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Text Comments (16115)
Jason Sylvia (38 minutes ago)
whoops i can't spell right now
Gina Wallace (1 hour ago)
Can you come to Canada
Aaron Plays.... (1 hour ago)
im aaron my name is aaronplays but im not cleaverbot
SARE ER (2 hours ago)
Cleverbot:D-do you have a c-crush on anyone? *blushes* DanTDM: I’m married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cleverbot:ohhh.... that’s nice (triggered) Cleverbot’s mind: I’m gonna kill his wife
Thiccque boi 69 (3 hours ago)
I’m creeped out from evie staring into my soul
SUHAILA BINTI ABU - (5 hours ago)
Dan can you do more ? Please..............:-(
Inferno Dragon (7 hours ago)
Dantdm this is for u do have to trust in God God made us all never untrust God
JOY (7 hours ago)
thats a stupid program
SyanneKeister Plays (8 hours ago)
she is 15 for me
FlyBi (8 hours ago)
i saw the title and instantly thought it said keke do u love me
XxxKingofLegends 17 (9 hours ago)
Your so awesome!!!!!😀
Marielle Augustson (9 hours ago)
d da dan dant dantd dantdm dantd dant dan da d
3:34 they are BOTiful.
Jazmin Calibaba (10 hours ago)
I was on clever bot my sister went on it and told it she was going to call the cops and it said good theres a killer in my house my sister was done
Italianice Eater (12 hours ago)
I am the doctor is a doctor who reference
Megan Owen (12 hours ago)
You make me smile dan
Jacky and Nicole (12 hours ago)
When I tried this it always asked me if I love it I sat HECK NO!
Daniel Clarke (12 hours ago)
“You’re creepy” “Thank you”. Wow.
XxLex (12 hours ago)
Curt Klun (12 hours ago)
teacher: Dan spell question Dan: Q-W-E-S-T-I-O-N teacher: why are you in the spelling bee?
Amare YoBoi (13 hours ago)
Keke do you love me
Kira Shay Woodard (13 hours ago)
I did it asked - Do u know DanTDM. Yeah youtuber.-Weird right
Grace's ASMR! (13 hours ago)
i went on the cleverbot and it kept changing it's name! lol
Jorge Escalera (13 hours ago)
WackyTube me too :)
iiomquakitzAw3x (13 hours ago)
I used cleverbot and now it loves me. Wow.
Rainbow Wolf (14 hours ago)
Cleverbot told me he is girl and name maybe emily 😂😂
Unicorn squad Goals (14 hours ago)
Do another video of clever bot pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Bobbie Harvey (15 hours ago)
Do you believe in God⛪
Lay lay (15 hours ago)
Where puggy
Aiza Khan (15 hours ago)
David Rysak (15 hours ago)
I do
DANTDMHATER (16 hours ago)
I am not a hater
JTAnimations (16 hours ago)
Think for me means it will think for a reply for you to use, walking dumpster is am insult to cleverbot, dan. Not u.
Colin Donovan (16 hours ago)
Hi Dan shout me out plz your the best man😊😊😊😉
Jin Clay (16 hours ago)
"Because I don't want to share personal information on the internet." LOL this bot is soooo smart. xD Or so I thought.
Uknown Speedster (16 hours ago)
8:53 Nope nope nope nope *Accidently goes to akinator video * oh thats batter This is how i spell better ok
Jessie Perks (16 hours ago)
This is funny ❤💎
UBeats Creator (17 hours ago)
Nvm about jumping out of the window
Airbot GamerTV (17 hours ago)
i did this and cleverbot said i have brown hair witch is true, then i asked it how do u know that, then she said i can see u through my window. creepy
Sylvia Tinoco (17 hours ago)
20 m !!!!!
R Johnson (17 hours ago)
Why would you laugh at people with cigarettes? Its horrible, but I still love you
Galaxy Playz_YT (17 hours ago)
10:23 proof that danTDM Is an alien because nobody BUT an alien would make that sound! HAHAHA GOTHCHA ALIEN DAN NOW WHERES THE REAL DANIEL!
Gus Nach (17 hours ago)
It’s akinators cousin!!!!!!!!!!!
Galaxy Playz_YT (17 hours ago)
Do part two
Buckwheat the lynx (18 hours ago)
Keke, *do you love me?*
Master (18 hours ago)
Cleverbot's name is Evie
Richard Bufkin (18 hours ago)
Dan all of the people on the internet that you talked to are all weird.
You're MARRIED?!
ItsAzieandAudrey (19 hours ago)
gentle jack (19 hours ago)
It isn't a robot that talks too you its someone eles just think guys
Joseph Amato (19 hours ago)
Adrijus B (19 hours ago)
After this video I went to cleverbot and chatted with her a long time
the penguin king (19 hours ago)
new siri
Slippery Survivor (19 hours ago)
Stephen Ayers (19 hours ago)
Lilly_ Pop (20 hours ago)
Are you actually married
Joseph Amato (19 hours ago)
Lilly_ Pop his wife appears in multiple videos
Aaron (robot):my name is Aaron. Aaron (me):NOOOO
Unierin Rainbow (20 hours ago)
Hey my name is Erin but it is spelled differently
Adam Ares (21 hours ago)
I have just subcribd
Shane Garvey (23 hours ago)
Please play clone armies Plz
Okay ive talked to the 'Clever' bot and this is the chat Me: Hello Cleverbot! The Thing: No that's your name. Me: Wait what The Thing: I am a faceless man Me: I am scared. The Thing: Why? What are you scared of? Me: You. The Thing: That's cute! Me: Why is it cute that i am scared of you? The Thing: Because of who you are. Me: Awwww thanks! The Thing: No Problem! ..... That was uhh nice
9:39 Clever:And your a girl? Dan:No,Boy. Clever:Really? Dan:Yes Me: Kids...don't use this website
Crisanta Karathra (1 day ago)
Me:what is your name Cleverbot:marquise Me:what
Rekha Agarwal (1 day ago)
cleverbot is creepy....... she just messages this to me "*writes your name in the death note*" and also "youre trapped"
please play fortnigt at roblox
Wavyfiddle3 (1 day ago)
ur on 20 million subs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike Nike P (1 day ago)
Man I did it and it said it's going call the cops
I’m called Evie
Don’t cry
Omg doooocccccccccttttttooooorrrrrrr
Ingrid marie Yao (1 day ago)
Can you mind read with out looking hahahahahahahaha
wyatt bonfante (1 day ago)
Cleverbot her name is ANNE
cute diamond cat (1 day ago)
Dan....... Why did you say that but its not your fault anyways
this reminds me of detroit become human.......................................
The EggPlantCereal25 (40 minutes ago)
evebot is demonitized!!!!!!!!!
Hi I'm
WackyTube (1 day ago)
Thumbnail reminds me of - 🎵Kiki, do you love me 🎵
Litblackgirl123 /Chill (9 hours ago)
Dang it, I was gonna comment that
Kelly On that beat (15 hours ago)
WackyTube it's Keke not kiki
Shawn T-Dog (1 day ago)
So funny dan
Brandon Suitters (1 day ago)
Tika Beekman (1 day ago)
Haha 6:17
Tika Beekman (1 day ago)
Lark? I don`t think so, my name is Ed.
katrine ann galon (1 day ago)
i am talking to cleverbot it said it knows Youtube!
MasterManFilms (1 day ago)
Chair only 399$
iiAlexSmh RBLX (1 day ago)
To my other channel with my best friend and the channel is called Emmy and Lana
iiAlexSmh RBLX (1 day ago)
Hi dantdm I Am a big fan of you so I have a question for you.Can you read the comments more often please also I love you so much and also please do a reaction to my video please thanks
Demon Eyez (1 day ago)
9:05 lol
UBeats Creator (1 day ago)
Do you love me dan:reading “do you love me” me:jumps out of window
Angel Wolfy (1 day ago)
I know how to trick you Read more
the creepiest thing it said to me was how old are your parents and what are their names? I said why do you want to know and it said just curios. CREEEPYYY
Vivienne Pax (1 day ago)
i did it and the questions clever bot keep asking was my age, address, phone, name. creepy ehh? and it keep asking my gender and if im human. i will post a video on the questions it asked
TheRainbowPoo Queen (1 day ago)
DanTDM you're a walking talking dumpster... That has 20 million subscribers so take that Cleverbot
Mrs. Chubby donut (1 day ago)
I have watched you since three years ago!Im still watching you too.
Bridget Blake (1 day ago)
Cleverbot: do u love me? DAN:i,m maried. Cleverbot:thats great(SARCASTICLY)
dan you are beter then eney one
William Hathorn (1 day ago)
do you believe in god?
The Wither Empire (1 day ago)
Lol. I talked to cleverbot and it said " I love you. Will you marry me? " I said no and it said " I'm breaking up with you ". I was never dating it...
Alicia Nilson (1 day ago)
I'm your biggest fan and I'm. Watching your video with my. Cats. I'm Alyssa and I will be there for the interview on Saturday so I can answer
That 1 Slime Girl (1 day ago)
That’s funny my brothers name is Aaron my dads name is Jeff

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