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The Human Centipede reactions 1

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Text Comments (256)
TheOtsatukka (5 years ago)
sybyly (5 years ago)
well that was about as interesting as the film itself.
Larissa (5 years ago)
So... you came here?
AbbieGirl46 (6 years ago)
T.V light duh
AbbieGirl46 (6 years ago)
Its the tv light duh
legefy (6 years ago)
Holy shit.
IArtGod (6 years ago)
Coming soon: My reaction to that poster. Warning, contains vomit.
Neo (6 years ago)
i almost puked watching the movie and wanted to commet suicide when i found out that there was a second one.
BRITISHGU1Y (6 years ago)
God that sounds like a fucked up movie......
PwndaDaPanda (6 years ago)
These are the kind of people who want to make me commit suicide at the movies -.-
DeafxLightning (6 years ago)
Alexalmo (6 years ago)
The guy on the left totally doesn't want to look at the screen hahahaha
Evan Nguyen (6 years ago)
hahahahaha, the guys are freaking out more than the chicks XD
ndisfoshiz (6 years ago)
I'm with whoever said I'd be grabbing sharp objects
dawnw323 (6 years ago)
Listen to what Nick says, he says what happened.
Chantel Hardaway (6 years ago)
*slice noise* everyone: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! DX that was awesome :)
Chantel Hardaway (6 years ago)
@IIXtremeBoxII i'm a girl and i shit and fart. ass. my mom got told girls don't shit 'n fart by my dad. guess what the effects were. getting sick you say? that's part of the process of what i'm going to tell you that could happen to anyone. *ahem* you puke your sh*t out. it travels through your system and ends up coming out of the mouth. it almost happened to me but i shat. and i shat like crazy after i had some laxatives which gave me relief. taste like and looks like chocolate. very helpful...
Akina Hhidaka (6 years ago)
that was not a good sound affect :(
MegaBrianmitchell (6 years ago)
Tianalexa Turner (6 years ago)
@iRetox1 Imagine being sewn together mouth to butt with 2 other people, with a creepy scientist who does human experiments. That's what the movie is about o . e
*LOVESICKE* (6 years ago)
I've never the movie, so what were they screaming for ? Can anyone describe that scene ?
Hacksaw606 (6 years ago)
0:48 what happened?
Fanta Stick (6 years ago)
now do reactions to human centipede 2 :3
mika1660 (6 years ago)
This is why we Russian's shouldve killed all of these German sicko's fucken damented mother fucker this doctor (im tebya ubyu mudak)
GivozLegacy (6 years ago)
@trishaweiler69 what part was that, cos i'd rather hear detail than actuly see it?
Haunterpnoy (6 years ago)
no pause for brad xD
BloodySunflowers (6 years ago)
My computer froze the moment you guys screamed.
Evaa Summerz (6 years ago)
i love how the girl on the far right isn't fazed at all by this movie. XD
beldaranosu (6 years ago)
I knew when they all cringed it was the IV part. Probably the most disturbing part of the movie, to be honest.
TheNightshade43 (7 years ago)
I remember reading the interview of the director and the review of the movie...in the end I decided NOT to watch a movie where people got stitched to other people's backsides as part of the villain's perfection fetish. Their reactions to the movie were fun to watch, though.
HailforStex (7 years ago)
i would love 4playerpodcast to watch paranormal entity we could all really get a laugh on that
Bakery of Pekka (7 years ago)
I laughed my ass off while watching this lollololollololl my grandma got a heartattack tho
Hannah Brown (7 years ago)
1:23 Bless you Brad!! XD <3
Chris M. (7 years ago)
@IIXtremeBoxII Nuh uh. The third girl died of starvation because the 2nd one couldn't [email protected]#. Only the chinese guy shit lol
thetrales (7 years ago)
@sammy2591 he was japanese :)
Samuel Sharp (7 years ago)
Pequenaerra (7 years ago)
@bbvibrabb ya know what I was just gonna try that! lol
ArcheWhatzitGonnaB3 (7 years ago)
didnt even notive the guy/chick in background creepin by the door untill they all yelled
hootyoot (7 years ago)
The movie wasn't even 100% medically correct....
jizmacdacusha (7 years ago)
nevermind fail on my part,
jizmacdacusha (7 years ago)
what are they watching
onemoldypotato (7 years ago)
rape drug
Olivier (7 years ago)
Watch it slightly drunk and it's a really funny movie
Ragnaros (7 years ago)
i love how everyone reacted while nicks girlfriend just sits there like "meh. no big deal."
Molly Avila (7 years ago)
Which part are they at? Because the part where she screamed "i want my mom" i don't remember anything gross/disturbing happening xD
Kathryn (7 years ago)
That movie was disgusting.
Jenn Hale (7 years ago)
@GamingWithStatoke they were probably watching th part where she tries to escape but with an IV stuck to her hand, so it ripped her vain out
Cammie Cole (7 years ago)
@chocolatepuff718 I dont know, I havent seen it lol. and i really dont want to O.o some people i know actually threw up when they watched it. its nasty. if you wanna see it look up "the human centipede trailer" on youtube. good luck lolol.(:
Cammie Cole (7 years ago)
@chocolatepuff718 South Park spoofed it. Its a real movie, which is what the people in this vid are watching.
Chaboy Sam (7 years ago)
@horderulzforever Huh? For the movie?
zzman305 (7 years ago)
Poor Brad, can't even sit still :(
SunburnedVamp (7 years ago)
lol hooray for zelda poster in the background!
horderulzforever (7 years ago)
Anyone have the link?
CalvinSanDiego (7 years ago)
"why wont she just grab it and eat it.... OOOO OOOOO OOOO AAA OOOO!!
Jason Schwarzman (7 years ago)
@GamingWithStatoke except it was the biggest flop in history. It didn't even make a profit, only half a million dollars total
Dat Ass Is Cash (7 years ago)
@goduniverse never said you were bro
Jason Schwarzman (7 years ago)
@TMANMAN16z I'm not begging for a thumb's up. Even my life isn't that empty
Dat Ass Is Cash (7 years ago)
@goduniverse be glad that i have one of the few actual highest rated comments on youtube that is relevant to the subject of the video instead of someone begging for thumb up's
iPrincessTheRipper (7 years ago)
That movie was sick.
Ella Worsley (7 years ago)
LOL "I wouldn't want my mom there." Funny stuff
Lauren DeLuna (7 years ago)
What did they all scream at?
Jason Schwarzman (7 years ago)
@TMANMAN16z that's "Scary"
awarr65 (7 years ago)
1:06 the dude on the left looks naked XD
hunterg24 (7 years ago)
To see the funny reaction skip to 0:48
Josh Lewis (7 years ago)
@GGGriggs lmao :D
GGGriggs (7 years ago)
I saw this film for the first time the other night... Was kinda boring... I've seen more disturbing things on the cover of gossip magazines on Paris Hilton...
Alma Fear (7 years ago)
please see martyrse then tell me what,s gross
Doc Blazblue (7 years ago)
Wut happens O-o
unrrear (7 years ago)
LOOK BRAD AT 0:49, him is really scary!! xD
sirmidor (7 years ago)
:49 everyone is like :o girl on the furthest right is like ^-^
Marin Glavaš (7 years ago)
Damn i thought they were watching a porno. With all the sounds...
Ksavage2010 (7 years ago)
I would have called the movie Eat shit and die.That basically sums up the entire movie lol.
Andrew Allis (7 years ago)
@KRaZyxR0FL when they freaked out the girl got out of the bed and the iv ripped out of her arm
xdragosh (7 years ago)
sounds like porn
SonicShot55 (7 years ago)
@dodgesxt it was actually 2 girls 1 man hardcore
TsundereZaki (7 years ago)
@Isdate I think the reason the small things get the most yells is because well its quite possible that can happen. I mean yeah some people don't flinch at all but there are those that can imagine a needle being ripped out of their arm. Who LIKES needles in the first place?
Isdate (7 years ago)
They were yelling about the iv part? They obviously havent seen enough gore movies. To be honest, that part barely phased me. Saws more violent than that and im not even surprised by any saws anymore
Rileyman 360 (7 years ago)
@dodgesxt at least people could watch two girls one cup. this is just... I don't think there is a word in the human dictionary to describe it. yeah there isnt. we'll just call it "uberholycrapthatsfuckinggross"
Youuch (7 years ago)
0:47 all guys are like "zomg!" but the girl on the right doesnt even blink :D
Sarah (7 years ago)
@TheAlbinoplatypus23 don't!!!
Imi (7 years ago)
@dodgesxt Two girls one asian : )
KRaZyxR0FL (7 years ago)
What happened?
V. Fletcher (7 years ago)
In film, at this part, I'm amazed she didn't die of blood loss
921darksider (7 years ago)
There's gonna be a sequel!
DogBomber (7 years ago)
I just heard *crunch slop* "OOOH AAAAH OOOH"
Like A Boss (7 years ago)
wow thier reactions scared me
Lesley Snypes (7 years ago)
@awsomeman1810 A wacko surgeon has a dream to sew three people together, mouth to anus, in order to create a human centipede (by crapping in the next person's mouth and continuing)
@awsomeman1810 dont ask
awsomeman1810 (7 years ago)
whats the movie even about
Ben Wright (7 years ago)
@peachyosucky99 i see a final fanatisty :)
Sing Lung! (成龍) (7 years ago)
lol I saw this movie I Netflix (The cover) I might see it now haha
Melamamoduro (7 years ago)
@slinger3104 What Happened? ... Mutiple Oral Sex
Lannisters (7 years ago)
brad always with the matrix xd
FuruBaOtaku (7 years ago)
Haha, Nicks next to all the ladies. xD Me, however, would be sitting next to -- BRAD! <3
Donald Glover (7 years ago)
Brad looks like hes about to pass out
Dat Ass Is Cash (7 years ago)
That movie wasn't scarey, it was just gross.
Xarbem (7 years ago)
@nowzadick This is the scene where the doctor is giving the anesthesia to the "patients" and as he gives the anesthesia to the girl's friend, the last girl escapes, ripping the IV out of her arm, and runs around the house trying to escape.
Forex Trader (8 years ago)
i watched the movie and did not have the same reaction, which scene is this, read the comments, nothing came up....
Josh McNally (8 years ago)
thats a messed up film
slinger3104 (8 years ago)
@kevinguzzer What happens in it?

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