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Minecraft - Potion Effects on Food!

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A feature many people have been requesting for a long time - Potion Effects on Food! Using the newest Snapshot of Minecraft 1.8, this is what I came up with. ==============================­======== As always, leaving a like makes me happy :) Minecraft Server: crushedpixel.eu TeamSpeak IP: crushedpixel.eu Website: http://crushedpixel.eu MCEdit Filter Subreddit: http://reddit.com/r/MCEditFilters For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages: http://ChannelPages.com/CrushedPixel
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Text Comments (59)
William Ridge (1 year ago)
this guy is so cheesy it's great
Zach Landis (1 year ago)
I Thought this would work when eating a named item only not any item you choose
بدون اسم (2 years ago)
i want in 1.9
LoniGaming (2 years ago)
Pls answer: How did you hide that minecraft:golden_carrot part? is it this:?? /give @p minecraft:golden_carrot 1 0 {HideFlags:1}??? 1 or what do i need to use? pls asnwer
Elon61 (2 years ago)
+LoniGaming np :D
LoniGaming (2 years ago)
Oh, well thx dude! :)
Elon61 (2 years ago)
+LoniGaming Its just F3+H, i dont think you can hide it
Elon61 (2 years ago)
+LoniGaming Its just F3+H, i dont think you can hide it
LoniGaming (2 years ago)
Overlord God (2 years ago)
Any way to make it work in NBTExplorer than this?
pfp4ever (3 years ago)
lang nicht mehr gespielt ... drum erst so spät :D dass als filter wäre geil, wollte beides normales essen und potion food
鴨血 (3 years ago)
this isn't perfect couse you dont need to eat carrot of leaping (just an example) you just need to eat golden carrot
Creator of the K-Verse (3 years ago)
why couldn't you just give a piece of food potion effects? i don't want to place like 10 command blocks, can someone just help me add effects to food?
Teruteru Hanamura (2 years ago)
+K-Dawg The Ultimate  Once I dropped a cookie, grabbed a splash potion of poison, and splashed it where the cookie was. I went to survival and ate it but nothing happened :((
Creator of the K-Verse (2 years ago)
+Jade Sky77 yes, but it's not the same. I always wanted to eat a power porkchop and gain speed for 15 seconds.
Teruteru Hanamura (2 years ago)
+K-Dawg The Ultimate You can enchant food with an anvil and enchanted books (And make it your sword) but you can't add potion effects.
LyricLy (3 years ago)
+MurphyMinecraft 11 I meant that the game has no code to allow food to have potion effects using the same method as potions. Only potions are coded into the game to have effects.
MurphyMinecraft 11 (3 years ago)
+LyricLy  Dude,GUNS have been made in minecraft. I could make this.
mike raf (3 years ago)
if you would show EXACLY the commands, then, it would be much easier for us to understund and much easier for you to explain
TheFrozenHawk (13 days ago)
he did though....
ScoutKirby (3 years ago)
Any way to do this using 1 command block?
Joseph Hutton (3 years ago)
+ScoutKirby your lazy
LyricLy (3 years ago)
+MC ST0RMPEGASIS Well, technically there is a way, just there is no command yet.
MC ST0RMPEGASIS (3 years ago)
-Sadly- -no- :(- EDIT: Technically, you could but it would take a really long command longer than neccesary. Making it would take a long time but *using* it would be _easy_. All the long command needs to do is spawn the contraption in the way +CrushedPixel did.
Young's HVAC Inc (3 years ago)
you can do it on a golden apple and make it  Super
Mikey Green (3 years ago)
This didn't work, it said unknown command. Plus that's how you set it up with 3 types of food what if you just want 1 super powered food? In a map I am making I thought of a pumpkin pie that gives 10 seconds of jump boost and speed. What do I do? I put 5 command blocks (two for the clock). 1 says /effect @a[score_eatPie_min=1] 1 10 4 and take in mind that said that the command was unknown. I also put /effect @a[score_eatPie_min=1] 8 10 4 and  /scoreboard players set @a[score_eatPie_min=1]eatPie 0. I am using 1.8, not snapshots, the real thing, so what did I do wrong?
Mikey Green (3 years ago)
+DarkSidious14 thanks this really helps! (and your English isn't that bad)
DarkSidious14 (3 years ago)
You can verify if the creation of the scoreboard is well done, it must be something like /scoreboard objectives add eatPie stat.useItem.minecraft.pumpkin_pie And also, the last command you said is wrong, it should be: /scoreboard players set @a[score_eatPie_min=1] eatPie 0, with a space between @a[score_eatPie_min=1] and eatPie 0 (Sorry if my english is bad, but I am Argentinian :D)
Kat Ham (3 years ago)
Kat Ham (3 years ago)
anastacia felix (3 years ago)
what is the scoreboards?
Aeqursus von Aarén (3 years ago)
@Cloud140 Command block.
Crimson Thunder (3 years ago)
didnt realize i could use food, ive only done stuff like sneak for invisibility
Person Bob (3 years ago)
Cloud140 (4 years ago)
Hi. which clock is better? With commands blocks (redstone/air)? or with comparator?
Rayed Hamayun (3 years ago)
+Cloud140 command blocks go faster
Najtmer! (3 years ago)
+Cloud140 Serio!? Cloud.. Najs :D
MrSonicOSG (3 years ago)
lag wise hopper clock is best but redstone wise command block clock is best
Jorden Bales (4 years ago)
You can gain weight now!
Haima Dann (4 years ago)
nice video bro.... its useful.. :D
T Surette (4 years ago)
Korbloxilier King (4 years ago)
wobly water
Skypit (4 years ago)
hey thats nice
No Internet (4 years ago)
Is it possible to make this but it is only for food with a certain name or inventory slot?
Becky (1 year ago)
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carrot man (3 years ago)
i See You Have NO Videos! https://www.screencast-o-matic.com
Laff70 (4 years ago)
Can you make it so it only does the effect if you eat a certain food item of a food type??? A normal pie shouldn't give those effects.
Laff70 (3 years ago)
+luke Sturgiss That selector only affects items when they aren't in an inventory so that wouldn't work.
luke Sturgiss (3 years ago)
+施鴨血 if you use the @e tag for items you can give it a data value and use that in an item frame it can be used to give custom effects.  this can be seen on dragnoz's video a couple of months back
鴨血 (3 years ago)
+luke Sturgiss how?
luke Sturgiss (4 years ago)
in the new snapshot you can assign a score to anything so theoretically yes
ikub58 (4 years ago)
Don't use redstone with command block clocks, updating a piece of redstone 20 times a second causes a hell of a lot of lag.
CrushedPixel (4 years ago)
No, it doesn't, since there are not Light Level Updates caused. Also, these clocks generate way less lag than the Hopper clocks since they avoid Tile Entity Updates.
Howzieky (4 years ago)
Ahhhh darn! Just posted this! Good job, taking mine down now :(
John's Codes (4 years ago)
Absolutely awesome!
Two Brothers Minecraft (4 years ago)
Really cool!
GamersOnVideos (4 years ago)
OMG its realy rare to see you in the comments
Energyxxer (4 years ago)
This is finally possible! Amazing!

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