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Text Comments (2791)
DJ Playz (2 hours ago)
He looks so happy for this😂
shut it games (2 hours ago)
2018 June YA yet
Griffin Parker (11 hours ago)
Griffin Parker (11 hours ago)
EEE I love you r videos
Amber M (13 hours ago)
But this was posted on March 6?
DropMJ (20 hours ago)
Im confused Its says published Mar 6, 2017 but its march 7th in the video???
James Lombardo (1 day ago)
you're a savage
DeathStrykre (1 day ago)
Isnt it 7th of November
Spencer Brandvold (1 day ago)
I did it and I brought a 100 oz slurpie and I drank it all in one day
TheBoltMaster (2 days ago)
Do the slurpee bucket challenge, instead of icy water, use slurpee! XD
SHAWN LUKE (2 days ago)
Yeet fortnite angel
Erin Rohde (2 days ago)
27 minutes not 37
First Name Last Name (3 days ago)
They should have a special day on July 11th (7-11)
Hay Jak (3 days ago)
I don’t have 7-11 in Idaho:(
DoodleHorse (3 days ago)
You should've brought an inflatable pool when it's uninflated. Then inflate it.
Fraser Rivett (4 days ago)
March 7th is my birthday.
Jennifer Milligan (4 days ago)
Donnie Dogster (4 days ago)
That balloon is T H I C C
Rewday Vlogs (4 days ago)
clap clap clap
Jenna Roberson (4 days ago)
march 7 s my birthday lol
Gaming with E (4 days ago)
I brought a big plastic cereal box and filled it up it took me a week to drink it my mom made me throw it away to much
K0RY :P (4 days ago)
“Today is March the 7th”. It says uploaded March 6th
THE DREAM SQUAD (4 days ago)
I was your one millionth sib
JT Gaming (5 days ago)
sarajd8 (5 days ago)
youre a terebel youtuber
djongo gaming bro (5 days ago)
leonel cuellar (5 days ago)
What happened between you and muselk
Cursed Blaze (5 days ago)
No matter how much you grow up, there is always still a child in you.
Astroid Gaming (5 days ago)
wait my b-day is bring a cup to 7/11 day?
NeSquiK YT (5 days ago)
Today is March the 7th but it was uploaded on 6th of March ILLUMANATI CONFIRMED
Serious Gamer (5 days ago)
he expected that to happen because he filmed it
Surprise TDM (6 days ago)
U look different 🤔🤔
Did you friends play football with you when you were a kid
ryder_rulez (6 days ago)
what did you do with that huge mess!?
Daniel Lindorff (6 days ago)
This day is one before my birth day
Retro2 gamer (6 days ago)
Jedi Gamer37 (6 days ago)
March seventh is my birthday!
harry fraser (6 days ago)
Yo that’s so cool I have that same skateboard as u
Phil Walsh (7 days ago)
im aussie boy
young savage (7 days ago)
what if you dont got twiter
rogaming the coins (7 days ago)
Social experiment XD
Pablo 1175 (7 days ago)
RIP uk ,7-11 don’t existin uk
Imatrollu 07 (7 days ago)
“Frozen soup”
Isaiah Sasako (8 days ago)
I'm pretty sure he said cwistmas.
DonaldSon82 (8 days ago)
March 7th is my BirthDay
- AFK - (9 days ago)
Now This Is What I Subscribed For
Gamer X (10 days ago)
Thats not apetsing
Coopserser (10 days ago)
O shit that's the seven eleven where I live.
Circletop 34 (10 days ago)
March 7 is my birthday no joke
ThatKidEli (10 days ago)
I thought it was June 11th because 7th month 11th day
Jordan Mays (11 days ago)
Decaying Killer (11 days ago)
I watched this so long ago and now I watch you daily
Vinish Kumar (11 days ago)
The balloons look so satisfying
Walid Hijazi (12 days ago)
This was published on the 6th
Themaneagle Playz (12 days ago)
The diabetes joke afended me
He said it was march 7 IT WAS PUPLESHED ON DA 6
Reagan Forrest (13 days ago)
Where is this?
Adam Saenz (13 days ago)
Lachlan go og and play Minecraft
Fortnite God (13 days ago)
march 7th is my b-day and i dont celebrate this lol
NotChad (14 days ago)
I wish I lived in a america
Rylan Ridler (15 days ago)
Gaaayyyyy you shared spoons
Judeck03 (15 days ago)
Don’t you mean slurp potion
jude moynihan (16 days ago)
it's my birthday on the 7th if march no joke
Brick Boss Gaming (16 days ago)
It’s my birthday in March 7
supercar spot (16 days ago)
can I it be in california
RiZe_Thomas 58 (16 days ago)
But this was posted March 6 what
iesha memes (17 days ago)
My b day
barast tobros (18 days ago)
the 7th of march is my bday
Ron DENTON (18 days ago)
Ya know i got diabetes but not by eating a lotta food bitch
Mr flamethrower (18 days ago)
I’m an Aussie
Mr flamethrower (18 days ago)
I love Aussie 7 eleven
Mr flamethrower (18 days ago)
7 eleven
seb lloyd (19 days ago)
I dont think you know what a social experiment is
Brea Maday (19 days ago)
My birthday is on March 7
Nick Vlogs 88 (19 days ago)
I live in Canada 🇨🇦
Chris Lee (19 days ago)
I'm just wondering. How Did You post this on the 6th of March when bring it own cup day was on the 7th?
JacobRants (10 days ago)
Chris Lee he lives in Australia it’s a day ahead
Sid Wardlaw (20 days ago)
Orange justice for the boys
Fortnite Clips (20 days ago)
It’s cool that he went back in time to upload the video (he says it’s March 7th but he uploaded the video on March 6)
Richard Yang (20 days ago)
wait do slurpees only exist in AU?
Fortnite Clips (20 days ago)
It was the same 7/11
Xeno Marque (20 days ago)
Im diabetic
Mr. Memester (20 days ago)
thanksgiving if your american IM AMERICAN
Jonah Barnett Films (20 days ago)
In America it is on 11/7
Steven Groover (20 days ago)
damn bro ads much
Deathkiller9775 (20 days ago)
my new favorite holiday LOL XD
Yusen Lin (20 days ago)
No sugar does not cause diabetes saturated fat does
Evan Brooks (20 days ago)
Do you guys drink beer 🍺
TylerLovesCats (20 days ago)
March 9th is national moldy cheese day!!
Cool kids MJB so cool (20 days ago)
Do vlogs plz
Voltage Flash (21 days ago)
Is this in America
Geovanni Cimental (21 days ago)
March 7 is my birthday.
CardCollector12 (21 days ago)
Garbage bag
Mr Pineapples (21 days ago)
Yep the pineapple 🍍 was the best
Cameron Woods (21 days ago)
it should be on november 7th because it's on the 7th of the 11th
netflixx things (21 days ago)
*published march 6th*
Madigan Gaming (21 days ago)
My birthday is the seventh! Neat.
Athmix (21 days ago)
March 7th is my birthday :)
I’m having a slurpee rn
Rhino Gaming Official (21 days ago)
It should be August 11th
HardHeadHunter101 (21 days ago)
Does he live in the us or uk

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