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Nuke The End - Minecraft Ender Dragon vs Rival Rebels

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Tsar mod. Toyguy tests RR weapons in End dimension roleplay mission ►Previous Wack Nuke: https://youtu.be/ApufY2HQb7k ►All Wack Nuke Videos: https://goo.gl/wkb4IU ►Free Toyguy Ringtone here: https://goo.gl/syxQDM Rival Rebels mod for Minecraft https://rivalrebels.com/ (Rodol Phito's mod official) \\ Subscribe to RR to stay informed // For Help, tutorials, wiki, and mod discussion: https://rivalrebels.com/RRgame/comment/ For Rival Rebels Servers IP go: https://rivalrebels.blogspot.com/p/gameplay.html For Rival Rebels Game project : https://rivalrebels.com/ Minecraft is a game made by Mojang and is available here: http://minecraft.net/ To get Forge: http://files.minecraftforge.net/ To get world Edit mod: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/worldedit/files/2219060 Rival Rebels Mod additions to the game: Rhodes 3 Robot, Force Fields, Ein-Sten Laser, Plasma, Tesla, Rocket, Rod Disk, LTD-RR Laser, B-2 Spirit Stealth, Army Shovel, Omega, Sigma, Smart Camo, Steel Block, Quick Sand, Reactor, Loader, Team Objectives, Team Classes, Rebel and Intel. For Minecraft 1.7.10, 1.6.4, 1.6.2, 1.5.2, 1.5.1, 1.4.7 & 1.4.6. Minecraft funny video Series and Adventures featuring Rodol Phito (me, the mod creator), Roda (my sister) and the RR team (my friends) fighting all types of mobs and having fun. Please give me feedback and ideas so we keep making more episodes! ~Rodol
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Text Comments (30)
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
I'm planning to try the Rhodes Robot in the End. Like the vid if you want me to try more stuff on the End! :)
Baldi (11 months ago)
Nuke the nether
Baldi (11 months ago)
Toy Guy said a bad word
Immanuel Marshall (1 year ago)
Your amazing keep up the good work
Lop Pol (1 year ago)
super video
Relaunda Newberry (1 year ago)
This is good
ESQUE me gusta los explosiones y bombas nucleares porfa afán una para Android mi versión de Android es 6.1
Pueden hacer un mod como ese para teléfonos para Minecraft pe si versión 1.2
Rodol Phito porfa as un mod D para Minecraft pe porfa los apoyo y me suscribo porfa
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
Estoy haciendo a RR como videojuego independiente, https://www.youtube.com/c/rivalrebelsgame
AntimatterPlays (1 year ago)
Hey Rodol, can you add like a antimatter bomb? your creating so big bombs, so i ask if you can create like a antimatter bomb. It has more megatons like the theo (125.0 Megatons). the mushroom cloud blue and it has a very big explosion radius. or like a antimatter cell? idk. so it would be nice if you answer me! :)
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
Yeah, but lately I'm most of the time adding stuff to the RR game https://www.youtube.com/c/rivalrebelsgame
Nek I (1 year ago)
Hey rodol will you still work on the mod after the game is finished
The Gaming Hunter (1 year ago)
Do the nether next!
Sour Creamer (1 year ago)
Noice btw the enchanted ein-sten kills the wither super fast
Jesus Jaimes Avila (1 year ago)
rodhol como modificaste el lanzamisiles para que lanzará diferente explosión ayudaaaa
Jesus Jaimes Avila (1 year ago)
Rodol Phito y que encantamiento tiene que salir
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
Tienes que usar la mesa de enchanting en el arma. :)
PVTDr4ch1r Rich (1 year ago)
You should do the nether next!
MorpheusVector (1 year ago)
the dragon looks like a fly attracted to a lamp :D
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
Fin the Player (1 year ago)
Rest in Peace Ender Dragon - 2017. 8. 3. ~ 2017. 8. 4.
Wolf Game (1 year ago)
si *
Wolf Game (1 year ago)
it's si cool
Wolf Game (1 year ago)
B7az3r Crus4a (1 year ago)
Everyone do the ender dragon *does the ender dragon dance*
uberslayer (1 year ago)
Let's hope this mod gets ported to all devices when the better together update gets released and I loved the vid.
FLUX und niemamd (1 year ago)
Im the 3. Guy who says something butt im the last 3. Guy who says something lol
fortnite enjoy (1 year ago)
im japanez
fortnite enjoy (1 year ago)

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