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Text Comments (12519)
Joker (9 minutes ago)
TEIR 100!
TheDuck Gaming (36 minutes ago)
Who noticed that it said a swear word?
Saif Irfan (51 minutes ago)
It's Tier 100 not level 100 Dan
Deez Nutz (1 hour ago)
Deez Nutz (1 hour ago)
Level 100 😂😂😂😂 TIER 100 DUMMY
Jose Mendoza (1 hour ago)
It took me one day
Filthy Franku (1 hour ago)
It’s tier 100
Gaming Demon (1 hour ago)
It’s tier 100, not level 100 lol
Skilltriix gaming (1 hour ago)
😁L \|/ /\
CreeperDaggerX (1 hour ago)
I've killed u 9 times befor lol
Loai Khaled (1 hour ago)
Dan you're tier 100 not level 100
Carlos Cardoso (1 hour ago)
HI 👋 DANTDM I AM 1 of your biggest fans of all time
catty vids (2 hours ago)
i killed more than one john wick
Spooder (2 hours ago)
Just noticed John Wick has a scar on his eye
Fahim Ali (3 hours ago)
This swear and I'm not aloud to watch swear vids + your my favourite ytber
Mason Simser (3 hours ago)
as me buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutt
Coolboy 1888 (3 hours ago)
You mean tier 100
TAZER Taz (3 hours ago)
I once sniped a John wick
Albert Avila (3 hours ago)
I just realise when he said how does it feel to play as John wick the moon walker is in the bush John wick he said I'm going to f*** your wallet
Wessel van Olffen (3 hours ago)
Wessel van Olffen (3 hours ago)
I dunno if its true but i think I heard that John Wick say a swearword
TheGamers (3 hours ago)
I also earned it all by my self
Connor Parkin (3 hours ago)
well done dan for getting level 100
Masked Boy (4 hours ago)
YEET I level 100 to
BedSleepz (4 hours ago)
abcdefghigklmnopqrstuvwxy and z
zero orange (4 hours ago)
This is what epic games wanted keep it up Dan,Epic game is proud
NubLikesPizza (4 hours ago)
zero orange (4 hours ago)
Who has watched John wick
Did that this swear?
M220ham0d 109 (4 hours ago)
FortniteGod (4 hours ago)
Tier 100 u mong
FortniteGod (4 hours ago)
It’s not level 100
Wolve Games (4 hours ago)
tier 100 not level 100 u idiot
neoncake88 (4 hours ago)
Michael Rice (5 hours ago)
I have killed a john wick 4 times but all on different rounds
Jomar Lugo (5 hours ago)
you ment bad boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Robert Kealohanui (5 hours ago)
Do another try not to laugh
trolling is fun (5 hours ago)
At the beginning he said level it's tier not level
Bacon Hair Aka Shadow (5 hours ago)
hi Press k for me to shut up No one?
Crazy Gamer (5 hours ago)
Guys I also make YouTube vids
ryanfortnite (6 hours ago)
Your not level 100 your tier 100 so you probably bout the tiers
Evangeline-lily James (6 hours ago)
Silent_P0larzati0n (6 hours ago)
Don't press read more !! (inspiried but longer edition i believe) Told you not to
Music & Beat (7 hours ago)
so are you gonna play
Tiger isb (7 hours ago)
Erika Salazar (7 hours ago)
Dan watch when you shoot a John wick once
MugruPlays (8 hours ago)
Outro song name?
Mukesh Sharma (8 hours ago)
Ur glorious!
Your Daily cuber (9 hours ago)
tier 100
PXG Rapid (9 hours ago)
That’s not level 100, it’s tier 100 my dude. Luv ya, keep up the great work
the tiger king (9 hours ago)
dan pokemon brick bronze was taken down
Pheã Smälł (9 hours ago)
Pheã Smälł (9 hours ago)
Love Shihtzu (9 hours ago)
The website seems to be pwtched or removed..
iiOreoPug YT (9 hours ago)
I’m only on level 15 XD
Doge master851 (10 hours ago)
jandiel cruz (10 hours ago)
I have not bought 1 tier , and I'm a tier 81
Ijaz Mohammad (10 hours ago)
My older brother was level 100 before you
Tatem (11 hours ago)
Its tier 100 maybe dantdm didn't see it well..
Robert Kinlan (11 hours ago)
Dan how can you do that kinda stuff I mean its funny lol and its acctully amazing! I'm the biggiest fan!
Clarence Flame (12 hours ago)
How could this be hmmmm
infinite gamer_101 (12 hours ago)
Play roblox
Pikachu Gaming (13 hours ago)
ico Carangan (13 hours ago)
cool video Dan love it
RedViper (14 hours ago)
It's not level one hundred it's tier one hundred
Najeebullah Warasi (14 hours ago)
Dantdm i have watched you since you were 300k please respone
Ryan Griffiths (14 hours ago)
Lol the alphabet bit
Bentham Gammer (14 hours ago)
Nifty (14 hours ago)
Haha it's not lvl 100 its tier 100 xdxd
Micaika Maeda (14 hours ago)
Dan your the best youtuber ever
DILZY (14 hours ago)
This is hillarious
Helen Brook (14 hours ago)
Did this vid swear
Did anyone realize the girl that dan shot down died before she even touched the ground😂
CTOMG (15 hours ago)
Guys if you think he said rude word he said I’m going to pump your head off
Spot Q8 (15 hours ago)
Tiers are not levels.
Michelle Ubaldo (15 hours ago)
ErickHatesPotatoes (15 hours ago)
Its tier 100 not level 100
Ulises Gabriel Albarran (15 hours ago)
legit xD
Ulises Gabriel Albarran (15 hours ago)
Sad fat Man (16 hours ago)
Got it the same day
SanaGamer347 (16 hours ago)
Dan can I play with you plz I'm yesiken5ux add me on epic friends plz
Sarah Black (16 hours ago)
I meant
Sarah Black (16 hours ago)
Sarah Black (16 hours ago)
Its Daniel mildlein
Sarah Black (16 hours ago)
Hey gyes i know dans real name wana know what it is
SeboPro 71 (16 hours ago)
Lol we get same day to tier 100
Eddie Roman (16 hours ago)
John wick
Abi Robson (16 hours ago)
My friend subscribed to you but she dabbed so she's not a part of your group anymore
Lil DankBoi (17 hours ago)
I kill a john wick with a sniper before
Kabir Playz (17 hours ago)
I’m 6 tiers away
Kasey Ryan (17 hours ago)
Olly Houston (17 hours ago)
I loved the parts when he used replay mode as some shots 😂
DaGoodGamer (17 hours ago)
lol i killed heaps of john wicks
Happy Miner Zebra (18 hours ago)
it said the f word
Potato Gaming YT (18 hours ago)
Ninja only has 6 freakin deaths
Potato Gaming YT (18 hours ago)
You have the same skiin as the #1 fortnite battle royale champion. All hail the mighty NiNJA!
TheCousin5 (18 hours ago)
Me too
Bubbie and Gabbie TV (18 hours ago)
I did it 1 day before you
Game_Hunter (18 hours ago)
im late, what to do Read More
Unknown 666 (6 hours ago)
Game_Hunter (10 hours ago)
Cameron Atkinson XD
Cameron Atkinson (17 hours ago)
Game_Hunter almost fell for it

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