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Minecraft [HQM] Crash Landing S2E14

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Season 2 We've crashed on a dusty desert planet, with very little supplies. Can we survive long enough to make it home? Crash Landing version 1.1.2 Crash Landing is a private FTB pack by Iskandar. Visit the FTB forums here to download the latest version: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/1-6-4-crash-landing-hardcore-hqm-version-1-0-x-beta.46277/ Music by TeknoAxe, used with permission: http://teknoaxe.com
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Text Comments (53)
TheNeonBullet (4 years ago)
Place a silkworm onto a tree and then wait till there completely whites and then mine them with a crook to get string I'm pretty sure u did It in agrarian sky's
Punchin83 (4 years ago)
@30 minutes: "What's in season? Pot..." Um... :P
Mike Johnson (4 years ago)
im not sure if anyone asked you already but id think it would be awesome if you did sfm tutorials like you did with computer craft or something like that
FunshineX (4 years ago)
+Mike Johnson That's definitely a possibility if I can find time
A Villa (4 years ago)
a suggestion: a knappsack is easy to make and is very good for holding waterbottles keeps you from having to visit your water source every time you need to refill
FunshineX (4 years ago)
+A Villa I've got a golden bag of holding so that's plenty for now
Spyrus Marko (4 years ago)
funshineX for some reason when i launch crash landing and agrarian skies the launcher crashes help me plz
Landstryder (4 years ago)
Great episode! The chamber looses pressure per item inserted, I think the speed upgrade only effect how fast the door opens and closes and no the amount of air released. Since your using item duct to insert, the speed on the door is really moot. Your speed upgrades would have served you better in the the compressers during this circumstance. I inserted 6 full stacks of materials in a row and it drained my whole advanced pressure system and made my #wirelesswater stop working for a few minutes. A way that has been suggested to me to combat that is to use a larger pressure chamber. I'm considering using all the salvage from the cities to make the largest size chamber (5x5x5) underground that acts just a buffer storage of air. Another way is to put volume upgrades, but both of these are solutions for when you upgrade.
Landstryder (4 years ago)
now that's an interesting idea
Xennlander (4 years ago)
A better option is Steve's Factory Manager.  The Item Valve will quite happily both insert and retrieve from a pressure chamber without ever losing any pressure at all...
FunshineX (4 years ago)
+Landstryder Great info landstryder.  I too am considering a bigger chamber, but probably after I get the assembly line figured out
SirKastros (4 years ago)
you can make bread with rice using mortar and pastel to make flour then flour, fresh water, salt and mixing bowl to make dough then dough in furnace to make bread then bread in the furnace to make toast if you got soybeans you can use the presser to make soy milk to make cheese and silk tofu in the presser again to make firm tofu to make any meat. this will allow you to make hammers cheese burgers and bacon cheese burgers that will fill your hunger better than rice soup. for the fresh water use a bucket because the glass bottle will get used up if you make it  with them.
Sleepyhallw (4 years ago)
K fun make covers with any blocks that u can use the saw with put 8 like the furnace to make a cover with a hole in the middle and cover up where the energy cable comes up and connects to the harvester and when's the next episode really liking this so I hit the like and sub
Pim van Leeuwen (4 years ago)
Is there an alternative for the camelpack because with that I can't use jetpacks
hossumquat (4 years ago)
I generally set the output filter to something that will never be in a pressure chamber to block it from extracting anything.  Once I know everything is finished inside the chamber I will then open it up to extract.  Instead of extracting the black plastic you should have left it in and just added redstone and compressed iron to make the transistors.  You wouldn't lose as much pressure that way and it would work faster as well.
Carson (4 years ago)
could u put a map download for ur map so I can download it
Sky Sea (4 years ago)
i think your video is more interesting then direwolf20! i can't understand video perfectly, but fun :D
Yoshi667 (4 years ago)
I was considering moving my base to a city but thought it would be way too much effort. Especially considering once the city is empty you have to find a new one. I think I am going to build some sync constructors and sync storage. Then build a shack at each city with an ender chest and just switch between them.
Pim van Leeuwen (4 years ago)
I misssed some episodes but how do you get that amazing system with for example the charcoal
Ryan WEISBERG (4 years ago)
Do you have a twitch
FunshineX (4 years ago)
I do but I don't broadcast anymore due to crappy internet upload speed
VLS-why? (4 years ago)
Just wondering, if you had mysrcraft could you make a link book inside a compression chamber and use a portal to drop items inside the compressor without losing any pressure?
Robert Atkinson (4 years ago)
Surely the book would be seen as a bad block inside the chamber?
hossumquat (4 years ago)
Hmm, would probably work.  I wonder if you take damage if you are somehow inside a pressurized chamber.
Xplorer30E (4 years ago)
Sort of funny to see you collect that one string when you have a spider web in your bag. Anyway, even if your pneumatic is temp, it's nice to just add 9 redstone from that gauge to a compressor and set it to run on low redstone only. That way it will usually be at around 5 bar if you need it.
benphantom41 (4 years ago)
more crash landing WOOT!! xD
Technétium 43 (4 years ago)
if u wan't to have more lives you can make a shell constructor 
Tuckatk (4 years ago)
what video software do you use
FunshineX (4 years ago)
cannaJan (4 years ago)
are your diminishing returns stuck?
FunshineX (4 years ago)
Nope, they just reset when I copied the world over to a server
luka marinček (4 years ago)
Oh yeah btw the pneumatic machine works  after you put 16items (1bars) 32items (2bars) 48items (3bars) 64 (4bars) after that the amount of items you put in it will input untill it get's to that bar:) I figured it out a bit late in-game :D Oh yeah the speed upgrades... they are only good for input and for pressure furnace thigy but for output it sukks cus it picks every single turned item and you lose so much pressure.... s if you put 32 items it takes a while... ;)
luka marinček (4 years ago)
You can itemduck in-out the pcbs for automation :) just make sure to set whitelist for the itemduck :)
luka marinček (4 years ago)
5x5 pool is very good for squid seeds ;) i get almost 2 stacks in less than 2 mins. :D
nOtOriOuskingX (4 years ago)
for some reason my feed the beast launcher wont let me play crash landing can u help me please  
FunshineX (4 years ago)
+MrThegameaholic1234 [quote]post the errors you get on the ftb forum support site[/quote]
nOtOriOuskingX (4 years ago)
So wat do I do bout that
FunshineX (4 years ago)
Usually a memory issue or java issue - post the errors you get on the ftb forum support site
luka marinček (4 years ago)
Get the furnace generators asap... OP! xD
KarlAddison (4 years ago)
Funshine, you had conduits in the chest at 12:04 lol 
GermanFTB (4 years ago)
why did you block creeper dmg ?
FunshineX (4 years ago)
Iskandar intended it that way
Bacca Bacon (4 years ago)
ok wheres that ice bucket and lava bucket challenge?
Bacca Bacon (4 years ago)
lel im watching the video still hmm i suggest building a vanilla mob grinder thats 3 high and uses conveyer belts so you get tons of bones and pearls
FunshineX (4 years ago)
I just got challenged today heh, give me a bit to come up with something creative
Noah Lee (4 years ago)
only just recently started watching your videos but i wanted to say that they're awesome and dont give up
11chanto (4 years ago)
There are other mods that can be used to sort the objects in addition to steve mod? as first sistem? or we have no choice?
11chanto (4 years ago)
+Peter Weessies i knew about ME but the crafting recipes are to hard for this time
Landstryder (4 years ago)
Yea I was going to say extra utilities have a good set of sorting pipes, and Ender IO if you have that added but might not be considered first system as it required ender pearls.
vapour80 (4 years ago)
extra utilities pipes could do the job too
Peter Weessies (4 years ago)
+FunshineX You can off course use the ME system, with import / export busses... My favorite once set up, and i think you won;t need steve anymore... But ME is endgame, once the pack is almost finished i think, and this is just way cheaper...
11chanto (4 years ago)
+FunshineX ok, thanks

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