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Forever Stranded - Lost Souls - Episode 8

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Single player play-through of Forever Stranded - Lost Souls Download the pack on the Twitch Launcher
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TristanBomb (8 months ago)
22:10 - You probably realize this in a future episode, but there is. They're called *Energy* Transfer Nodes, not Flux Transfer Nodes.
batman (8 months ago)
smiley cloud
batman (8 months ago)
he made some flux ducts but there already were 6 in the chest fom the begining of the first episode
batman (8 months ago)
he says 65 thousand bucket but he meant 65 million 536 thousand buckets
FunshineX (8 months ago)
that measure is in millibuckets so 65,536,000 / 1000 ~= 65k buckets
Undeniable_1 (9 months ago)
I protest! You had me believing you had become a normal person who derps around. This one: way too much got done, without any oopsies. Not fair, Fun, not fair!
TheOrnica (9 months ago)
I'd love to be represented by a smiley cloud :) Keep up the great vids Funshine!
FunshineX (8 months ago)
Whoops I forgot about naming them, look for it in episode 14 or so as I've got a few back-logged
Rupert597 (9 months ago)
I always love watching modded Minecraft videos, but whenever I actually play the packs, I usually get a little stuck with the tech stuff and end up quitting. Can't wait for the next episode.
FunshineX (8 months ago)
Glad that you're enjoying the series
Ken L. (9 months ago)
I feel like a cloud too. the wind mill not spinning may be from a broken gear box caused by a storm (invisible) in the nether. a wind chime applied to the gear box will "fix" the breaking of the rear box ( and probably the spinning of the windmill) or its just a visual glitch.  water wheels wont work in the nether as you cant place water in the nether. cobble in the top of the crucibles coming out of the crate will allow you to expand the lava production.to being double sided while letting the lava come out of the sides.  retrieval node very smart idea. for easy compressing of cobble try this.  open a crafting table, mouse over a stack of cobble and press the letter "k" I might be mixing my mod packs atm.  look to the south west for a biome that is different and has a liquid that will allow you to make obsidian.  unknown to me is if a bucket of the magical liquid that is not water can be picked up and placed in to the world with a bucket. hope to be a cloud one day.
FunshineX (8 months ago)
You shall be a cloud :) Gear box is intact, so must be a visible glitch, probably caused by Optifine if I had to guess. There is a sneaky way to get water wheels running by using liquids already present in the world, such as quicksand. And also a chunk loader and a way to transport rf wirelessly ;)
Blockheadben Gaming (9 months ago)
Hello funshinex can I please be a smiley cloud
TheMeckanic (9 months ago)
So glad to see you back love the series so far
Leomist (9 months ago)
Cloud Me, The Middle one.
FunshineX (8 months ago)
Sure thing
Otavio Lopes (9 months ago)
Try to use water wheels for the axle,i think the wind is connected with the overworld
Undeniable_1 (9 months ago)
Water wheels won't work, can't place water in the nether :( The windmills seem to be affected by overworld storms, they are supposed to be reset by restarting the server. Many people are having issues with this, both with this windmill and the better with mods windmill. Even the windchime/redstone fix hasn't been helping.
Killpopers (9 months ago)
Grate episode a nice simple auto item generator

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