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ComputerCraft Tutorials for Minecraft 1.6 - Part 6 : Monitors

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In this episode we cover both basic and advanced monitors. Topics include writing text to monitors, manipulating the display, differences between basic and advanced monitors, and how to use the monitor_touch event. Code: Coming Soon Minecraft: https://minecraft.net Forge: http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/ ComputerCraft: http://www.computercraft.info/
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Text Comments (77)
OrangeC7 (8 months ago)
We should send this message to aliens: "helloworldhelloworldhello worldworldhellokfdaf"
Bram Brink (1 year ago)
if i put in: monitor right hello it sais [string "monitor"]:2: '=' expected
UNBLOCKED (1 year ago)
TheCoolCarrot (2 years ago)
just give me the v xDDD lolz
NewAgeSoldier (3 years ago)
Can I rather get a instruction file?
Tipperminecraft (3 years ago)
when i do for _.v in pairs(methods) do print(v) end it says lua:36: [string"lua"]:1: '=' or 'in' expected what does this mean im new to computer craft
Daniël Commandeur (2 years ago)
+Tipperminecraft it is not working for me either, but in youre code i spot a dot in stead of a comma maybe that will help??? _.V instead of _,v
lelcetz (2 years ago)
+HackerQuacker you posted too many postes
lelcetz (2 years ago)
+HackerQuacker you posted too many postes
lelcetz (2 years ago)
+HackerQuacker you posted too many postes
HackerQuacker (3 years ago)
in Lua, you use a comma instead of dot when setting more than one variable for a function, for example: 'for _,v in pairs(method) do print(v) end' instead of 'for _.v in pairs(method) do print(v) end'
John Cobb (3 years ago)
Very helpful video.  Well explained and illustrated. Thanks!
Antonio Scalia (3 years ago)
in the CraftOS1.65 dont works star wars    :c
Collin Hinds (3 years ago)
When trying to wrap I got the error Lua:1: attempt to index ? (A nill value) What does this mean
Asami Morning (3 years ago)
+Collin Hinds its a nill value, and nill is like null or none, it means that there was an unknown value placed in the code.
NightCreeper42 (3 years ago)
4:40 doesn't work!!
NightCreeper42 (3 years ago)
says 'lua:1: bad argument: table expected, got nil
Victor Abreu (4 years ago)
Make more videos... About turtles.
TMK (4 years ago)
How can I make it so that after it has received something (I know modems is in the next video) that it can print the message that got transmitted onto the monitor? Great tutorial thanks. 
Paweł Piłat (3 years ago)
+TMK And if you do this in while true do it gonna automagicaly do this every time it recives message. PS PawełŁ not Pawet xD Everyone have problems with Polish letters xD
Asami Morning (3 years ago)
+TMK mon.write(message) threw the wireless modem, Pawet Pilat was correct, by running a program should write text on the monitor. theres no way for a computer to type a messege on its own. computers have no brain(at least not like ours, they cant think on their own), duh.
TMK (4 years ago)
no i meant thatit auromatically shows a message on the screen from a computer using a wireless modem... Any help?
Paweł Piłat (4 years ago)
mon.write(message..)or something.
Preston Elam (4 years ago)
the star wars thing is based off a cmd easter egg then they ported it over to the mod
11Willio22 (4 years ago)
I can't get the lua to work with the monitors
Asami Morning (3 years ago)
+11Willio22 some code cant be processed threw monitors
noodlesandhammy (4 years ago)
when i click on the monitor it doesnt open
Asami Morning (3 years ago)
+noodlesandhammy you have to do the input threw the computer unless click event code is in the program and the program is running on the monitor
Zachary Henshaw (4 years ago)
So what does while false do do?
Asami Morning (3 years ago)
+Zachary Henshaw its a logic gate system, it means while some value is equal to false any code under will be ran. if the value is set to true the code under that will stop. use common sence idiot
Gaming4LifeDE (4 years ago)
When will you do the "advanced course"?
WizzyBotCraft (7 months ago)
In tut 4 I made a comment with an advanced interface code...
WizzyBotCraft (7 months ago)
aFlyingPossum (1 year ago)
Gaming4LifeDE still not made...
TheMissSmartass (4 years ago)
How do you play star wars on a monitor on Computer Craft 1.6.4?
OrangeC7 (2 years ago)
+SaveLoveForever How do you run it though? I'm trying to run it and it won't work
Asami Morning (3 years ago)
+TheMissSmartass theres a floppy disk with the porgram on it that spawns in dungon chest
TheMissSmartass (4 years ago)
+Oliver Dontje That's the same problem I have. And yes, FunshineX, I did watch the whole video, you just didn't explain well enough.
Oliver Dontje (4 years ago)
Funeshine how do you get is the secret i'm in rom/programs but i can't get to secret
FunshineX (4 years ago)
Did you not watch the whole video?  This is explained at 23:34
Bryan Alexander (4 years ago)
Ep.7: Modem ? where is it
Asami Morning (3 years ago)
+Bryan Alexander -_-. the first few replys i made were nice but now i'm wondering how humanity even got past step 1: how to walk.
Leo C.K (4 years ago)
What about a tutorial for wired/wireless modems and pocket computers?
camspythepro (4 years ago)
I need a tutorial on the parallel API please!
TheFluffystitch (4 years ago)
can you make a tutorial on computercraft with bundled cable(redpower)?
Belhun Battleborn (4 years ago)
WE NEED MORE plezzzzzzzzzzzz
michael collins (4 years ago)
Direwolf 20 has a good turtle tutorial
Gunguru357 (4 years ago)
Where is part 7???? I wanted to know how to use modems and turtles!!!!!
Puupuls (4 years ago)
Make more videos of computercraft
Jjunior130 (4 years ago)
where's part 7?
MajorThunderstorm (4 years ago)
rednet please? please? i know you said not to beg but can you please do an in depth rednet tutorial?
Emask Sølnød (4 years ago)
nice video funshineX
VyleKyle (4 years ago)
I'm pretty sure I crashed a computercraft computer, here's my code that accidentally broke it, if anybody can help please do, local monitor = peripheral.wrap("right") thing = io.read()  monitor.write(thing)  while true do   if thing == Stop then    break   else   end  end What I want to happen: What you type gets typed onto the monitor and is in a loop to do so until you type "Stop" What really happened: It wrote down what I said on the monitor then crashed shutdown for some reason.
SparklingPigfilms (4 years ago)
+FunshineX When will  you make more of these new computercraft videos? D: we love them!  
FunshineX (4 years ago)
+Apples Captor My comment lists the corrected code so not sure what you mean by "what should i do?
VyleKyle (4 years ago)
A good question here is what should I do? Btw thanks for replying Funshine, most youtube commentators I watch don't give a damn about the comments,
FunshineX (4 years ago)
You've created an infinite loop there.  You need to put quotes around the input, as well as do the check inside the loop.  What you're doing it only asks for the input once, and if it isn't the word you're looking for, it just runs the loop forever. while true do   thing = io.read()   if thing == "Stop" then     break   else     --do something   end end
Benji (4 years ago)
+gramahL  Try this code: local password = "password here" while true do   input = read()   if input == password then     break   else      print("incorrect password")   end end
Benji (4 years ago)
On advanced computers the colour of "hello world!" changes every time +gramahL  try input = read() instead of input = io.read()
Harris crews (4 years ago)
Is he still making these?
Dominic (4 years ago)
The Star Wars thing is copied from a telnet someone made using command prompt.
Exyis Eyres (4 years ago)
Show us how to use the rednet?
FunshineX (4 years ago)
use peripheral.isPresent(side) and peripheral.getType(side) to see if a peripheral is connected on a particular side and what type it is
Tobias (4 years ago)
Tobias (4 years ago)
Part 7!! Tittels
EasterEggNoob91 (4 years ago)
Forget the usb idea while you were putting words on the monitor at full size maybe they could implement an LED display type of program that'd be cool
EasterEggNoob91 (4 years ago)
I meant to put will he
EasterEggNoob91 (4 years ago)
Hey funshinex you should ask the creater of cc will add usb sticks and have it like show it sticking out like a real life usb stick type of way that'd be awesome
Jovaage (4 years ago)
It halts the function until it pulls an event. So that would be wait :)
Appl Tom (4 years ago)
your profile pic is domseplay, shutup ( -:
Mallet (4 years ago)
You know he is legit because of his profile pic...
weckar (5 years ago)
Remind me: Is pullEvent a wait or a check?

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