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Jzboy vs JZ boy😓😂

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JzBoy (8 months ago)
JZ boy win
HeavyTrails (7 months ago)
Oh so thats ur name lawl
JZ boy (8 months ago)
Loloololollololololololololol you know what PowerPoint I made a movie of you your channel I mean
JZ boy (8 months ago)
JzBoy hi my real name is brogen Gerrard but don't tell anyone about my name is very important name I like your channel is amazing gorgeous nice
BoomBiBi CH (2 months ago)
Hey you are so suck you need to die you know? You fucker kid JzBoy1 was better but you just a fucker kid lollolololo you idiot kid
LegendPyro Gaming (7 months ago)
Well this is (not) amazing!
LegendPyro Gaming (5 months ago)
You too 😎
plate mate game (5 months ago)
LegendPyro Gaming how dare you
Phantom .C (8 months ago)
Top 10 anime shows
Mr Rulet (8 months ago)
so cool, so amazing reviews woooooooow, i'm such a big fan of u i want kids from yo- okay that's too far
Z.M.S THE CARTOON (8 months ago)
why does this has more views than me maybe its better
Saffire 112 (8 months ago)
Yooou are soo cooool I love 💖 you so much 🤫
Virtlux (8 months ago)
love it
JZ boy (8 months ago)
JzBoy hello do you like me
JZ boy (8 months ago)
Good job from like in it
JzBoy (8 months ago)
Hi lol
Saffire 112 (8 months ago)
I am a big fan

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