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Let's Play Space Engineers with Planets - Ep05 - Mining Bore

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In this fifth episode we create a new wheeled vehicle that can drill into the earth Space Engineers is a voxel-based survival game. It is chock full of automation, and even has mods. Music by Argofox Creative Commons https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC56Qctnsu8wAyvzf4Yx6LIw Intro: Labisch - Passion Timelapse: Moped Cruising Outro: DOCTOR VOX - Level Up
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Text Comments (24)
Silent Zoner (1 year ago)
lol mining buggy was such a fail.. kill the wheals and use thrustrs make a ship instead so much hassle for nothing
Alanonful (1 year ago)
''The struggle is real'' episode ! :D
sigma (2 years ago)
*face palms too hard at how crap he is* PS that's putting it lightly
Penguin_Spy (2 years ago)
Make a GPS waypoint at every world hole so you know where not to drive.
Duke00x (2 years ago)
If you made it a few blocks longer and added an oxygen generator between the cockpit and cargo container it would be able to work on the moon and other atmosphere free planets. Also 5 drills across the front would help you by giving you more room on the sides so you don't have to worry about the wheels and going in and out of the hole perfectly straight. And maybe have a second row of 5 one block lower (to scrape across the ground sooner). And maybe a third layer of drills one block up to give you more clearance above.
Virtual Photographer (2 years ago)
learning a lot and enjoy watching your videos. thanks !
valindro zanthros (2 years ago)
atmospheric thrusters paired with wheels would be better than pistons and help with getting out of holes
SoulxCross (2 years ago)
that winch... nice... i must steal... ahem, barrow this... 10/10 would plagiarize it again.
sly dog (2 years ago)
your drills are too high put them one block lower
Triaxx2 (2 years ago)
With wheeled drilling machines like this, I always wonder if adjusting the wheel height is useful in making it drill. So the rear ones are at full height, the middle is a bit lower and the front lower still, so it makes a nice angle for the drill. At least to start the hole.
Triaxx2 (2 years ago)
Right, but I'm talking only for the initial dig into the mountain. You had issues getting down in, because the drills naturally sit up high off the ground. Once you've made the entrance you can reset the wheel heights and work on it normally.
FunshineX (2 years ago)
+Triaxx2 That may help, bigger issue is the drills don't make the hole very flat, so it becomes difficult to keep driving at a specific angle
Zamolxes77 (2 years ago)
Instead of pistons on the back, how about artificial masses ?
Duke00x (2 years ago)
+Zamolxes77 You would need a gravity generator and they don't work in natural gravity.
NorthernMonkey (2 years ago)
Mining on planets is a pain right now. I think it may be easier to strip the entire area and treat it like a quarry. I haven't figure out a good drill design though.
Miedein _ (2 years ago)
A good mod to look into for dealing with stone is the Concrete Armor Blocks mod, or my personal favorite that is making mining much easier for getting resources is comboing Gravel Resources Extractor and Modified Stone Crusher. Let's you grind the stone into small amounts of all the other types of ores. And the gravel from that can go into the resource extractors to make ingots. It's not too much of the other materials to be OP. But enough so you won't be hurting. Of course for major projects you'll want to find the proper ores. But it works well.
FunshineX (2 years ago)
+Miedein _ I plan to use one of those mods once I make it to the moon as kind of a reason to go there in the first place - RPing that the moon stone has trace ores in it
BayouMac (2 years ago)
Your piston broke because the miner was attached to the floor with the other landing gear. You needed to grind it off before trying to lift it.
zanei (2 years ago)
BayouMac (2 years ago)
+jjzane plays. You would first need to complete the landing gear, place a power source, and then an access point to unlock it. The bottom landing gear was only for starting the build and would have been taken off anyway.
zanei (2 years ago)
+BayouMac you could just unlock the landing gear
Belhun Battleborn (2 years ago)
whoo nice video. like the timelaps
TheBandit21 (2 years ago)
Haha i died of laughter when you flew out of the hole. Great videos. Third btw...
Szymon Borecki (2 years ago)

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