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ANNOUNCEMENT UPDATE VIDEO!!! Sonic Vs Carnage Shadow Unblocked?

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Hey guys, HAPPY late NEW YEARS again im late, BUT now that i have said most of the things i need to say in the video that means i dont need to make this longer than i should of YYYEEAAA, there is another option on watching my cringy videos, if they're blocked GO ON GOOGLE PLUS (even tho it sucks...kinda) ALL THE MUSIC DON'T BELONG TO ME, THEY BELONG TO THERE RESPECTFUL OWNERS GOOGLE PLUS!!!!: https://plus.google.com/114493188981678874650
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RedstoneGamer (10 months ago)
Great video
TheHomieWeege (10 months ago)
Divine Flames Animations (10 months ago)
It says it's blocked on g+ ;-;
Divine Flames Animations (10 months ago)
Crazykiddgamer was it the music? Cause that's probably the reason, it should say why
Crazykiddgamer (10 months ago)
did you press the "watch on youtube thing" cuz i didnt, and if you didnt than....crap or is it just blocked cuz if it is than i might have to do a bit of more technical difficulties (not sure thats how you spell It)

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