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Text Comments (13731)
Tom Ireland (31 minutes ago)
Dan, that is Chara... You would understand who it is if you play the genocide route on Undertale.
Ninjagite (1 hour ago)
THE PERSON (1 hour ago)
play growing up on roblox orrrr play more jailbreak
Rex terminate (1 hour ago)
Michael Pretorius (2 hours ago)
I am going to get roblox and the vr and a pug
Michael Pretorius (2 hours ago)
good I'm new
N3wL3gends (3 hours ago)
Milton Testar (3 hours ago)
Add. Me plz
Poppy Playz (5 hours ago)
Awesome vid I love the game granny
Nemka Nemka (6 hours ago)
Granny granny granny
EliteplayzRoblox (6 hours ago)
So close to 19 million subscribers
cottoncandygirl (6 hours ago)
DAN! Play more Miitopia!!!!!!
Sammy Rocks (6 hours ago)
Funneh played that game and it was lagging
Ysa Guevarra (6 hours ago)
i d played the granny granny
sponge bob (7 hours ago)
Play booga booga
Tommee Forson (7 hours ago)
can you play ROBLOX in vr
Carla Castillo (9 hours ago)
lᏫᖇ ᎶᎯmᏋᎦ (9 hours ago)
Dont press read more u will regret nearly there told ya Nearly there Jkjk Ok ill stop O now im serious Ok u had ur mistake sorry ill stop lol
Ruitmeri Archireal (9 hours ago)
Plz play with me
I am so angry!!
Minun (11 hours ago)
Limz show123 (11 hours ago)
I escaped granny then we escaped together
Luna Anime (11 hours ago)
Mommy...T^T i cant sleep anymore
James Ingram bad Barton (11 hours ago)
I completed granny
Sanaa Brown (12 hours ago)
The man with the blue hair is guest 666
Crystal_Spirit 4 (12 hours ago)
Stop playing weird games in roblox..
earnnathan Tagab (12 hours ago)
this video reminded me of something... PLAY UNDERTALE IN GENOCIDE
Roblox gamer 910 (13 hours ago)
Can you play more Minecraft and baldi's basics
cooljess556655 (13 hours ago)
Hahahha I love grany in roblox pls do more ROBLOX
T Pierce (14 hours ago)
what is your xbox 1 user name
Soysoy Gwapo (14 hours ago)
Dan play booga booga;-)
lisa hersman (15 hours ago)
Marci Gish-Carlton (15 hours ago)
You should do so and slendrina next
Anita Sheppard (15 hours ago)
BLOXBURG!! i can build u a house!!!!!
Dale Kellman (15 hours ago)
He is a butt
Dale Kellman (15 hours ago)
It should
Dale Kellman (15 hours ago)
It's not so scary.
Rainbow Rose Sunset (15 hours ago)
I got a Roblox ad before this video.
Jerred Henry (16 hours ago)
I tried shooting her didn't work.
Jerred Henry (16 hours ago)
I am NeonGirl_IAMRAINBOW on roblox.
Guido Catania (16 hours ago)
dan u should play more bloxburg!
Psycho Sis (16 hours ago)
Haven't even seen the whole video and I'm shaking
Psycho Sis (16 hours ago)
*OOF* I love roblox and Minecraft
"Every day, I Imegine a future where I can be with you..." ~Monika
Hniang Cung (17 hours ago)
If it dont work try to rejoin
Lylah Playz (17 hours ago)
the kid that was in the scary elevator is named chara. she/he is from undertale (if you diddent know) and fyi, you should look him/her up. np
Dash (17 hours ago)
Play [049] Beyond, [Hell Flame!] Plus Ultra All By B-b Studio And Dragon Ball Z Final Stand
ThatBarbarianGuy (17 hours ago)
Hey, you should check out my roblox video!!
Wpg Zombie (17 hours ago)
The blue hair dude is guest 666
Delfino Garcia (18 hours ago)
Play more scary elevator
Mac Taukiri (18 hours ago)
The password for the room is 1337
J Dog Hackler (18 hours ago)
play one punch man please i beg of you please 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
J Dog Hackler (18 hours ago)
play one punch man please i beg of you please 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Furkan Salieh vlogs (18 hours ago)
can you be my friend in roblox my name is furmun_gamer
gamergirl Leslie1 (19 hours ago)
More roblox dan :D
mandaray 5 (19 hours ago)
combine that O OF with that old granny death scream and you get dan's phenomenal laughing scream!
gcollins449 (19 hours ago)
A I'm 8 years old but I will be your best fan ever DanTDM you are the best
Matthew Day (19 hours ago)
Dude it's slenderina not sendaena
AmandaL629 (20 hours ago)
The guest is guest 666
iiiPanda Girl (20 hours ago)
I escaped four times
katherinelong89 (20 hours ago)
I now your rell name danol
Crunched Skittles (20 hours ago)
It's been a year since I watched Dan... Things have changed. o_o I've literally only watched emo band videos for the whole time. What. Is. Normal. Content?
Hannah'sGamingMania (20 hours ago)
The keys are from the dominus event I have them and the wings
Hikarunara 4277 (20 hours ago)
I saw this video of someone else about the most hated roblox players and you are one of the hated ones, I also play roblox, Dr tray blocks shouldn't be hated
nelta CASSEUS (20 hours ago)
all u have to do is hide on top of lights on the walls not the top wall tho
nelta CASSEUS (21 hours ago)
i realy meant to say was how do birds lay a 2 inch poop egg
nelta CASSEUS (21 hours ago)
nelta CASSEUS (21 hours ago)
and my bird pooped a giant 2 inch poop and i googled what to do when your birdduxgaydogdzya poop egg
nelta CASSEUS (21 hours ago)
i started in the basement
nelta CASSEUS (21 hours ago)
Mr. Zachary Rich Gaming (21 hours ago)
Play RoCitizens in ROBLOX plz
That is GUES666 gash
Ivan Huang (21 hours ago)
Dan can you play bloxburg in roblox
ItsYa BoiRoy (21 hours ago)
Dan you should play brick rigs on steam and look at workshop creations
Galaxy Gamer (21 hours ago)
I love the scary elevator
FLOWEY theflower/chara (21 hours ago)
You make the best vids! I think I'm crazy XD
HooliganHeroes (21 hours ago)
you keep falling
Chaos storm (21 hours ago)
Do more elevator
Alex Minecraft lover (21 hours ago)
go in the basement
Sienna Williams (21 hours ago)
U can’t use the crossbow on granny
Bran da beast (22 hours ago)
iØreoPlayz RØBLÕX (22 hours ago)
Hey Dan, play some more Minecraft horror games, or build battle. Those were my favorites! 🦄♥️
Granny (22 hours ago)
You have to click Dan to get
galaxyswirls15 (23 hours ago)
Play royale high please 👑
Riley GoodmanOMG (1 day ago)
You know there’s slendirena which has a creepy baby and a child
XxAngelWolfxX (1 day ago)
How do you put a face on your avatar? I bought a face and it does not show up on my phone.
Konner Hutchinson (1 day ago)
Can you friend me on ROBLOX my Use name is swagkidgameing1
The public one was hacked
Potates Gamer (1 day ago)
Play fortnite
Epic Playz (1 day ago)
Got a...um... Roblox ad right before this.
Storm Rider (1 day ago)
that guest is named guest 666
Storm Rider (1 day ago)
I’m following you
OGM’S Channel (1 day ago)
I love all of your videos and I really hope you see this comment
Hope Hess (1 day ago)
U have to click on it
Money killer Vlogs (1 day ago)
play another roblox #4 and play roblox flood escape 2
Jenny McDonald (1 day ago)
Make thanost5ufy your friend on the I pod please
When you played the scary elevator and said who's that and it was Guest 666
Cool (1 day ago)
Yay you playing Roblox
hi can you roast someone named JOE5906_YT he is your biggest hater
I'm Bryan (1 day ago)
Please unbox the roblox toys!

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