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Minecraft Maps - t3c Parkour - Stage 4 - Pt. 1 w/ CavemanFilms!

2048 ratings | 282806 views
Ratings are Appreciated! Download t3c Parkour: http://bit.ly/xoX5lG CavemanFilms Channel: http://youtube.com/CavemanFilms My Texture Pack: http://bit.ly/vMvJDq Secondary Channel: http://youtube.com/AntVenom2 Twitter: http://twitter.com/AntVenom Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/AntVenomFB Twitch.TV: http://twitch.tv/AntVenom The music comes from the in-game Minecraft soundtrack. If you would like to listen without having Minecraft playing, you can download it here: http://c418.bandcamp.com/album/minecraft-volume-alpha
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Text Comments (1119)
Justin Humphrey (1 year ago)
don't make it seem like I'm gay but I think cavemanfilms get lots of girls for his nice personality
Marnige (2 years ago)
9:40 cavemanfilms sounds SOO MUCH like AntVenom!
bepisman (3 years ago)
Back when ant wouldn't blame every failed jump on lag and the map
Herogirl Gaming (3 years ago)
Fudge of
Hibernate (3 years ago)
0:27 The sheep from episode2!
Christy Kashin (4 years ago)
shanagins is AureyLians word
Christina Cadden (4 years ago)
Cave man said too too
atslaC (1 year ago)
Nathan is wrong
atslaC (1 year ago)
oh hey another comment from 3 years ago
zeldamaster103 (4 years ago)
you are on normal
L Stick Gaming (4 years ago)
alfiepalfiepoo (4 years ago)
Cow 6.24
alfiepalfiepoo (4 years ago)
Cow 6.24
alfiepalfiepoo (4 years ago)
Cow 6.16
Jeffrey Pignatelli (4 years ago)
you are good at parkour
Jeffrey Pignatelli (4 years ago)
pink sheep!
Caleb Tng (4 years ago)
Ant your on normal
rose ates (4 years ago)
he's the parkour king BITCH!!!!!!!
rose ates (4 years ago)
caveman sprinted right in front of ant
craplickerlickit1234 (4 years ago)
David Shaw (5 years ago)
Peak Wug (5 years ago)
Your on normal
Friedrich Siefferman (5 years ago)
Quantumblitz (5 years ago)
Wrong texture pack
Leander Wei (5 years ago)
Ur on normal again
UltraKitty kat (5 years ago)
You don't have falling damage off
NYCROCKS1000 (5 years ago)
he practiced?
Lenny Shotgun (5 years ago)
And a butter sheep
Lenny Shotgun (5 years ago)
It's butter apples
Keegan Guest (5 years ago)
ant u sprint jumped to undo your sprint jump
Blake Alexander (5 years ago)
For this episode he had no OptiFine
jsolorio909 (5 years ago)
The linkin park references...
uchiha (5 years ago)
Hunger = not on peaceful
Heather Christian (5 years ago)
at the bigining it sounded like chalange whore kinda
Alex Franes (5 years ago)
Have a go with sky
Hicham Hariri (5 years ago)
3:57 COW!!!!
Some Random Fellow (5 years ago)
I thought you had falldamage off!
Jackson Melnick (5 years ago)
What is the server
GFH_ (5 years ago)
I am currently out of placed here :(
nitrodog96 (5 years ago)
3:19 No, you sprinted.
nitrodog96 (5 years ago)
The King of Redstone (5 years ago)
Do it with sky
ky (5 years ago)
i watched this ith my eyes closed.. awwkward
Jake Smith (5 years ago)
It's a BUTTER sheep not a yellow sheep. Duh!
cory cool (5 years ago)
antvenom rocks!!!!!!!!!
drane mane (5 years ago)
thumbs up OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
eli arrington (5 years ago)
eli arrington (5 years ago)
he did it better than notch
Brian01045 (5 years ago)
Good job I did the same technic
empty (5 years ago)
you forgot to turn fall damage off
Daniel Wisely (5 years ago)
Good job cave
Lukas Souza (5 years ago)
Ummmmm Ant you had the texture pack DL in the discription, sand you were using the default in the ideo, so wouldnt that be confusing to people that are new to your channel?
Markus Demal (5 years ago)
A man can CHANGE you know....
SuperMarioPlush33499 (5 years ago)
Who are you :o
SuperMarioPlush33499 (5 years ago)
Who &Kdbshbxascsgvcdes
TheEpicGameTime00 (5 years ago)
He says he's not good at parkour in this episode, but in his latest parkour episode he is the self-proclaimed parkour king.
SuperMarioPlush33499 (5 years ago)
CaveManFilms after a few seconds in the video summoner of rain!
鈴屋アリス (5 years ago)
cow 3:07
鈴屋アリス (5 years ago)
y u be hating?
Ice (5 years ago)
8:18 What you did there, I saw it.
jun hong (5 years ago)
Let have breakfast got lunch
MisterLization (5 years ago)
MisterLization (5 years ago)
Ant youre not in peaceful!!
Anders Namtvedt (5 years ago)
y u be so retarded?
supercaleb1999 (5 years ago)
I'm playing this map right now and I did not know I couldn't sprint, guess I have to redo it derp
rolf joa (5 years ago)
Check out my channel
Tan Jia Jun (5 years ago)
fall damage and easy... yourdrivingmecrazy
Max King (5 years ago)
Sab you said,"i am stupid?"
hbgahr70 (5 years ago)
Man films cave
demetrious ramirez (5 years ago)
found it its at the end
Alexis Tan (5 years ago)
I found two
Acid Fox (5 years ago)
U were at start on easy, normal,or hard
Minted (5 years ago)
brekfast for lunch = brunch
Katie Meyerson (5 years ago)
Lol linkin park reference!!!
Starstorm (5 years ago)
That's nice to know... -_-
Zackery Westbrook (5 years ago)
really you have to announce that
ian allen (5 years ago)
Adblock Software.
Charlie Kumkumian (5 years ago)
Snow blindness is possible
Joseph Wiele (5 years ago)
i farted when you landed on the first jump
Ivar Norlin (5 years ago)
Right when you failed at the first jump at 4-8 i farted really loud =D
Suifung Man (5 years ago)
i really love you guys making video together,caveman is so damn funnyLOL
Evostreet26 (5 years ago)
In the end the last words he said were the lyrics to a song xD
Evan Standen (5 years ago)
alex connolly (5 years ago)
I meant 10:26
alex connolly (5 years ago)
10:16 again break the ice!
alex connolly (5 years ago)
10:14 go to the left! Diamonds
alex connolly (5 years ago)
8:15 there's a secret passage way in the water!!!
Morgan Blanchard (5 years ago)
Antvenom is on fiya :P
Dylan Levis (5 years ago)
He's very cocky that's probably why he falls so much
Le Corex (5 years ago)
i hate the ads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luke Thompson (5 years ago)
i hate ads
charlie butthole (5 years ago)
ant it seems that u r best at everything
Jeff Clark (5 years ago)
It Buffers When it buffers
xXePiKdUd3Xx (5 years ago)
Drew Koutsoudi (5 years ago)
I like the way ya parkour
Jenna Mullet (5 years ago)
awseome i like the way you do this
Myles Matchett (5 years ago)
wow!! youtube hates me!
Britney Ball (5 years ago)
what do you mean a few like 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000 and you did like 100000000000000000000000000000000000 more after
b3atz1egacy (5 years ago)
You know what i think youtube should just ditch buffering ya know just never make it happen.
Ishan Azad (5 years ago)
jpta162 (5 years ago)
I'm a fan of bananapielord and I keep getting Tetrix and Texty mixed up lol
Idlin Affin (5 years ago)
Bekkkk Bekkkk : Sheep Moooooooooooo: Cow Chicken : You guys are annoying
BaileysPeople (5 years ago)
I realized at #:48 that A: He's on normal difficulty and B: He has fall damage on :/

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