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What if you pay a tech scammer? Tech Support Scam Baiting #2!

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Hello. In this video, I investigate what you get when you pay a tech support scammer. I managed to get them to think I paid them by giving them a fake check number and not answering any followup phone calls to verify the check number. Luckily, these scammers are now nonexistent. Job well done ;D. » Links ‣ Previous Video: https://youtu.be/7ZFXrshbiKc ‣  My Gear: https://kit.com/nkomarn Disclaimer: Any/all songs used in this video are/may be protected by copyright. I by no means take credit for them; please read the "Music Used" section of the description for more information. » Music Used ‣  Yomoti - Before Chill ‣  Da Tooby - Jay Troit ‣  Jack Elphick - Dazed Summer For inquiries, contact: [email protected]
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Text Comments (4)
Pardon My Aim (3 months ago)
Is that a wirus? Oh nuuuu syskey oopsy poopsy your computer’s ram and motherboard is now encrypted
Pardon My Aim (3 months ago)
In order to make the repairs we need 2 mil to fix your problems
techtoolbox (3 months ago)
Damn, my PC fans just got encrypted with a password.. wonder how to unlock the turbo airflow mode now....
Sergio Gonzalez (3 months ago)

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