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Minecraft Mods | Modded Minecraft Comes Alive Ep.39 | Finding My Lost Daughter!

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Can we aim for 500+ likes? Follow Me On Twitter:: https://twitter.com/Jared_Alec Like Me On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Jaredalecrealm Modded Minecraft Comes Alive Ep.39!The totally epic brand new Minecraft Comes Alive series. This is going to be a Minecraft survival series with the Minecraft Comes Alive Mod. Join me on my journy as I build relationships, get married, have babies and much more! The Minecraft Comes Alive mod adds a whole new game in Minecraft and is simular to The Sims. You can build relationships with MCA villagers including getting married & having children! You can also hire villagers to work for you and fight mobs. You can also find a long lost relative either a brother, sister, uncle, grand parent, and even great grandparent. This mod also works in SMP and you can marry other players and have children. Children will do chore for you and will eventually grow up and get married and have children on their own! You can interact with villagers by chatting with them, having them work for you, giving them gifts, and much more! Also MCA villagers don't look like squidwards or make normal villager sounds. Villagers are now male or female humans with over 200 unique skins! Mods Used: Minecraft Comes Alive:http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/926757-172-sspsmplan-minecraft-comes-alive-v404-two-million-downloads/ Lucky Blocks:http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2031111-172-forge-lucky-block-drops-items-spawns-mobs-structures-and-more/ Damage Indicators:http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1536685-172164forge-hit-splat-damage-indicators-v312-rpg-ui-and-damage-amount-mod/ Ipod Mod:http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/ipod-mod--125--and-pictures-in-the-post/ Item Physics Mod:http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/2076336-1-7-2-itemphysic-0-8-3-more-realtistic-items Smart Moving Mod:http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1274224-smart-moving Mo'Bends Mod:http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/146-mo-binds-steve-have-forearm/ Player Animation Mod:http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1288552-1-7-2-aesthetic-animated-player-rounded-curves-v1 Toontown Mod:http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/toontown-forge-162/ The Morph Mod:http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1292014-morph-turn-into-almost-any-mob All music in this video was used with permission from its creator
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Text Comments (123)
Tonya Mimms (2 years ago)
errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr what
why dont you kill mordacai to be your new skin
Diane Hopp (3 years ago)
Love all vids
Serena Sanders (3 years ago)
I love you're video
skeloassiangirl1324 (3 years ago)
You should have made her go mineing so you could mine out If you do keep inventory and kill she will telaport or you could use your ipod she will still telaport
skeloassiangirl1324 (3 years ago)
The onley hope is just a troll It is not true
The gamer player (3 years ago)
Snoopy didn't come after you because you made him because he was sitting down
Isaac Ritz (3 years ago)
ur an idiot
Herr Austein (3 years ago)
9:22 You're like the last one alive. Last of the Nachos.
Hung Duong (3 years ago)
Tell her to go hunting and she'll be gone
Nijel Ross (3 years ago)
To get out the hole make her go hunting our something
bttaye (3 years ago)
lol your stuck in a hole.
stormy serio (3 years ago)
you are fucking awsome
Kingchris195 (3 years ago)
If this ever happens to you with this mod or even in multiplayer or with another modded mob, jump and place sand/gravel above you and if u dont have sand or gravel either kill yourself and get ur stuff back or kill the mob and if u place a falling bloxk above you it wont kill u it will just be on ur legs and feet and u can just jump on in. Or u could just use a enderpearl.
Chopsy_Rocks (3 years ago)
Themincrafthippi can I ask u somthing
SgtFred USMC (3 years ago)
 it's ok
ssj overkill (3 years ago)
SSj Overkill
Mike Freeman (3 years ago)
Snoopy was in sitting mode
Mike Freeman (3 years ago)
if u get the shapeshifter mod u get the mobs ability
vanessa mosely (3 years ago)
your daughter ariana grande was following u the whole time cause when you clicked on her it said stop following or she just got lost...idk wat happened 
Gabe morales (3 years ago)
Gabe morales (3 years ago)
LOSER!!!!!!!!!! BOO!!!
Gabe morales (3 years ago)
Gabe morales (3 years ago)
Ryan Rath (3 years ago)
You forgot your snoopy
katelyn HD (4 years ago)
Theminecrafthippe the one with lucky blocks the one with like nether  kind of stuff and whatever or has a bad structure is the bad lucky blocks the unlucky ones btw u left snoopy on sit thats why he didnt follow u and the previous mordicas u had the eariler episodes
Misty Cook (4 years ago)
I'm not sorry for you
Faith Livengood (4 years ago)
you sat snoopy
lina xander (4 years ago)
now you have three hopes
Ethan Marcus (4 years ago)
all u have to do is tell her to stop following and she will teleport home
IAmSketch (4 years ago)
ad the sims
Adweiveth (4 years ago)
90th comment noobs
Rachel Woz (4 years ago)
Orespawn mod please!!!
Simon Titherington (4 years ago)
samyuson (4 years ago)
what do we do when we have to use the bathroom?
Destiny Sawyer (4 years ago)
There was a lucky block in I forget
Hannah Baker (4 years ago)
Make a crown!!!
Jas Carter (4 years ago)
do you smoke poop
"We're stuck in a hole, together, and there's just not enough space," ;)
Gerardo Serratos (4 years ago)
try making her hunt
Alina Weaver (4 years ago)
Kill one of the toon mobs and u can beone of them
Princess Squiller (4 years ago)
have here stop following you and she will teleport home and then you can get out or if you have your I pod teleport out
imgonnahulksmash (4 years ago)
Just a tip that mushroom thing is just a troll
Ritik Bohugan (4 years ago)
Use the iPod and tp out
Dylan van Zantvliet (4 years ago)
Use your ipod for jumpboost
skeloassiangirl1324 (3 years ago)
He has his ipod he onley got rid of Smart moving
The fnaf girl (3 years ago)
He doesn't have it because that iPod was a mod that her had to get rid of duh
Isa (4 years ago)
I know why you don't morph when u kill it, it's the settings.
odin schwarzfischer (4 years ago)
dat boody do
Jaime Osorio (4 years ago)
Yous your iPod to teleport out
Naked and Afraid (4 years ago)
2:10 ..?
Nojus MSN TV (4 years ago)
your soi p
Bis Bis (4 years ago)
Can u make this a mod pack for technic platform plz 😊😊😊😊😊
autumn ewing (4 years ago)
put the sand over your head, it will fall then you can walk out
Hamsterlovers929 (4 years ago)
wait till she goes home for night, change game mode, or teleport out with ur Ipod
Cristina Salas (4 years ago)
Just put creative and fly out and then brake the block so she can get out
Battle 234 (4 years ago)
dude the only hope is JUST A TROLL
Antonio Lopez (4 years ago)
When you tame something its sitting down until you right click
E-man The nerd (4 years ago)
Do avatar
Cats6630 (4 years ago)
Kill a bat and go to the nether you will fly
Mark Tyndale (4 years ago)
he siting
Mark Tyndale (4 years ago)
he ismsleep
Luke O'Neill (4 years ago)
Kill a mortoky or rigby and become them
Luke O'Neill (4 years ago)
Sorry i ment mortdecia
Luke O'Neill (4 years ago)
I no this is like the 3rd time asking but plz plz plz can we have the avatar the last blockbender mod
Deadgamer Mc (4 years ago)
Its easy to come out of the hole ( bugging) just put a sandblock on top of your hat and than jump out
Dog A (4 years ago)
You should have send her mining so she will mine for you
Pinzariu Alexandra (4 years ago)
Add the shader mod
Nelly Chitsunge (4 years ago)
Not a good idea to hire the villagers. Esepically for mining and farmin. Its rage maddness..
Black Jesus (4 years ago)
axedot (4 years ago)
12:03 hahaha that sound
kirby888 (4 years ago)
Under 301 club no one cares
kirby888 (4 years ago)
No mean replies
EMY Young (4 years ago)
So is Sharkesha ( sorry I don't know how to spell her name) really dead?????
Evelyn (4 years ago)
Jump and place sand abuv u and u could get out .
Matthew Rufo (4 years ago)
Are you really stuck? And if you are teleport dood
Manuel M Santiago (4 years ago)
U should add the you Tuber mod and the can help fight all the zombies
Nate Soto (4 years ago)
You didn't find her, she finished hunting and went to spawn near you.
Gpeter (4 years ago)
Were the lucky block was that was unlucky block struture
Sol Zen (4 years ago)
To get out of the hole, it to set his daughter to stop following him and move about so that when night comes, she teleports to her home point. Of course that means a lot of waiting.
DECENTSCLA (4 years ago)
U didn't make it for a while but thanks for making it make more my cousins love ur minecraft comes alive
alex jones (4 years ago)
Use your ipod to tp out with that app
Bidhya Shrestha (4 years ago)
Put the orspawn mod make ur son or daughter a super hero
JMoney (4 years ago)
Dumass that's the super hero mod from crazy craft not ore spawn
Bidhya Shrestha (4 years ago)
Put the orspawn mod make ur son or daughter a super hero
When you send kids to do chores they just disappear, right? Why don't you try it.
ajani tello (4 years ago)
hey you can tell her to stop following you and wait till it is night so she can teleport home
Jade Armentrout (4 years ago)
You deserve a lot more subs because you are awesome
Jodaliz Alvarez (4 years ago)
Use the morph mod and change quickly to get out
AsYouShouldMyGuy (4 years ago)
Hope you all enjoy todays MCA video! What a surprise at who I found :P. Be sure to leave a like and comment for more MCA!
JNinjaStar_ Official (2 years ago)
whoa summertime tape came out of nowhere
T Bird (3 years ago)
lol intro so funny
The fnaf girl (3 years ago)
+XxXTheMinecraft10XxX 101 what?
Blandine Mpanga (3 years ago)
Um... U might wanna watch out😬. The HEROBRINE just brout her to u so yea😣
Fused Zamasu (4 years ago)
The tmnt can fight the foot solider clan
Dylan Harris (4 years ago)
Måttie Skiej (4 years ago)
7th :D
Irvin Echeverria (4 years ago)
I mean 5 and 6
Irvin Echeverria (4 years ago)
ItsAnthem (4 years ago)
MrMadness360 (4 years ago)
Tom Woost (4 years ago)
Tom Woost (4 years ago)
I think you find i am first than you very much
kirby888 (4 years ago)
Sorry but your wrong

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