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ONLY FORTNITE CHALLENGE! (Minecraft Build Battle)

2524 ratings | 65170 views
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Text Comments (923)
Only lol
SealedGigabyte (1 day ago)
the thing is a pickaxe and some loot
CroCoDile Designs (1 day ago)
6:48 "r u recording" "WHAT ELSE WOULD THE DO" Whatever they're gonna do I'm pretty sure they won't get so butthurt that they'd not know how to spell "They" correctly
Stijn Lucassen (1 day ago)
Only kids like Fortnite .
Stijn Lucassen (1 day ago)
Its so populair
fireden20 (1 day ago)
They were low key having an argument about poop😂
Savage Pug (1 day ago)
RED STATIC (2 days ago)
How come this is now coming in my notifications
Igor Rijavec (2 days ago)
Guys you are awesome
John Fabito (2 days ago)
Best builders ever
Poke Man (2 days ago)
Sky is rapper noe
Ma Tt (3 days ago)
Use google? But still Best builders in The minecraft history
Darrel Anims (3 days ago)
A fortnite add came up before wtching the vid.
PureSam Gaming (3 days ago)
Imagine google build omg
Yhael Gamer24 (3 days ago)
Only Glasss Challenge😊😊
TheGuy Whatt (3 days ago)
11:12 Look in chat ( it's hairy) xD
Albert MCPE (4 days ago)
evan custovic (4 days ago)
You can build in fortnite
WWE Supercarder1202 (4 days ago)
FoRtNiTe Is SuPeR PoPuLaR
I Love You S2
Peter J Johansson (4 days ago)
Only undertale! like if you agree.
Lino Silva (5 days ago)
Good Jerry and Harry I have a challenge for you but I do not know if you will see this comment so the challenge is to do all the constructions in the Brazilian theme and you either meet the challenge or you can not
Ding Chong (5 days ago)
I love Minecraft but I hate Fortnight and I fink we should play Minecraft instead of Fortnight.👍
Enzo reis (5 days ago)
Jazzghost de King
Sally Al hajj (5 days ago)
Sally Al hajj (5 days ago)
BluPixyl (5 days ago)
I got Fortnite ads...
Gabriel Fontanilla (5 days ago)
Only floating builds challenge
Mega Pollo (5 days ago)
Kata Gábriel (6 days ago)
Only pixel arts that are on the ceiling challenge 😂❤
Coraline Light (6 days ago)
only colorful blocks challenge (no black, white, gray or brown)
CtGuy (6 days ago)
FUUUCk I hate fortnite but like this vid
SuperDuperChanel (6 days ago)
5.09 did u see that d...k
KEINE CREEPER (6 days ago)
I never knew that fortnite would make you guys win nice
Florian bleuer Bleuer (6 days ago)
fortnite chalange
Error 404 (6 days ago)
"Since when do Unicorns have wings?" "I think they do, actually" No, a Unicorn with wings is called an Alicorn!
Carrie Camacho (6 days ago)
Y u cus on minecraft👌😂😂😂😂
Greedy Pvp (6 days ago)
U clickbait so hard
Purple K 1616 (6 days ago)
Kohana #Anime (6 days ago)
5:00 Unicorns do not have wings. If a horse has wings but no horn, it's a Pegasus. If a horse has a horn but no wings, it's a Unicorn. If a horse has wings and a horn, it's an Alicorn.
Luis Melo (6 days ago)
fortnite is the best game
Nico Fuenzalida (6 days ago)
It's a lamma
Arianas Big FAN!!! (6 days ago)
Only wool challenge❤️👌🏻
LSO Gaming (6 days ago)
Fortnite is filed with salty kids and triggered kid that rage 5000 times per day
_ xXxsamboixXx _ (7 days ago)
IT aint fortnite its fortnut
Samah Elayan (7 days ago)
do fnaf
le ek (7 days ago)
and i love minecraft pvp
le ek (7 days ago)
im kid and i hate fortnite i play minecraft
Clifford Barber (7 days ago)
5:06 Anyone notice its got genitals?
Naiya Rozon (7 days ago)
Lmaoo "Red glass, up my ass" xDDDDD
FortniteStar OMG (7 days ago)
I thout you said at the end jerry hairy
Dr VohEix Gaming (7 days ago)
Anime challenge ????
paw gamez (7 days ago)
play fortnite?
iTz F4RIS (7 days ago)
العربي لايك
Rizky Dewantara (7 days ago)
only roblox plz
The hairless Ape (7 days ago)
Wool only challenge
Zedrick yohan Panesa (7 days ago)
And Next Jerry And Harry Only Bigger Rainbow Ball Challenge Pls😀😀😁😁😁👍👍👍👍
Chilla (7 days ago)
funny episode!
Only food challange or i eat ur nacho cheese
Aaron Avanzado (7 days ago)
Plsssss!!! Make clay challange
William WC (7 days ago)
Only blue and purple challenge.
Rainimator (7 days ago)
Only magma block challenge pls can i get 5 like
Sárközi András (7 days ago)
Only spongebob challenge!!!
FirstToots (7 days ago)
only baldi's Challenge?
Bent Crib (7 days ago)
Only Rick and Morty challenge
AlGamer Raz (7 days ago)
No fly chalenge!!!!! Plz
RocksTar Tom 2nd (7 days ago)
David DWD (7 days ago)
Fornite sucks
RocksTar Tom 2nd (7 days ago)
You just comment this to get comment
cika calista (7 days ago)
To you teh royol class challeng
VirtualHacks (7 days ago)
For round 2 should’ve chose truck and made the ice cream truck
Lauren chan (7 days ago)
the green skittle tastes like soap
Foxy Thefox (7 days ago)
alaa Ds (7 days ago)
I dislike it
Lauren chan (7 days ago)
then why have to tell it here paying attention? crazy? .... bruh.. that's old
alaa Ds (7 days ago)
Fuck u guys why u made less rounds
Kamiherobrine YT (7 days ago)
Only Diamond,Gold,Iron and Emerald Challenge!
jort markink (7 days ago)
Tommy Vercetti (7 days ago)
Actually fvcking googled
Varixog g (7 days ago)
make a penis on every build
Mutated Nut (7 days ago)
We like Fortnite because of Epic Games, they are the best game company I have ever seen, constantly keeping things interesting.
haylee gasparroni (7 days ago)
Only videos games builds
SPARTAK_ BG (7 days ago)
Jerry and Harry,pls videos on FortNite
Kamil Jakubaszek (7 days ago)
All chellenges chelleng
xxcancerouskid sux (7 days ago)
thee shiteheads porbably didnt even play fortnite'
Ferdy Putra (7 days ago)
Only Youtuber Challange Please
TheToastBear (7 days ago)
White floor. Challenge
TheToastBear (7 days ago)
The master dragon 21 (7 days ago)
Dam it
lalimedia 06 (7 days ago)
I like jerry and herry xD
Mr_Lobstersz (7 days ago)
Plz do a orange and blue challenge !!!
Figet Spinners (7 days ago)
Are you guys brothers or Friends
PersonEighty9 (7 days ago)
0:46 "Fortnite has a death note" Me: "first the Netflix live action, NOW THIS???" lol I first thought you said that instead of "definitely taken over Minecraft" XD
kayla Gaming (7 days ago)
Holy moly is coo......lll
Genius Gaming (7 days ago)
round one is actually a lama but NO HATE you built it good
ItsMe Pug (7 days ago)
Jarry and harry are the best minecraft builder's i ever seen
RocksTar Tom 2nd (7 days ago)
How about grian
Only repeort challenge
lps sketches (7 days ago)
you know what would be a better cozy campfire adding the plus marks for health
Arinna Maka (7 days ago)
fortnite is bad! BOOOOOOOO!!!!
FlashNinja 21 (7 days ago)
"What's you favorite material to burn??" "Myself"
Awbouloty (7 days ago)
Make Only Pixel Art on Black & White and Only Vote Super Poop, every in a video :D
dead soul 3903 (7 days ago)
Bet you don't reply back
kaireele M (7 days ago)
REDSTONE CHALLENGE! Can you please do a build battle that all features working redstone contraptions? ❤️❤️❤️
Mata pro sports (7 days ago)
Only kawaii builds

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