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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Cinematic Trailer

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Tensions between the Alliance and Horde have erupted, and a new age of war has begun. For more info on the game, or to opt in to the beta, head to http://worldofwarcraft.com
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World of Warcraft (6 months ago)
The real question is - Are you FOR THE ALLIANCE or FOR THE HORDE!?
Sponsor_me _ (9 days ago)
World of Warcraft HORDE'!!!!!! THEY ARE MUCH COOLER
Olariu Brigita (2 months ago)
Marele Mihai (2 months ago)
딸리바이스 (3 months ago)
For the blood elf !
Matt Beckley (5 months ago)
John Todd (7 hours ago)
Leveled 2 characters to 120 in the beta, and actually found it to be very boring. I hope the actual expansion is a ton bigger, because it seems pretty small and unimpressive. Some of the ability changes were nice.
Tom Brookes (8 hours ago)
What's the cooldown on that mass rezz?
Ryuu Saku (9 hours ago)
ivan bernardo (9 hours ago)
i only every played frozen throne and reign of chaos, and watched a few WoW cinematics, i feel like i have a lot to catch up to. Is that sylvanas?
Jin- (2 hours ago)
Yes our main character
Alex Gray (10 hours ago)
Hayven would’ve loved this xpac 😢
Haoyu Wang (14 hours ago)
I have no ally. I will conquer them both. They will tremble at my wake
Flaviu Lup (16 hours ago)
얼음사이다 (18 hours ago)
여기 들어온 한국인들 있음? 뽀더 호드, 뽀더 얼라이언스 둘다 보고 느끼는건데. 한국어 버전보다 영문버전이 대사나, 특히 성우들 발성이 더 자연스럽고 적합해보임
Feather Snow (18 hours ago)
Could anyone explain since i don't play this game. Why is that woman/archer leading the horde? Or is she just helping them
Jin- (2 hours ago)
She was chosen by the dying leader. Only logical choice because she has strong will and possibly strongest member in the horde
Varok Saurfang looks so ugly... I hate what they did to the orc depictions.
They look nothing like the noble savages that they were built up to be in WC3-WotlK, more like savage gorillas. And those nose-rings are freaking ridiculous, whether on orcs or taurens.
BearMalice (1 day ago)
if only the game's graphics were this badass
ChaosGaming28 (1 day ago)
is that bull rush on a normal tauren
Donald Trump (1 day ago)
союз сасатб
Zhicheng Xu (1 day ago)
For The Alliance!
Kelly Stacy (1 day ago)
Jackson Jack PlayZ (1 day ago)
for the horde lokthar ogar
ReplaceThat (1 day ago)
1:42 Brows on fleek.
Squid (1 day ago)
see u guys on maplestory 2 !!!!
WhenFat KidsVape (1 day ago)
JESSEQUEST (1 day ago)
Lol @ everyone pulling for their "sides" in the comments here. Meanwhile I'm on 2 different servers enjoying my alts of all different races just having fun reading the quests and trying to get the cool loot. Lololol ☺️
walala lol (1 day ago)
compare this to older cinematics of wow i wish the game was still alive :[
For the Alliance
TheRotmaul (2 days ago)
After Anduin mass rez his raid grp, and says his lines, a flicker of a smile hits not only his lips, but.... Sylvanis seems proud, or at least satisfied that he is a more worthy adversary... Love those two.
Shadow (2 days ago)
stand as one for the alliance
Andrei Catulpos (2 days ago)
Dear Blizzard, If you ever plan to continue the Warcraft movie franchise, I would like to see Jennifer Lawrence as the Banshee Queen Thank you,
Andrei Catulpos (2 days ago)
that’s the only thing that makes me hope for another chance hehe :P
Anna Christina (2 days ago)
FlamingNinjaBoi (2 days ago)
Influence of the remaining Old Gods, or simple hatred for one another? Who knows... what we do know, is that this is little more than an intermission - a break from cosmic troubles, before the real fun begins. The Void Lords are out there, and though we have not really met them yet, they're much worse than anything Old Sargeras could ever cook up. In fact, we might be seeing the Fallen Titan again, but this time... in a different light. I can't WAIT.
Joe (2 days ago)
is that Shalamayne or ThunderFury?
Veloco Raptor (2 days ago)
What's the name of the track played at 2:15?
Dreikar Zakari (2 days ago)
Stupid and Beautiful sylvannas...FOR THE.....mmmm.....VOID?
VYxFrost (2 days ago)
B W (3 days ago)
Kailo Ren (3 days ago)
Ayham Al Soufi (3 days ago)
boner everytime
Amarildo Veliko (3 days ago)
Da best
I got goosebumps when she turned banshee and screamed, HOLY. For the banshee queen, FOR THE HORDE!!!
ashiechristina (3 days ago)
Daniel Honetschläger (3 days ago)
anduins shadow/voidform? that would be exciting
69696969696 696969696 (3 days ago)
Not a WOW player but interested in its lore. Werent both sides used to be friends?
Katierogue Jenkins (3 days ago)
Make The Horde Great Again!
rickman1945 (3 days ago)
Please just don't make Sylvannas turn evil and be the main bad guy for the next expansion. I've seen it happen to too many faction leaders in this game. It's time for a change.
Howa (3 days ago)
Dat Tauren
Beater (3 days ago)
pve players be like what game is this ^^
Damian Curie (3 days ago)
So Anduin is just standing there looking up in the sky doing this mass rez thing and not a single Horde fires an arrow at him? GG Horde :/
sylvannus's game face. Pure smexy bring it on.. and fyi no alli says for the alliance. LOL Panser calls it
JohnHan (3 days ago)
I always say, if they make a movie with whole cg, with this quality, it would be a masterpiece. But yeah they'll broke their bum
Alreadyburst -Mizo (3 days ago)
The Saylvanas warcry makes me cry
Courtnie Thomas (3 days ago)
Why aren’t the blood elves there? :(
spoke1183 (3 days ago)
Legion, dumbest troll expansion ever. Blizz really can troll masses.
Nick Lancial (3 days ago)
cinematics have really come a long way.....and I dig how the box/expansion image is reminicent of the ORIGINAL game.....I can already tell there is gonna be some major changes coming over the course of this expansion.......question is how many will be good and how many will be bad......Anduin's a good guy but can't help feeling that he's being pushed somewhat by Genn and his thirst for revenge against Slyvannas......and Slyvannas......well personally I can't help but feel like this expansion is finally gonna force her to make a decision....her people or immortality
ken edwards (4 days ago)
ken edwards (4 days ago)
Yeah use a revive spell.
antbaze97 (4 days ago)
This 4 minute trailer was better than the Warcraft movie we got 2 years ago 😂
Seba Contreras (4 days ago)
Where are the goblins?
Haban Jamel (4 days ago)
FOR THE HOOOOORRRDDE!!!! because you know.... Sylvana.XD
cozmos222 (4 days ago)
I cringed...
Bjarke Hansen (4 days ago)
Die ally scum FOR THE HORDE
Jeff Doe (4 days ago)
"Wouldn't it be great if the game really looked like this" - Blizzards slogan
LucianUnchained (4 days ago)
Love anduin's helmet
That’s my kinda Warchief! 🔥🔥🔥 For The Dark Lady! For The Horde!!
Jamie Weir (4 days ago)
긴돈혁 (4 days ago)
지린다 진짜.... so amazing..!
Caylen (5 days ago)
Odd. Wish I could mass-ress in combat and look awesome *shrug*
Rossen Goshev (5 days ago)
The goosebumps you get when the Queen yells " For the Horde" ! That's why she was chosen to be the Warchief! <3
Toto Takto (5 days ago)
For the Horde yes oh my god yes sweet mother yes yes For the Horde
099Nitro (5 days ago)
Looking back now it seems like false advertising to stop horde player from canceling their subscriptions.
FOR THE HOOOOOORDE!!! Because alliance is for possies and Justin Bieber fans.
גיא מזרחי (5 days ago)
Ultimate Gamer (5 days ago)
3:21 take me god, i dont deserve to live
Yanique Hutchinson (5 days ago)
Nerf Anduin
Slush G (5 days ago)
Please kill off Anduin I really can’t stand him and I have no idea why actually it’s just the way it is I suppose.
rickyo56 (5 days ago)
No undead to defend undercity, for the horde
Buckohead Is meh (5 days ago)
Alliance troops: Anduin can you Rez us Anduin:hold my beer
Stovokor41 (5 days ago)
Did Blizzard forget to add the part that makes people want to come back?
Dmitriy Non (5 days ago)
Already waiting for expansion after BFA to see the next epic cinematic
Raoul (6 days ago)
two things blizzard never, EVER screws up: cinematics and soundtrack!
Cristobal Fernandez (6 days ago)
But What if I lile the Scourge... forget it, you killed them all already.
DC MarvelFan2014 (6 days ago)
Пандария))) на мой взор самый не удачное добавление, которое похерило игру - из за этого адона я и закончил резаться в WoW. После него захожу, что бы в течении недели поглядеть на конфигурации геймплея и припомнить старенькое
jarikk333 (6 days ago)
aliance got this in the bag
S L (6 days ago)
Confirmed: Sylvanas wears glittery lip makeup.
Andrej Bílek (6 days ago)
TjSiL1993 (6 days ago)
I love the smile she does at 4:01 it’s like a respectful acknowledgment to a worthy opponent
Marcus Lobo (6 days ago)
Could watch this on loop. Anduin channelling the light sends Goosebumps thru me everytime
Chris Cain (6 days ago)
This makes my junk wiggle, not just a little, but ALOT
iwatcher16 (6 days ago)
giant light bubble goes up horde solider: is his casting mass res?...while in combat I CALL HACKS!
GermanyFan01 (6 days ago)
“The drums of war thunder once again” - Vanilla WoW
Stovokor41 (6 days ago)
Did Blizzard forget to add the part in this trailer that makes people want to come back?
Popovich Elnoruso (7 days ago)
For ur mom!
MDestron2282 (7 days ago)
Welp... good to know who the Lich King will be.
099Nitro (5 days ago)
Sylvanas seemed so cool before Golden laid her filthy hands on her.
its your boy caps (7 days ago)
how do i pick aaaa
F. Slaym (7 days ago)
Gabriel Escalada (7 days ago)
Aleksander Jerkovic (7 days ago)
i hope one day the game looks like the cut scenes
Father Simon (7 days ago)
I call that bullshit, Horde archers could easily shot him while he was doing the lighting thing

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