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Slender in Lego

2139 ratings | 727623 views
Happy Halloween!! Enjoy! :) Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/forcestudiosatb Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/forcestudiosatb Animation Google+ : http://plus.google.com/+ANIMAForce Game Google+: http://plus.google.com/+TheForcestudiosATB Web: http://www.forcestudiosatb.com Our game channel: http://www.youtube.com/TheForcestudiosATB Our animation channel: http://www.youtube.com/ANIMAForce Music: From game Slender
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Text Comments (228)
Hunter Johnson (1 year ago)
Lego Animator (1 year ago)
I play slender!
LegoBrickAnimations (2 years ago)
Mushoo! (2 years ago)
slender real name is skiny myiny
Lirikk48 (3 years ago)
Animation is good,but where the camera
LEGO vive noche at cree,i
ZEROONE (3 years ago)
huum maneiro
My life is pretty okay (3 years ago)
this is cool
Polakom kochajoncym Slender,a polecam i za niedlugoo nagrywam filimy nazywac bende sie pingus 7800
Taylor (3 years ago)
awww so cute
Andrey Bajerova (3 years ago)
7 ,kl,
PA|Oyunda (4 years ago)
so bald -_-
ɖơƖƖ (4 years ago)
I dont get it
ɖơƖƖ (4 years ago)
I dont get it
Daniel Pertea (4 years ago)
wow! your make a nice animations
Auston Tamer (4 years ago)
I got 8/8 pages
natalia (2 years ago)
Lots of 8s!
natalia (2 years ago)
Lots of 8s!
Vinnie (4 years ago)
gr8 m8 i r8 8/8
SilentShadows_x_ (4 years ago)
Music is from Slender mansion
Winika Agus Sasthama (4 years ago)
The ending sounds like a fart sound
DCS2112 (4 years ago)
Ive been trying to find it on sets.
DCS2112 (4 years ago)
Where do you get that hair peace for the guy?
Saeed_XD (4 years ago)
JM Gandionco (4 years ago)
*Amy Oros* i agree and i bet hes a 7yr old still
Amy Oros-Burrell (4 years ago)
Shut up your bad -_-
Tyler The guner (4 years ago)
Hey I was wondering if you know AVP it's a really good game
Sarah Garton (4 years ago)
LMFAO the guys face XD
zombiestrings (4 years ago)
it actually scared me when slenderman first appeared LOL
Bora i Goca Jelenkovic (4 years ago)
fakin slendr je
SpeedKnight13 (4 years ago)
This was better than other lego slender man animations
+ANIMAForce how do you do this stuff?! its awwsome!
ANIMAForce (4 years ago)
Thanks man :)
ЛУНА (4 years ago)
why the interferences? he hasn' t got a camera.
AzRaeL (4 years ago)
what game is that?
ian santos (4 years ago)
Legal pena que não é em português
Freddy V (4 years ago)
Totally Not A SpyScout (4 years ago)
dunn triiiii hahhh trip haahhhh wtf
blj_.113 (4 years ago)
I like the edit
Why You Care? (4 years ago)
ate ai slender?
Miss R. Vlogs (4 years ago)
Heaty (4 years ago)
1:03 hahah
Jesus Madrigal (4 years ago)
ar you shure this is 4 coment? the pages dont look preate like slender (:(
dat dinosaur (4 years ago)
I completed it before
Giovanni Rintani (4 years ago)
This is incredibly more scary than the normal haha
Alex Chhour (4 years ago)
Fapfapfapfapfap 1:39
Wess Doem (4 years ago)
I hard mode is my record 5
Mariy 123 (4 years ago)
I have Lego Slender I slenderman kill man yeeaahg :D
MyNameIsDitto (5 years ago)
Slender? Oh come on I know scarier. Like Jeff the KIller. Lol jk slender is creepier.
Thebrittishchap (5 years ago)
fair point
XDragonXSoul X (5 years ago)
I love ANIMAforce channel
Geert Dijkstra (5 years ago)
you don't exist
Spywagen (5 years ago)
Aeros Hephra (5 years ago)
minecraft grass sound...
Scroll back up, pussy!
leif mckenzie (5 years ago)
race2402 (5 years ago)
1:39 slender fart :3
Doc. Atbash (5 years ago)
the fudge out of me
Jaime Meyer (5 years ago)
Scary as fu**
Max Cavalera (5 years ago)
my record 8 pages
Dr Saturn (5 years ago)
my record is too 3 pages
SlavikandMax (5 years ago)
Dang that was scary
ashleigh brown (5 years ago)
that was cool
Mark Terekhin (5 years ago)
what if he cant make a flashlight? and where do you get brown bases? he made him trip and scream so it would be scarier
Potato Smasher (5 years ago)
where's his flashlight? he also walks on dirt not grass and can't trip, and he doesn't scream
MiKayla Parker (5 years ago)
Woah e.e.............
Axel Night (5 years ago)
Elrubiusomg lego
dani brodeski (5 years ago)
the guy looks like hes drunk
vainalatube (5 years ago)
xsjcali408x (5 years ago)
u should make super hero videos
Zack Scott (5 years ago)
Damn 3 pages
obliviøn (5 years ago)
I like it. :)
CurlyHeadKings (5 years ago)
This is made on my birthday!
Michael Janusek (5 years ago)
i got the page that says follows
MightyElectrik (5 years ago)
Well then when you are breathing in Slender (sound), why does it sound like a man?
exno254 (5 years ago)
The person you play as in the first slender is a little girl
Dan Torrente (5 years ago)
lol he need to sleep
ANIMAForce (5 years ago)
From the Czech republic :)
robiwanLP (5 years ago)
where are you from? because i am from Germany :D
TheSolideMaiki (5 years ago)
Enrique Vergara (5 years ago)
Jelly TheWorm (5 years ago)
Sos ° ¢ °
Jelly TheWorm (5 years ago)
¢° °
SpikesOmega (5 years ago)
This was pretty good. gets a like ^_^
Page Martin (5 years ago)
Lol @Conner_Darling you spelled slender wrong
ivar paulsson (5 years ago)
go to warehouse19.se
jstamps (5 years ago)
Rathmor (5 years ago)
there is always a fart sound after the static when you get caught.... WHY?!
tadoesminecraft1 (5 years ago)
the 3rd nois isnt the right one the 3rd one is from a difrant slener game
hehehe (5 years ago)
clark x (5 years ago)
Still the scariest
SCTechnoFan (5 years ago)
nunca vi video mais atorisador de que esse
N.C. (5 years ago)
it's still scary in lego lmao
Arc Winchester (5 years ago)
Cool XD
Samuel Ribeiro (5 years ago)
muito legal!
Matthew Shipman (5 years ago)
At the end of the video, my speaker and computer black out for 10 seconds, WHAT THE $%&@
Fresh Prince Holmes (5 years ago)
I know because of your bad spelling right? grammar? You are weeeird.
ANIMAForce (5 years ago)
Yea I know this page..but I live in Europe so it is not that easy :)
Proto Gaming (5 years ago)
go to brickforge they have halo power armor
RAWBRICK121 (5 years ago)
Connor Darling (5 years ago)
DoN't LoOk HeRe!!! I Am SlEnDAeR!!
TheSoul OfHacker (5 years ago)
Why Don't Lego In Slender?
ArchCrescent (5 years ago)
He meant how many pages the player got... *Facepalm*
Ryland Cagle (5 years ago)
Do slender 20$
jesus gamez (5 years ago)
anthony cadena (5 years ago)

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