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MERCH -- https://shop.spreadshirt.net/burpmerch/ No I dont know da way!! This meme is going hot so why not :D Credits @ gregzilla
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Text Comments (2670)
Tristen Talbot (12 hours ago)
yes i know da wae
Springtrap555 (22 hours ago)
MemeSupreme (1 day ago)
Here lies the first meme of 2018. RIP
UGANDA MEMES (1 day ago)
*Do you now the way?*
lindsayhao (1 day ago)
I sub
danny clarke (1 day ago)
i know da way
Alena 2345 (1 day ago)
do your know the way
Travis lewis (2 days ago)
do you knoe te wae?
КАНАЛ GGWP GAMES (2 days ago)
*I can show the way!*
Brandon GRAHAM (3 days ago)
go heck yourself
agentaxe285 (3 days ago)
I cried it was to funny
Media_Brooks (4 days ago)
Hayley Brydon (5 days ago)
ha ha i like the part where he burps
SAVAGE DUDE (5 days ago)
Reece 105 (5 days ago)
R.I.P Da Way.😭😭😭😭😭
Xx StateTopTeen xX (5 days ago)
Normie Squad?
Moge (5 days ago)
To know the way you need to have ebola *cluck*
Erin Martz (5 days ago)
JamesCrossSP (5 days ago)
nobody know the fucking way!!
GamerHSZ 435 (6 days ago)
Edward Cabrera (6 days ago)
toys r us
Reece Pickett (6 days ago)
da faq
Mr. Panda (6 days ago)
1950: there will be flying cars in the future 2018: do you know da wae?
Giroux dragon XD (6 days ago)
0:01 do you know de wae
Canal Pedro Costa (6 days ago)
super blupper jpg (6 days ago)
Elise Iceluck (7 days ago)
😂 the birds had meh dead
Yekun Ban (7 days ago)
I feel bad for the birds. They went away because a man screamed.
Hey guys the Ugandan knuckles meme is dead
Kno Da Wae (7 days ago)
Yes I kno da wae
FREDDY 5NIGHT (7 days ago)
Logz YT (8 days ago)
Dear god
Jesus fonseca (8 days ago)
Do you know the way me:No
Jonathan Noob :p (8 days ago)
do you know the way :v
Alice , (9 days ago)
Show me da wae
Deborah Tucker (9 days ago)
ef u dont no de wae, u wil haf 2 pae... wit yer life!
loor BTS (9 days ago)
Do you no da wae ;)
Athina Fany (9 days ago)
This meme will never die for me bruddas i belive in you i know that they are still out there i know i just know.... they are still alive.... just belive in them... belive in us....
veD_Dev (10 days ago)
Jacob Stoffer (11 days ago)
Do you know Dr way
RaLuCa’s VlogChannel (11 days ago)
du yu nau da wae
IcyLizard (11 days ago)
Marouan Imgharn (11 days ago)
Who watched this 50 times 😁
Kermit the Frog (12 days ago)
Rip. You were one of the best memes created, but now the meme is dead.
Yandere Chan (12 days ago)
Do you know da wae brudah
LanceGamer TV (13 days ago)
Teal mi da wae
gael reptiles (13 days ago)
Do you know the way? :v
Thunder Entity (13 days ago)
Do u de wae
Do you know the Way do you know the Way do you know the Way do you know the Way do you know the Way do you know the Way do you know
Jodi C (13 days ago)
do you know de way
Olivia Keenan (13 days ago)
Yes I can show you the wae
Josy Fernandes (14 days ago)
Kkkkkkkkkkk do you no da wae!
Burning Rose Imp (14 days ago)
Sniperkk TV. (14 days ago)
0:10 damn thats so much BIRBS
Damn Danial (15 days ago)
Do U No Da Wae?
Sergio Cuesta 7777 (15 days ago)
do you know da wae
Gamer Girl231 (15 days ago)
That time when you get on the wrong part of the internet
Renè Cuenca Ruiz (15 days ago)
You killed it :'v
Elwin De jong (15 days ago)
Yes, i now the way how to kill you XD
I neva freze
Yes i do know da wae my brother
TheUndeadNightmare (17 days ago)
Oooook that is enough internet for tonight. *keeps watching*
TheJamaica666 (17 days ago)
Lol XD
Hugo Bognon (18 days ago)
jaider camilo betancur (19 days ago)
H3rd C-Ops (19 days ago)
Andria Collen (20 days ago)
Do u don't know de wae I don't know de wae but if u don't know we all know the wae because I know de wae
Towerofterrorfan21 (20 days ago)
I've given myself cancer
Alex loguendo (20 days ago)
uganda knuckles (20 days ago)
Do u no de wae
[WUT] SF81 (21 days ago)
MrPie :D (21 days ago)
Do you know the way? Me: Yeah it’s where the dead memes are
U Uopty (17 days ago)
MrPie :D dab
Tyrone platt (21 days ago)
hell no do you know da the way
Zoe Garner (22 days ago)
Ha haha haha haha hah haha haha haha haha haha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
MIguel Retamales (22 days ago)
MIguel Retamales (22 days ago)
Nikolas Young (22 days ago)
Samprank Serious (22 days ago)
My brother?
Sergey M. (23 days ago)
Sad Ness (23 days ago)
Do You Know The Way?
Essynce Jones (23 days ago)
You should put this video to a rest
Essynce Jones (23 days ago)
This video makes me sick out those nasty things about it
Essynce Jones (23 days ago)
This video is a request I hate them my entire life
Essynce Jones (23 days ago)
I hate you do you know the way I hate you
Essynce Jones (23 days ago)
What the heck I hate that freaking video
Cycopaty Lyte (23 days ago)
I Know Da Wae
Cycopaty Lyte (23 days ago)
Da Wae is in Your Heart❤
Duiu noduê
Creeper gamer (24 days ago)
knockle number #315 (25 days ago)
I need a Queen
Arnav Singh (25 days ago)
Azi (25 days ago)
The exit is that wae ->
MR.SHOTGUN GAMER 2 (26 days ago)
do you know da way
Yes I know the way
Lucas Borgen (26 days ago)
worst trend
xSquid 3 (27 days ago)
Trevor Witherspoon (27 days ago)
Bolis Xp (27 days ago)
i kNOw dE wAe
son goruto (27 days ago)
Da wae

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