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Minecraft The Sims Mod | Minecraft The Sims Ep.1 - Crazy Girlfriend

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Hey guys can we reach 500+ likes for the new Sims in Minecraft Series? Follow Me On Twitter:: https://twitter.com/Jared_Alec Like Me On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Jaredalecrealm The Sims Mod:http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/914312-164-sim-u-kraft-0121-discontinued-open-source/ Minecraft The Sims Episode 1! The Sims In Minecraft! If you love playing The Sims games you will love the Minecraft version of The Sims. This is going to be a series on The Sims Minecraft edition. In this series I will be playing with The Sims mod in Minecraft. Sim U Kraft is a Minecraft mod that adds features from The Sims in Minecraft. You can build relationships, get married, have babies, build a civilization, & much more! All music in this video was used with permission from its creator
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Text Comments (434)
Caleb Poulter (3 months ago)
What is with the logo boi
heather uber (7 months ago)
Santo Borruso (1 year ago)
Can u add the timber mod so you can cut trees down easier
MissQuirky101 (1 year ago)
what seed is your world
hey i know this is really old but i used to watch you all the time and i really missed this a lot of memories and this brings me happy to be watching this all over again
Skylark (1 year ago)
I watched this a long time ago when it came out and I've been searching for it again. I'm so glad I found it💖☺️
slow Turtle (1 year ago)
im 8
dantdm jr (1 year ago)
hi i am dantdm
Trevor Chomper1222 (1 year ago)
slow Turtle (1 year ago)
Sophia B (1 year ago)
I love this series 😊
Klara litschi (2 years ago)
No. Just No. 😑
Jake Meakin (2 years ago)
Say yolo swag
Jake Meakin (2 years ago)
Who's watching in 2016 I am
Jake Meakin (2 years ago)
Yeah I'm exited I'm up all night watching it and I'm 7 lol
dylan maxon (2 years ago)
I hope you make a big city
Leoncio Perez (2 years ago)
Jorja kane (2 years ago)
Who is waching in 2016
slow Turtle (1 year ago)
Jonathon Griffiths (1 year ago)
Roxanne Barnes (2 years ago)
Brianna Parker (2 years ago)
how do you put emogie
Ebony Starcher (2 years ago)
I did
Amanda Orum (1 year ago)
I did wat
HardKorKid (2 years ago)
dragon hat (2 years ago)
👎 no
demanman (2 years ago)
i watch your videos because of that intro
FunBroYT (2 years ago)
best video ever
Thales Ruan (2 years ago)
vocé e ua puta
Braiden Stewart (2 years ago)
Type in Braiden Stewart On Utube that's my channel
Tiffany Bryant (2 years ago)
-.- omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg
JJ Swag (2 years ago)
Um I need help, I cant seem to download please help
Amanda Orum (1 year ago)
delete something you have too many games
Medford Kimble (2 years ago)
minecraft is life preach it
Yahira Colon (3 years ago)
Yahira Colon (3 years ago)
I love the sim
ari's life 2 (3 years ago)
I hate this channel
dragon beast (3 years ago)
you get simucridits by going to sleep and the next day u get money more houses more money each day
Purple - Senpai (3 years ago)
the first part was so funny lol
Briana Rojas (3 years ago)
Holy cow theminecraft hippie is so hot in real life
Brianna Parker (2 years ago)
I know
Erica Miner (3 years ago)
I was watchingcthis with my kitten simba and when he saw the sim person he hissed at the screen!!! 😂😂😂😆😆
Brianna Parker (2 years ago)
same thing but it was my dog
Becky Sattler (2 years ago)
OMG OMG OMG !!! Yay I love kittens !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Erica Miner (3 years ago)
skeloassiangirl1324 (3 years ago)
FairyTail GirlLover (3 years ago)
Right when i saw the beginning i liked it and subscribed lol!
senay aksoy (3 years ago)
First video I've ever seen by u and I'm annoyed ur getting too much wood
Amir (3 years ago)
Dumb a**😒😒
Mario Wallace (3 years ago)
Your a beast
Amanda Orum (1 year ago)
thank you
Heh Creep (3 years ago)
On minecraft comes alive you could do the thing just like aphmau and you get to become a lord and stuff like that please play its aswome
Sideways Gaming (3 years ago)
What is that Resource Pack is that?
Chelsea Mccallum (3 years ago)
Chelsea Mccallum (3 years ago)
riley nelson (3 years ago)
minecraft is life
Naree Ania (3 years ago)
Allie Playz (3 years ago)
whats the texture pack?
Tomboy Kid (3 years ago)
ya sooooo excited!
Kam R (3 years ago)
+Rayna Barry You idiot that makes him need no blocks to do things and it will be boring learn your stuff plus i don't want to watch a person sit around doing anything i wan't it to be more survival than creative.SO LEARN YOUR STUFF LIKE DO YOU READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kam R (3 years ago)
Why is their more views on episode 2 than 3
master slender (3 years ago)
plz name of song
Rayna Barry (3 years ago)
if you do it in creative every thing will go quicker
Outrageousdude (3 years ago)
sithu aung (3 years ago)
sithu aung (3 years ago)
oomer jammer (3 years ago)
What the hell is wrong with people these days?!?!😠
Rehan Pervez (3 years ago)
whats the texture pack u use
Ellie king (3 years ago)
I play sims
WowImKitKat (3 years ago)
You sound like a boy in my class.... Crazy, (no afence ) AWESOME!! 😄😄😎😎😎😎
Nica Mangampat (3 years ago)
I wonder what music did u use
Tailiyah Seechan (3 years ago)
I really want to date u soo bad i love a boy that really is in too minecraft im like a teenager
Becky Sattler (2 years ago)
Me too!!!!! 😳😊😳😊😳😊😳
Kam R (3 years ago)
+Thai Seechan Okay?
+Thai Seechan ....
Nayah_ Lynn (3 years ago)
You have the same seed as another gamer I watched
Zack Richmond (3 years ago)
Your intro is confusing
Link Lnkyea (3 years ago)
Dat Intro Do
Freddy Fazbear (3 years ago)
You Do Know You Can Just Feed Her An Apple Right?
Mrs.Milkshakez (3 years ago)
o: OMG i can't believe i met you i love your video's
Rayna Bratcher (3 years ago)
How many episodes of the series Be
Maddie Smith (3 years ago)
Ok Are all of the people sims or are they villages or are they a mixture im not sure.
Kam R (3 years ago)
+Thomas Johnson ignore that plz my litte brother uses this account for YouTube
Kam R (3 years ago)
+Maddie Smith Its a mod that adds sims so its not villagers its sims ITS FREAKING SIM U KRAFT WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK
Maddie Smith (3 years ago)
GamingWithGeorge (3 years ago)
I like the video is funny thumbs up email me back nicole
ForcyBoBo (3 years ago)
What texture pack u using?
AqwardHumor (3 years ago)
Minecraft is not life
Gohan BallGaming (3 years ago)
goood  i  would  like  i
Nita A (3 years ago)
Do ya swear😓
Nita A (3 years ago)
SEXYLILKIZZ (3 years ago)
I scared to your chanil
Aukave (3 years ago)
Whats the texture pack?!?!?!
Pamela Massey (3 years ago)
Awesome ( :
Definitely Not Jody (3 years ago)
Pone time on minecraft pe i found FRIKIN DIAMONDS before coal and i was just mining and mining in the dark for like half an hour
izzy (3 years ago)
The same thing happened to me
Obsidian Destroyer (3 years ago)
hey mc hippie your music is very cool. but the creeper and blowing a ciggerret is very very very very very winnie and noob 
Ace _Gizmo (3 years ago)
Cool intro
Angristic Plyz (3 years ago)
I smell like beef (3 years ago)
I think they should make minecraft in the sims
J Cummins (3 years ago)
Nice video minecraft hippie
Ataa Rajput (3 years ago)
Kenzie Gray (3 years ago)
Oh shit that twd quote tho
Nicholas Zambuto (3 years ago)
Aneks (3 years ago)
Oh my banana,she so ugly
Tristen Aguiling (3 years ago)
omg lol her face
Nylana Williams (3 years ago)
I gonna like this series.
Pup_The_Gamer (3 years ago)
MATTHEW CAT PRINCE (3 years ago)
Do they have this for Minecraft pocket edition?
Clive Buckley (3 years ago)
The Diamond Shovel (3 years ago)
That voice though... lol
Sil Aleta (3 years ago)
I see a beautiful diamond.
The Three Amagoes (3 years ago)
You've got da best introduction! I'm sending a 👍👏👍👏👍👏👍
WhyThough? (3 years ago)
Your Cool
RSC SQUAD (3 years ago)
What's the seed
Chase Patterson (3 years ago)
LOve this ep its one of the best ep1[1s] ever!!!!!!
Darkstone_OFFICIAL_ (3 years ago)
Why the hell can't I connect to Minecraft Forums and curse.com?! I WANT THESE MOTHERFUCKING MODS BUT THE WEBSITE WON'T LET ME GET ON! Problem loading page MY LEFT ASS!
Tyler Newton (3 years ago)
OMG if you don't use a different texture pack I will unsubscribe
Creeper girl (3 years ago)
Well that's a weird way to un sub
Ash Russell (3 years ago)
U really should use a different texture pak

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