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Top 10 - Most Wanted Minecraft Console Additions

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Welcome to my top 10 additions that I would love to see in the Minecraft console additions. They are based on how big of an impact they would have to the game and how much I would like them. Enjoy. Twitter - @stampylongnose Facebook - www.facebook.com/stampylongnose
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Freya Prescott (5 hours ago)
I want modded on xbox and playstation also i want splitscreen to start on the menu screen and the choose a world to go in its great
Freya Prescott (5 hours ago)
u can do clicking on a block and having it in controls its not activated do it by taking away something (i did b (drop))
LPSEVEEE (1 day ago)
On pocket edition of minecraft you can make a custom skin
G4mer 2000 (3 days ago)
STampy you can now copy a block and have it in your inventory in xbox one creative just go to controls and you can see something that will says "copy block"
I love ice cream 🍦
Manix649 [GD] (3 days ago)
I want them to add shaders
Isobel Mackie (4 days ago)
Number 5 is already a thing
Xpert Car (6 days ago)
7 is actually already in the game its just somewhere in controls bcuz I tried it on my console
CrazyCatLily (6 days ago)
Hey stampy! If you to controls in the settings on Xbox or playstation, you can set up a button so when you press it you get the block you want. I have mine as the top one on the d pad.
Does literally no one know what online servers shared by players on laptop/desktop are called? They’re called realms <.< But anyway, I’d love for realms to be on Xbox/PS4. I’d also like it to get to stop having to pay monthly for realms.
Devongameing (6 days ago)
0.you can no longer play tutorial in 1.2 mojang cough cough Microsoft needs to add it back
Devongameing (6 days ago)
Pick block is added.yay😃
Zippy_1107 (8 days ago)
This will never happen because they stopped updating consola
ImmagiTube (8 days ago)
These probably aren't happening on legacy console now... it's all bedrock editions fault for replacing the legacy editions!
SuperTree 9678 (9 days ago)
More fluffy dogs
A lot of these are actually added
Falcon Gaming (10 days ago)
don’t listen.......the cake......is a lie
Josh & Isaac Playz (11 days ago)
Uncrafting table
[WUT]Dev Send help (13 days ago)
*”Please, no dating.”* that killed me 😂
theo wilis (15 days ago)
theo wilis (15 days ago)
Pocket edition is better
kawaii unitato (17 days ago)
I know how to get pick block on the ps4 Go to settings , then controls , there it says what button is assigned to what action , then go to the one which says pick block and there you can assign it a button , but that means you have to replace one of the actions which you can do ( I changed the angle of the camera , because I don't use 3rd person mode often )
hello (22 days ago)
Stampy, about number 7, you can actually do that. You have to go onto settings and turn on pick block
Heathly Fun (23 days ago)
There Is Already A Block Selector. You Need To Set It In Controls. It's Called Pick Block.
Alex Milton-Rodriguez (24 days ago)
My ninth most wanted edition is a *virgin* selector.
a m i i r u (24 days ago)
when pe is better than console
Ollie Jane06 (25 days ago)
Pc is so much better than console
Luna Lovegood (26 days ago)
To hold things in both hands
Airbot GamerTV (26 days ago)
uuum, the block selector is avalble on console, u just got to select it in the control settings
Steve Dale (26 days ago)
brian grieve (27 days ago)
You can do 7 in console
I want unicorns to ride on
Phoenix Forlife (28 days ago)
I have Minecraft on the Xbox one s and I can pick blocks because I have the option to and it’s almost the same as pe.if i made a typo sorry.😕😀
All about Flynn (29 days ago)
I think I think they should add Edition wear can ask run so fast in phones PCs anything what has Minecraft but be good to get around the place Malcolm getting hurt
bethylake (1 month ago)
can you built a zoo ok and can do it in the plastic texture pack
ELEMENT GAMER457 (1 month ago)
some of these actually came true
ciscoepro123 (1 month ago)
BShardy Gaming (1 month ago)
Send this video to Mohang or Microsoft
JabboGaming (1 month ago)
The pick block option is already in console. Check your control menu and look for the pick block option
Lily Love123 (1 month ago)
I want furniture in the console minecraft
the mystic jolteon (1 month ago)
No 5 your can do that
Liz Bushby (1 month ago)
Block selection is already in the game in controls on pause menu
Rio Derrick (1 month ago)
number 7 is already on console
Fnaf Fan (1 month ago)
Justjordan _ (1 month ago)
3 or 4 of these have been added so far
Lauren Billington (1 month ago)
I want mods
Russ Gaming (1 month ago)
I know what the how to do the seventh one
Boris The Wolf (1 month ago)
My most 2 wanted additions on console is on every console they have the same skins my 2nd one is having to download anyones worlds
Matthew Lasseter (1 month ago)
We are number five you have to do it pixel by pixel
TNT Minecart2018 (1 month ago)
Almost all of these are gonna be added or are added😀😀
Lionilia Macapanas (1 month ago)
I want those things too
Steelers Productions (1 month ago)
Number 6 is solved already it's called POTIONS.
Jac Gamer 4267 (1 month ago)
There is a Block Selector, change your settings.
Bino Dino Gaming (1 month ago)
Well we got community servers!
Bino Dino Gaming (1 month ago)
Well we got mods!
Sebastion Terrick (1 month ago)
Sam Hurd (1 month ago)
I agree with number 1
Avengers Dissemble (1 month ago)
7 is already in the game
Avengers Dissemble (1 month ago)
Just press pause then controles. Scroll down to something called pick block, press a on it and then press the button that you want it to be (I use the up arrow key) then, when ever you want a block instantly in you hand, just look at it and press the button that you have set it to! Off course this only works in creative, otherwise it would be an easy way to cheat in blocks. :)
Gaming Lemon (1 month ago)
But stampy, wait there is an option, number seven, just go to the settings and there’s and option to pick block and you can just set it as one of the Dpad By the way I think commands would be fun on console
Robloxsl Robloxsl (1 month ago)
And same for number 1 but sadly, If you have Playstation you must buy then publish on Playstation Plus ; (
Robloxsl Robloxsl (1 month ago)
BTW number 7 is already on there its Pick block in control settings it's turned off so you need to choose a button to press so it works!😀
Pizza Eater (1 month ago)
you can share worlds
Pizza Eater (1 month ago)
and you can get custom skins
Pizza Eater (1 month ago)
you can get mods on minecraft console
Emma McIntosh (1 month ago)
I wish you could sleep during the day in Minecraft.
madeline Jordan (1 month ago)
Mor Blockse
Awesomelot Gamer (1 month ago)
You should try pickblock
- Peridot (1 month ago)
⊂ヽ   \\ Λ_Λ    \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) F     > ⌒ヽ    /   へ\ U    /  / \\    レ ノ   ヽつ C   / / K   / /|  ( (ヽ Y  | |、\  | 丿 \ ⌒) O  | |  ) / U
TheDiamondSword 0657 (1 month ago)
I thought one of these was the ability to chat.
The Emerald Gamer (1 month ago)
You can do number 7 If you go to controls,you can find a control called pick bloc
Joe Halfpenny (1 month ago)
Are you smart Read more
Wiesia Zdunek (1 month ago)
Benji (1 month ago)
Just wanted to let you know that pick block is in the game all you have to do is go into controller settings in MC menus and scroll down and pick a button
Heloise O'Byrne (1 month ago)
all good ideas, shud be added
Fahad Almahmoud (1 month ago)
You can use pick block in minecraft if you go to settings controls and chose any button to activate it but in survival it will only bring things from your invintory You should use it
Peanut Luna (1 month ago)
The block selector is called pick block and its in console or at least the ps3 version
Constantbead 577 (1 month ago)
Xbox needs mods!!
Onebad Tj (1 month ago)
PLEASE MOJANG... LET US DOWNLOAD MAPS!!!!! But seriously why should she have to buy a 6,000$ PC just to have unfair advantages in building actual “fun” things
akasilverado YT (1 month ago)
Pickblock is already added in Minecraft console
Blu dalek (1 month ago)
Robloxian dabinub (2 months ago)
Number 7 is real you can do that change the controls and there you go
christ our savior (2 months ago)
Hope everyone has a good day
Hermione Granger (2 months ago)
Maybe there's a way to share this video with mojang studio's!
georgedigger (2 months ago)
Yo stampy number 7 has been added its called pick block
curious sam (2 months ago)
u can do block selector
Funtime!Lefty_ Plush (2 months ago)
Darkz Michael (2 months ago)
i am going to be honest a lot of people have went onto your world including me i am your number one fan
Lucas Hutto (2 months ago)
You can already have block pick in the console it’s in the controls menu
Grayson East (2 months ago)
You can do #7 all you have to do is go to controls and right under sprint is the pick block option
ZoixivTheCat (2 months ago)
sadly no more might come
fluffydogo production (2 months ago)
That you can hatch dragon eggs
Also, with an update chooser, you could play your boat games again!
Lewis Jones (2 months ago)
Hi stampy
Hayden Lafromboise (2 months ago)
It lets you download it to PlayStation Vita
CyberTio_ (2 months ago)
Hey! This is probably late news, but one of your predictions was actually correct! The pick block was added on update 52 or 53!
EDWARD CABRAL (2 months ago)
Hey Stampy Cat can I friend request you
joe 1459 (2 months ago)
Number 7 is already in minecraft
Eevee phan (2 months ago)
Aaron Millwood (2 months ago)
stampylonghead in the episode cat to the future I couldn't see lunar friends BUT I SAW THE FUTURE STAMPYLONGHEAD TRY TIME TRAVEL AND KILL STAMPY

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