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Dragon Age: Inquisition - INSTANT MAX LEVEL HACK

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You will need cheat engine: http://cheatengine.org/downloads.php Dragon Age: Inquisition trainer/hack/cheat
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Text Comments (129)
ScaryAngelGirl (1 month ago)
did this but keeps me a lvl 11 :(
Random Games (2 months ago)
Do the monsters lvl with you?
Cedric Laine (2 months ago)
I really want gaming pc.......
Modest Mewtwo (4 months ago)
Mister VidsAllDay (5 months ago)
A Friend cheats and buys spins on Runescape... So why am I not surprised to randomly find this nigga cheating on other games too.
Raffa b (7 months ago)
06/04/18 playing on PC, still working, thank you
Henri Helekivi (7 months ago)
A friend, what are you doing😂😂that how u get your OSRS stuff😂
IoniaFlux (8 months ago)
wtf i hear afriend. This is crazy
Jonathan bright (8 months ago)
had issues first time I tried but second time is wunderbar
Aries Hickey (8 months ago)
Okay guys, listen up. I tried this one with my character on level 4, but i did not work. I found the solution by accident. I just simply took the whole amount of expierience you got from the very first level and added the additional i had on my character. To explain even more simple: Level 4 --> 2900 points + 101 I already got to the next lvl (he put 20 from the first killed enemy) = 3001 exp. Put this in CheatEngine and do as is in the video, it should work :)
Reagan Kinyon (9 months ago)
If I transfer my game save from PlayStation 4 to my computer which has the cheat engine will it still work
youraveragedude (9 months ago)
Lol Hi friend
Miepi09 (9 months ago)
Art money works like this too :) http://www.chip.de/video/Cheat-Programm-fuer-Games-ArtMoney-Video_119941483.html you can use it for money ore craftmats too, just sale something and write the gold ore the itemstack number .... so you can cheat yourself a stack of items and dont need to buy them ore loot them you can use it for this items in a game but whenever you restart the game you need to create new cheat-menü in artmoney .
peoples26 (10 months ago)
Beast Kicks (10 months ago)
did this but the skill points weren't awarded
merylù Germano (1 year ago)
no it works because?
Ambrose- (1 year ago)
when I do this my party members already have skills selected
Gambit X (1 year ago)
He dont find something when I use the next scan
MuN_3 (1 year ago)
ur sad
craig dunstan (1 year ago)
a friend?
Buhaha it":s dont work. NIE DZIAŁA
Adamant Panda (1 year ago)
Youre A Friend arent you? from runescape
Promoz Design (1 year ago)
How do i level up later in the game? Im already at level 12 and its extremly fraustating for me to level up
SnowKitzMuhahaha (1 year ago)
does this only work with a new game? ive been trying to do it while im at level 12 and the second scan will always bring up nothing. i have it set to value type float. :[ dang
Miss LearningTheTruth (1 year ago)
Nice how you took the credit for my guide that I made that you posted on webjunkiesblog. I did all those calculations and the chart. At least you could have given me a mention instead of stealing all the credit. Your video was just a quick step to max level not level and get all the skill points.
BryceConquerorsAll (4 months ago)
Miss LearningTheTruth 55 fucking subscriber lookin ass
BryceConquerorsAll (4 months ago)
Stfu coming in here looking for attention and false accusations get tf outa here dumb fucking bitch
White Wolf (6 months ago)
G L O O M the guy tried to help, he made the guide, this vid wouldn't exist, you're on this vid to learn this, you comment that nobody cares. you. are. a. fucking. retard.
G L O O M (10 months ago)
Miss LearningTheTruth Nobody cares
Jonathan Gutierrez (1 year ago)
Dmn!! even the mobs is lvl 27... wahahaha... i cant kill them
Mariam Pakbaz (1 year ago)
yo, this is insane! Two years later and it still works?? I'm going to be honest I had my doubts, but holy cow! This is one of the first cheats that have actually worked! Glory be! Thank you!
LrdDrgn (1 year ago)
I cant get it to work and I'm running the 64 bit version
Tomek (1 year ago)
This is simple memory editing this will work always in every game
Mr33500 (1 year ago)
Thanks. Now i can skip all the absurd fetch quests.
Jonathan bright (8 months ago)
same now I can focus on primary story side quests and main quest extra stuff meh
Parasyte (2 years ago)
Simple, clear and effective. Thank you! :)
Melanie Turpin (2 years ago)
i started a new character and did what you said but the point when i killed the two monsters where ten they did not change what do i do
Eshmam (2 years ago)
Dude, are you 'A Friend'? The same guy who makes Runescape videos?
Amixedguy (1 year ago)
it is afriend lmao
Tony-Tony Chopper (1 year ago)
I swear its him
John Monbeck (2 years ago)
this has to be a friend
Santiago (2 years ago)
As of 5.6.2016, it still is working, I am on windows 10 and own DA:I on origin with every single DLC. Also the version of Cheat engine is 6.5.1. If it doesn't work you either fucked up or it doesn't work with your system/update. By the way, Cassandra levels up back at haven not in this intro mission.
Funnyminator (2 years ago)
oh ok i click this "99999" in the description not on value exp xD
Safe (2 years ago)
you my friend are one of a kind XD
Funnyminator (2 years ago)
i have do the same thing how in the vid but its not work(yes float and all this with new game)
Seraphina (2 years ago)
it does not work for me , too bad :(
Dustin Moore (2 years ago)
Avon Paraha (2 years ago)
ok i can vouch that this works on new player you must copy exactly as he says use CE 64 trust me or it wont work you can get max level and infinite gold i havent tryed for the herbs but you have to start from new player remember to change level use float to search the value of the experience for gold use byte do it straight after the max level
Pascual Lopez (2 years ago)
Que mal hackear Dragon Age, deberian de disfrutar matando demonios y subir de nivel
TKiO (2 years ago)
will i get banned if i do this on my single player mode? yes or no?
Carl Lafleur (2 years ago)
+TKiO No but you will get banned if you go on multiplayer.
PCtrainers (2 years ago)
NEW GAME ONLY! Do not use it on your save file, it will not work.
Anvit Patil (2 years ago)
actually u can do it with your save file.... just like if you are lvl 3 then :current exp+1400 (1400 is the total of previous lvl) u can add it to your vida bro....
enpoping (2 years ago)
+PCtrainers you should be write this in description, i try whole time i cant do it :(
TheandroidR (2 years ago)
Holy shit! Is this... a Friend?????
Wajeed (6 months ago)
What the fuck
Welly Wonka (2 years ago)
+TheandroidR thats what i thought
Why so serious (2 years ago)
+TheandroidR i think it is,
Moon Man (2 years ago)
This vid is a year old, but this works!! Just gotta start a new game. Good thing I didnt get too far on my most recent save. Thanks bro!!
Bobomen (3 years ago)
its a friend '-'
TheCosmaticGamer (3 years ago)
cheater I don't want to use cheat engine I want a glitch damnit
DemonicGoat117 (7 months ago)
"I don't want to cheat by using a program, I simply want to cheat by finding a fault in its programming and exploiting it for the exact same result"
Lady Deadpool (3 years ago)
I have a problem, when i try to kill someone and i level up i stay on the same level...whats going on? heelp please
King_R (3 years ago)
Hi ! You should REALLY try for once to make a video about something who actually WORK. Cause no, no, and NO again, that - dosn't - work - at - all !!! After I did every step like you, word for word, clic for clic, and I kill the ennemy supposed to give me 9999999 xp... Well nothing special. He dies and I receive a few xp points and the 3 values I change go back to a normal number. So please... PLEASE ! Try to HELP for once !
Yao Alex (3 years ago)
+King_R It actually does, just sometimes not his way, max exp is 917573, do this after the intro (Which is where u end up back in Haven). press P and go to attributes I think and look for combat max exp or something similar, then scan that and when exp change again, scan again for combat max exp. It should pop up then enter 917573. It should work then.
Chua Ben (3 years ago)
There's no way to change Cass's level? :/
Réka Nagy (2 years ago)
+Chua Ben and nevermind :D I went back to Haven (I was Hinterlands) and after a few cutscenes they are all leveled up ^^
Réka Nagy (2 years ago)
+Chua Ben the other companions as well? because I made my character maxed level and the others don't levelling up and stayed level 4...
Chua Ben (3 years ago)
+Chua Ben Oh nvm. Cass will rejoin the party after the inquisitor wakes up and witness Cass dominating Roderick. When she rejoins the party, she will be the same level as the inquisitor
Creed Sstako (3 years ago)
thats is good but is cheat engine works for my game for level up? please tell me?
zombiegamer234 (3 years ago)
is there anything like this for the xbox 360
247 BrutalGunslinger (3 years ago)
You don't have to search in float you can just search for all value types, same with the skill points. Really there is no need to watch one cheat engine hack video if you have already watched another one it's the same thing pretty much
Miss LearningTheTruth (3 years ago)
+247 BrutalGunslinger Why do all that when the search can be shorter using Float?
247 BrutalGunslinger (3 years ago)
Well not a problem for me, just continue to search next value every time it changes and the chances of it working are higher
PCtrainers (3 years ago)
+247 BrutalGunslinger you search float to filter 2byte 4 byte 8byte addresses. Otherwise you will get too many.
LegitGamerXpro (3 years ago)
so can it work past level 1 or no
Yung Yan Tha Don (3 years ago)
doesnt work
Zak 0 (3 years ago)
Im fairly new to PC gaming and I would like to use this. I just want to know if this would violate the user agreement for Dragon Age Inquisition
Krang Tos (3 years ago)
no ! Online or Offline , it still work
sofian meherzi (3 years ago)
a friend?? you quit runescape?
Keep up the good work!
BananaGuy951 (3 years ago)
I am about to get this game but can someone tell me what the máx level is ? If it is twenty again i might not get it . please respond
Johan Hagdahl (3 years ago)
I,m at 21 right now, and I have not finnished the game yet, so it`s not 20 =)
Julie Randriamahefa (3 years ago)
I just want to know  : If I do this hack , Will my characters always have this level? Or if for example I save the game and  I restart it , will this put my low level back? (I just want  to use this hack to beat creatures coming from a rift (Hinterland) and after that level up normally)
xX7abeb8al3ain (3 years ago)
+Julie Randriamahefa wan't a tip first walkthrough don't hack second walkthrough hack
Julie Randriamahefa (3 years ago)
Ok thanks for the answer
xX7abeb8al3ain (3 years ago)
No you can't
Sr Chalice (3 years ago)
this doesn't work for me at all. I would love to replay this game but I refuse to regrind, just because they didn't wanna add new gameplus.
Sr Chalice Having to work to get stronger? What's that? Should have just added an option to start off at max level with all skills smh
Sr Chalice (1 year ago)
+Halt!​ It's become the thing of most games now. Nothing of authentic anymore. Everything is just a mashup of everything else. It's quite sickening actually. It's infected the music industry and now it has been a plague in gaming for quite sometime. Everything is about a damn skill tree, picking plants and grinding out levels to what end I don't know.
Halt! (1 year ago)
The MMO-style grinding in this game is horrible
Gerold G (3 years ago)
+Lance Echo omg tell me what did he not explain its not working for me
Hawke (3 years ago)
I am glad you managed to figure it out. 
Juacob (3 years ago)
a friend..
Colbyopia (3 years ago)
Dovydas! I didn't know you played Dragon age also.
x6King6x (3 years ago)
It worked but then I get no skill points. 
oh thx :)
x6King6x (3 years ago)
+NoLimitGamer ! I got it to work, just don't do it when there's a cutscene coming up. 
Me to :/
Min Lwin (3 years ago)
whats the point of playing anymore.
Cjpk AllDay (10 months ago)
He is bitch
Jessica Que (11 months ago)
Are you the gaming police? To each their own.
Sr Chalice (3 years ago)
The point is you beat the game already and you don't want to freakin start from scratch because that's bullshit they didn't add new game plus. I refuse to replay this damn game from scratch again. After all my hard work, screw that shit. And another reason, not everyone has to level up to enjoy a game, some of us still play games for the JOY OF PLAYING, not for the silly JOY OF LEVELING UP.  because of what you just said is the exact reason why these dumb ass companies are pushing for leveling instead of great gameplay. But Dragon Age is a great game and they should've added New Game Plus. For Phuck sakes its not the hard to do.
MiniGun Epic (3 years ago)
nice man and ty
Can Tahir (3 years ago)
GREAT WORKS !!! Thanks ur knowledge.. Have fun cul cul :))))
Lan (3 years ago)
Doesn't work on mine, followed every step correctly :P Set to float, scanned first exp which in this case was 4076 then next scan on 4124 and nothing :3
Chua Ben (3 years ago)
+Exodiaasanezzz There's no other way to make Cass max level with me? :/
HeLL1STriker (3 years ago)
+Exodiaasanezzz It looks like you're right this will work only before you can gain access to your character menu .
Lan (3 years ago)
+Exodiaasanezzz Also Cassandra will not be affected so she'll be level 1 at the beginning while everyone of your companions will be max level.
Lan (3 years ago)
Ok I tested it and it works, BUT it only works here at the very beginning of the game where you can't open your skills menu. Odd but if you really want max level, you have to start from the beginning. 
Gabriel Phellipe (3 years ago)
I like I do at level 16 but not of.
Gabriel Phellipe (3 years ago)
Would have a table experience or some way to get?
Ahmed Amine Refai (3 years ago)
you can hack skill point the same way scan for float thank you it was really helpfull :D
GothTaurus (3 years ago)
@Armartis Young the reason you die with out the gear is cuz lvl does not affect your stats that much it only give you skill points, gear is the only thing that affects you stats, We can no longer distribute points to ur stats un like DA:O and DA:2, so yea if you have useless gear you will get kill a lot, try to get or train in the Mage Enchanter ways and you may not need to change gear that often.... if you are other class then not sure what is the best build though. Just look for builds that allow you to last longer on battle.
Bearded Gamer (3 years ago)
its not even worth it..because if you don't have the gear then you will get destroyed even if you like 20xs the enemy..waste of my time
Billy Jowell (3 years ago)
not working for me. i dont know why. i change to float. then after 2nd scan is my prob. no result
HeLL1STriker (3 years ago)
It's okay man It did worked now after some search ! to level up I need to put the previous level cap for instance if you are level 2 you add the gained xp for example ( you have 30/1000 you do this ( 30+400 which is 430 and I write the value ,then I scan ,after that let's say you have 45/1000 you do the same (45+400 and I put the value 445 and I scan , when I got the addresses I changed the value and It did work for me this way ) thank you anyway , have a nice day . 
PCtrainers (3 years ago)
+HeLL1STriker It may be because you don't see total exp? Try doing this with a fresh character instead of level 5
HeLL1STriker (3 years ago)
+PCtrainers I have the same problem just like aj gawe ,I did exactly what you have done,and this is not my first time using cheat engine I'm familiar with, but I did it when I'm level 5 when I kill a foe after changing values I see the xp gauge goes full as if it will level up but nothing happens (this is when I do the scan on 4 byte) but when I scan with float mode in the second scan nothing comes as a result! anything to help ?
PCtrainers (3 years ago)
watch the video carefully again. You must scan your exp not mine. I had 20 exp so I scanned for 20. If you have 340 then you scan for 340
Marcello Morales (3 years ago)
everything in this game is float, wtf. thanks man
Bearded Gamer (3 years ago)
Thanks I been looking for a this since it came out now I can have fun playing

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