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Strifetoons Episode 1 - Duke Nukem the Movie

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I should probably point out by now that I am not the one who made this. I'm simply hosting it here. The first episode of a short lived flash animation series that takes place in a fictional town where shareware computer game characters live. The episodes mainly star Duke Nukem and the space Marine from Doom. You can watch the entire series here. http://www.strifestrips.com/StrifeToons/ http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/strifetoons/ http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/494686 Oh, don't expect episode 4 to be released though.
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Darkg (1 month ago)
Lol, I remember back in the day when I uploaded 3 episodes of this on an ancient YouTube channel when I was a kid.
AlexeiVoronin (8 months ago)
I remember watching this when it was still new and fresh. I was really hoping it would grow into a complete series. Wow, so much nostalgia here...
Marine 1945 (9 months ago)
The voice of Doomguy sounds like a retarded and I dont't like that.
Big Guy (11 months ago)
>This video contains content from SME, who has blocked this in your country on copyright grounds Good thing VPNs exist.
4:36 so that's how 3DRealms closed down.
TD RollinsR (1 year ago)
Actually, they should have done Duke Nukem instead of Doom, i mean, Doom is a great FPS, but Duke feels more at home in a movie than Doom.
Patrick Robinsob (2 years ago)
When doom marine said it's weird how there weren't any duke nukem references I thought it was kinda strange because there is a character named Duke. I mean of course it could just be a coincidence.
Ian Anderson (2 years ago)
Pretty good. I'd love to see more. Just have to say it: Doom Marine sounds like Bullwinkle. Just had to put it. Surprised no one else did.
Ultemed15red (3 years ago)
jeez the first time I watched this series I loved it it was cheesy funny and light hearted for games that are M rated  the animator should make episode 4 as soon as possible with patreon support 
AeizzatToha (4 years ago)
Where is 'Marine and the Duke Burger Outlet' parts 1 and 2?
sektor mk (4 years ago)
im actually didnt think dnf are a bad game
sektor mk (4 years ago)
why duke dosent have sunglasses?
Gibran Pedraza (4 years ago)
Empanada y Gaseosa (5 years ago)
Empanada y Gaseosa (5 years ago)
yeah , he died for our sins. but you have to give duke nukem some credit. he defeated a terrorist that manipulated time to control the world. The rigelatins invasion and then he fought the aliens from DN3D. that last game is one of the hardest i have played to date. i wouldnt compare Doomguy to Duke, they are both awesome.
MonsterTomete (5 years ago)
Liked, favorited and subscribed!!!
Nathan Cornett (5 years ago)
Sonics in the Theater!Win it starts you'll see him in the Theater!
SahkanISR (5 years ago)
OMG This is awesome why so little views ? you need to publish it man this is Great !
Eugene Uvogin (5 years ago)
Thank you for this show!!=D^__^
zucht100 (5 years ago)
Cr4zyN4zz1 (5 years ago)
Id software made commander keen
Razor Vermillion (5 years ago)
Not bad.
GoredonTheDestroyer (6 years ago)
Why does Doomguy sound like a retard?
zucht100 (6 years ago)
is commander keen not from 3d realms ?
zucht100 no, its from id software (creators of doom)
BravoCompanyCommando (6 years ago)
I know what the REAL Duke Nukem would have done...
SkeetyK (6 years ago)
4:53 this is how duke nukem forever is made
Damocles178 (6 years ago)
When was this cartoon actually made? I know you downloaded it from a site but when abouts was it made? :)
lazorize (6 years ago)
except,doom the movie sucked
FormerlyDoomed (6 years ago)
P.S. we finally realize why duke nukem forever sucked... HARD!
Jatyo (7 years ago)
@MysterioBerlin a scientist in half-life blue shift
1DarkMasK1 (7 years ago)
@1bigbottom Ahahaha no chance there buddy. Lets be realistic duke defeated couple of aliens doom defeated legions of hell and Devils most powerful heroes. Not to mention doomguy also died in doom 1 episode 1 and as a spirit he battled his way out from hell. Oh and did I mention he also has demonic artifact that gives him immortality, super speed and super strenght?
masterjayv12 (7 years ago)
sweet :)
WhateverBoss (7 years ago)
@JAGIhnk Duke Nukem = Duke Nukem
Gamma Bravo (7 years ago)
Well The DUKE NUKEM MOVIE will be in theaters because Duke Nukem Forever is being released in 1 day!!!!!!!! The Duke Series Will be Complete!!! XD
1bigbottom (7 years ago)
the REAL Duke nukem could kill keen and marine
MysterioBerlin (7 years ago)
BigHairyMarty314 (7 years ago)
@MaverickStrife Yep. Good times =)
MaverickStrife (7 years ago)
Happy memories :)
Kenshiroheidern (7 years ago)
i liked it too its sweet
TedKennedyX (7 years ago)
LordofSadFace (7 years ago)
kinda creepy intro D:
RikuReplicate (8 years ago)
Sooo... you better get to work on that episode 4, huh Andrew?
Headcrabman (8 years ago)
Edwin Jackson (8 years ago)
1:44 Doom does have some Duke references. Sarge is saying "let god sort them out" (or is it from an another movie?) And one character is even called Duke.
Bainaka (8 years ago)
still funny

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