)
Numero Uno Would You Like To Review My Custom Coded Plugins?
Antonios Gamal (3 years ago)
THX helped me alot
Michael Huang (3 years ago)
Hey. I was wondering how you changed the percentage on MineResetLitePlus. I've been trying to figure it out but can't change the percentage.
Silent Hacker (3 years ago)
Nice Videos mate
Andreas Asselbergs (3 years ago)
I cant find prison
SirFaizdat (3 years ago)
Woah never knew my plugin (originally) would go on a top 3 list xD
The Floppy Bird (3 years ago)
OMFG Why doesnt a SINGLE prison plugin work for 1.8.3 spigot. I swear to god.  When I use bukkit then I cant use version 1.8 on because essentials is a retard and when I use spigot I cant use any plugins except essentials!!!!! SOMEONE HELP ME PLEAS
Why Bow (3 years ago)
DMP9 MC (3 years ago)
Mine does dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/mcprison
HedgehogPeople (3 years ago)
I like the new intro :) and cool vid thanks for the ideas...
Saldi (3 years ago)
/pranks xD
callibbers (3 years ago)
omg ur helpful
callibbers (3 years ago)
yo thanks for the help    I  relly needed these plugins can u do more plugin reviews on prison  plugins u would help out my lyfe
ONI CHAN KAWAIII (3 years ago)
Top 3 epic plugin plz
Electricuted Dolphin (3 years ago)
Hello guys, So recently i have this problem on my server... Whenever i try to talk in the chat it doesn't register on my screen...Can anyone help me fix this problem ASAP? Thx! :D NOTE: I cannot see the message in the console aswell..
BenJe (3 years ago)
thanks dude the prison plugins was the best
BroIamBro (3 years ago)
Nice dude but can u tell me how u get photo 4 ur skin ?
theopeegamer (3 years ago)
Joseph Agha (3 years ago)
Awesome bro :)
ImSean (3 years ago)
Hey do you have a server If you do can you give me the ip
Ductox (3 years ago)
I have a server! IP: MasterPvP.factions.nl
Boxer playsMC (3 years ago)
How do u make it where it says Blythe for. The website
Daquan (3 years ago)
Your videos would be more enjoyable if you had a little more attitude and confidence when commentating, its like listening to people whispering. I dont mean to sound rude, i would just like to hear confidence :)
Jack King (3 years ago)
hey I added u on Skype but u don't reply to ma msg I has questions!
Panda (3 years ago)
Your Tutorials Have Helped me ALOT And i love your vids
Panda (3 years ago)
Hi Numero Uno How are you doing!
darwin castaneda (3 years ago)
Hey NumeroUno would you like to help in my server I don't know how to set up permissionEX or group manager
Ivan Something 69 (3 years ago)
+darwin castaneda Just go on my channel and tell me the ip, I have one video :P
darwin castaneda (3 years ago)
+Luigi Man i cant because the server is prepaid but i will buy it how can i contact you?
Ivan Something 69 (3 years ago)
+darwin castaneda just give me the ip
darwin castaneda (3 years ago)
+Luigi Man how can i talk to you?
Ivan Something 69 (3 years ago)
+Luigi Man you*

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