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Technology-Craft 2.0 - Ep. 33 - Advanced Machines

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Ever wanted to make something in Minecraft that was a little more... technologically advanced? This mod, the technic pack, adds tons of new items ranging from solar panels, electric powered furnaces, nuclear reactors, automatic mining machines, magical transformation devices, and so much more. Sounds like the perfect mix for a professional n00b to get involved, don't you think? Episode 32: http://youtu.be/eFmOMmFyIvw Episode 34: http://youtu.be/3c6QLg8BcSI Download Minecraft here: http://www.minecraft.net/ Technic Pack: http://www.technicpack.net/ Texture Pack: http://full.sc/NVT147 Music made by: http://www.youtube.com/user/waterflame89
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Text Comments (20)
Brett Baranek (5 years ago)
no but 07.27 diamonds
Brett Baranek (5 years ago)
1.56 diamonds
DigitalTactics (6 years ago)
I think i heard someone coughing <----spelt wrong
ForgedSunset (6 years ago)
Oh n00b sometimes i hurt myself facepalming at your attempts to find lava xDDDDDD
FiOS (6 years ago)
i dont kno wat ur sayin im the noob
Super Shadeyin (6 years ago)
Stick a lava bucket into your transmutation table, m'kay?
cutman15 (6 years ago)
nope, that's way too logical to work for n00b ._.
AvariciousGreeds AC (6 years ago)
Lost much
Leoluca Verfaillie (6 years ago)
Can you do a world download
RontoBront (6 years ago)
Bobsaggetismine (6 years ago)
noob video? *grabs popcorn*
Daniel Beas (6 years ago)
Watch your six noob
Tim C. (6 years ago)
put your torches on your left or your right and when u go back they will b on the opposite side and u will never get lost. :) thumbs up so he can see!
Benjamin Slot (6 years ago)
lol. niice!
TheRichteabag (6 years ago)
2nd retard do this on a different video
SeriesShower (6 years ago)
actually no
TheRichteabag (6 years ago)
lol your 3rd NOB
Zombie (6 years ago)
no a trophy would be better :P
Zombie (6 years ago)
SeriesShower (6 years ago)
Keep at it N00b! Also I don't know if you mentioned it before but what are your pc specs?

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