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We decided to enroll Julianne to a infant to toddler swimming lesson with additional drowning prevention technique. She's in her 2 weeks in this video and she did a really great job. Have fun watching it!
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FurryTale (9 years ago)
Thanks Vic! Hope your doing fine.
victor peralta (9 years ago)
ate ed ang galing naman nya maglangoy... hehehe ang galing talaga... regards!
FurryTale (10 years ago)
Thank you! I forgot to tell you that she finished all her swimming lesson in only 4 weeks because the instructor told me that she learn everything right away. The lessons supposed to be 6 weeks but the instructor told us that she learn all the trick really fast. Welcome back Again!
cuji91307 (10 years ago)
Wow, that's great! I love how she swims under the water. And the way she floats on her back is so cute. I really need to look into this for Rox.

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