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Minecraft Mod Review: MORE EXPLOSIVES MOD! (Missiles, Land Mines, Fireworks & More)

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Mod Review Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3E5DE2965FEE6087 "More Explosives Mod" Download: http://bit.ly/Uh9nXz Website: http://www.AntVenom.com Merchandise Store: http://antvenom.spreadshirt.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/AntVenom Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/AntVenomFB Twitch.TV: http://twitch.tv/AntVenom The music comes from the in-game Minecraft soundtrack. If you would like to listen without having Minecraft playing, you can download it here: http://c418.bandcamp.com/album/minecraft-volume-alpha Outro Track by Approaching Nirvana Evolve Album - Death of a King Download the Album: http://bit.ly/T7lIiH
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Text Comments (4935)
Cain Arathoon (10 days ago)
The Molotov Cocktail was made in 1939 by the Finnish in the Winter War
Kiet Le Hoang (1 month ago)
Who thought the radar would be the pacman bomb :)
: (2 months ago)
This is the first Minecraft video I've ever seen
AlphaWølf (2 months ago)
Oh god the nostalgia
My mind’s nostalgia: *Vicious growl*
TheKittyQueen (5 months ago)
and then we got real fireworks
Epicbear241 YT (6 months ago)
This is what video my dad turns off in the middle of the night.last one I remember was the farlands one.
Pineapples Are The Bomb (7 months ago)
this was the first antvenom video I ever watched.... wow it's been a long time.
SuawdTheDude (7 months ago)
Do you know you can just do ~ ~ ~ to launch it where you are standing
Shari Medlin (7 months ago)
Shari Medlin (7 months ago)
oh god I did it again lol
0:29 *Launch* ourselves into it? Geddit, cuz there are nukes? 😞🤛
I used to love this mod...
TWC Thrasher (1 year ago)
whos watching this in 2017?
Hamsambwich (1 year ago)
What's a 1.4.5
Pumpkinpie3080 (1 year ago)
I don't know why, but his outro with the old music hit me with the nostalgia brick more than anything else from back then
Nick (1 year ago)
This is what I loved.
Iwakaski (1 year ago)
Back when Ant was good
"Oh my god, his youtube channel has gotten old THEREFORE NO AMOUNT OF FUCKING HARD WORK HE PUTS IN WILL MAKE IT GOOD" kys
fireballsflight (1 year ago)
he said that the first missile on the radar was gone because he sent it far away, how many people noticed the anti-ballistics missile was gone after he fired the regular missile?
ben rinehart (4 months ago)
i noticed
Sonicknight111_RBLX (2 years ago)
The nostalgia is real :D
Kirby Derpy Hooves (2 years ago)
he said clustered c4 on the part where the blue missle was in the village. it's bundled c4, not clustered c4 Antvenom
love to fish (2 years ago)
subscribe to me please I'll be uploading twice a day
michael johnstone (2 years ago)
F1EthanPlayz (9 months ago)
Trevor phillips (1 year ago)
MYST (1 year ago)
Man these were the days...
Dylan5892 (1 year ago)
Oml same
Dawn Step (1 year ago)
George Wellington (2 years ago)
The MISSLEaneous part of this mod.
DerankMoose (2 years ago)
The age of illuminatiam will soon begin
.The Randomizers. (2 years ago)
The first AntVenom vid i ever saw :)
JABiz Official (2 years ago)
So true..
.The Randomizers. (2 years ago)
+Awesome Gaming That was like my third! I guess we all just like EXPLOSIONS
JABiz Official (2 years ago)
My first one was the explosives + mod
.The Randomizers. (2 years ago)
Torks (2 years ago)
+.The Randomizers. same
Berke GamingHD (2 years ago)
1.7.10 mod version link?
Colin Parrino (2 years ago)
Someone needs to do a war series with this mod
Shilver (2 years ago)
AlphaShotgunGaming (2 years ago)
think im gonna go back to 1.4 better in some ways, worse in some ways
Kristin Cosentino (3 years ago)
Fot67 (3 years ago)
The Nuke and fuse (and varius other items like the smoke grenades) could be used to make an interesting take on CS:GO
JasonMarko (3 years ago)
it is for MCforge1.8??
AlphaShotgunGaming (2 years ago)
+Jasonmarko'sGaming Minecraft nope...
Huey/doggy predator (3 years ago)
All these videos r cool !!!
Huey/doggy predator (3 years ago)
I like !!!
Huey/doggy predator (3 years ago)
Tim de wit (3 years ago)
jacuas hammer nohohohohoohohohohohohoohohohohohohohoohohohoh
appleman 360 (3 years ago)
I got this mod the nuclear tnt crashed my minecraft
iJaffy (3 years ago)
i was in a server with more explosives mod and i blowed up the unclaimed spawn with nuclear :3
Bossyoutuber00 (2 months ago)
sounds like me on hypixel after a hard round
Meme Phox (3 years ago)
+JGaming gg 2griefy4me
Mustrabil (3 years ago)
can someone give me the download link for minecraft 1.7.10 please.... :'(
Rylan Connell (3 years ago)
How about the tunneling explosive
Ocean Man (3 years ago)
The flare looks like a pepper
C0BRA (3 years ago)
soz its blurry or it me soz
Millie Louise (4 years ago)
At the beginning I had such a scared face when he was doing his evil laugh, but then I couldn't stop laughing! You rock Ant! :) <3
Daniel (4 years ago)
I was playing modern warfare so I'm love every one
killia (4 years ago)
did anyone notes the missel tracker missel gone when he luanched the first missel with the radar at 20:06 minutes in
Sofia Rozas (4 years ago)
#Spacecow lol
XxzombiegamesXx (4 years ago)
Ur fuc#$!* awesome ant
Sebastian Goelz (4 years ago)
It disappeared because of that other missile u put down
jaz kesh (4 years ago)
Do a modded cops and robbers with this mod
Elliot Swift (4 years ago)
Best video ever
Gus Lindell (4 years ago)
THIS WILL BE SO MUCH FUN! (hey -----, wanna play on a modded lan world?)
cd5ssmffan (4 years ago)
There was a factions server I used to play on, and the owner installed this plugin to it, so I got my hands on one of those nuclear missiles (i bought one for $500 from some guy) and launched it on my enemy faction that had 50 claimed chunks of land... Lol it destroyed half of the faction and the leader of it is still mad at me. And then the owner had to uninstall it next week because there were too much kids crying about their nuked facs
Jesse Pinkman (4 years ago)
nice video
car builder (4 years ago)
just subscribed to you antvenom your the reason im playing minecraft now ant (my mc name is carbuilder88)
SawDud (4 years ago)
if *your evil laugh at the end of hunger games* it gives me scares 
Nath (4 years ago)
First mod i ever installed like 2 years ago (:
XX-KOOKIEKILLA-KK I (4 years ago)
-molotove- Cock-tail-
XX-KOOKIEKILLA-KK I (4 years ago)
XX-KOOKIEKILLA-KK I (4 years ago)
XX-KOOKIEKILLA-KK I (4 years ago)
Connor Chan (4 years ago)
I can only imagine having a war with your minecraft friends with this mod.......the nukes would be devastating.
Knightofdoom47 (4 years ago)
awesome modded hunger gaes
Gigawatt (4 years ago)
If only the Old Days Mod was here... MACHINEBOW SPEED MINING FTW!
ravenqueenofcrows (4 years ago)
me + did mod = crashed minecraft
Athena Bennett (4 years ago)
1,000,000 out of 10
nathan driesprong (4 years ago)
the lava bomb can actually be used by a bazooka
crisp444 (4 years ago)
MrSoldier (5 months ago)
crisp444 kys
MrSoldier (9 months ago)
crisp444 kys kid
Chez Block (1 year ago)
NotSoGoodGamer18 (1 year ago)
crisp444 but when he needs some milk!!!!!
Digital (4 years ago)
Anthony2306 (4 years ago)
22,000th like
jesse panosh (4 years ago)
realese the flare and add x-files music to it
GameCentral (4 years ago)
i fixed ur trading system on the peacful map
Alex Parpotta (4 years ago)
If only skydoesminecraft would review this mod
Jey Kay (4 years ago)
did anyone else lose it when he said SPACE COW GO AWAY XD
Joe Whalen (3 years ago)
kaprikorngamer (4 years ago)
They were always facing up!
kaprikorngamer (4 years ago)
the anti ballistics went sideways until they went straight up!
kaprikorngamer (4 years ago)
lava bombs CAN be launched out of bazookas!
Kiran Mody (4 years ago)
wow such an evil laugh at the beginning
Kazarr1 (4 years ago)
where the nuke miss
TheAirbornePotato (4 years ago)
10:20 he makes a butt
The Unicorn (4 years ago)
when he said fireworks i thought why didnt he just use normal fireworks but then i saw he made it in 2012
Ethan Gould (4 years ago)
Totally awsome
Ethan Gould (4 years ago)
Can you mod review boss mob battles
YukkiFox Gaming (4 years ago)
when I heard u say explosives I Got all like O god........
Ashour Hanna (4 years ago)
Lee Lising (4 years ago)
I died u took to long
Stuart Derricott (4 years ago)
Ricky Duron (4 years ago)
Commander_Swift (4 years ago)
That would be so fun on a factions server... >:D
mackiHL2 (4 years ago)
Greasejunky8 TV (4 years ago)
my favorite part is 19:17 spacecow was funny!
storm caller7 (4 years ago)
hey I am baconsaver7
Daniel Wilkes (4 years ago)
Stephen Timmons (4 years ago)
NO NUKE MISSILE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monkey D. Defracto (4 years ago)
have you ever done the Rival rebels mod.
Early Starwave (4 years ago)
you ForgoT To ReView THE HOUSE BOMB 👿
CreeperFace13 (4 years ago)
It would be funny to trolll someone with the missles
Random Man (4 years ago)
Adam Jones (4 years ago)
You forgot the nuke missile and time bomb😈
Monkey D. Defracto (4 years ago)
no he didn't i saw them both (here is the proof. the coordinates for the missile were: x:1650 by y:-725
E Austin (4 years ago)

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