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Minecraft - LIGHTNING MOD!

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This is one interesting mod. It adds Thor's hammer, lightning armor, and so much more. Link to Mod with crafting recipes: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1439774-lightning-ore-19-update-new-achievement/
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Zein (4 years ago)
Zein (4 years ago)
OMG There's a GIANT!
Bryan Madrid (4 years ago)
I have the mod
Bryan Madrid (4 years ago)
I have the mod
Koly Hvoynickiy (4 years ago)
Хрен не руский
GameOnJon (4 years ago)
how do I run it on a mac??
joebro247 (4 years ago)
i like it better when u dont have to hit them but could just  right click anywhere and lightning will come down
Derek Lindstrom (5 years ago)
The reason why the sword was near his hand is because he has the force
Lyn Elefan (5 years ago)
what minecraft is that way slender man
JulesAKAJulot (5 years ago)
If they are compatible with each other, yes.
Devin DaBoss (5 years ago)
why did I even tip lighting mod in?
Devin DaBoss (5 years ago)
Herobrine0412 (5 years ago)
He uses Cam Studio I think
Crusty Puppy (5 years ago)
What do you use to record
eiji moller (5 years ago)
then your fucked or just force update it
Zombie Approvals (5 years ago)
then it stays on the black screen
Zombie Approvals (5 years ago)
hey if i start up my mc and then it says downloading mc forge is that normal
Sean Thompson Jr (5 years ago)
slender man you sefl disstruct
Gabriel Green (5 years ago)
Really interesting, thanks for posting
Tryler_Tryhard (5 years ago)
wow so cool mod

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