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Duke Nukem 3D Atomic - E1L1 - Hollywood Holocaust

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frank björklund (3 years ago)
you hear this daft punk song is first level
KillamriX98 (3 years ago)
Holy fuck I remember this game. My dad let me play it when I was really young. I can remember most of the secrets from that level. Damn. Gonna be fun to watch this.
Forty Winks (3 years ago)
Innocent for O.J Simpson.
Crud O'Matic (3 years ago)
Fucking LOVE this game... I'm guessing that it came with hi-res texture pack? Looks a lot sharper than I remember.
BioPhoenix (3 years ago)
cant go wrong with duke nukem 3D
megagrey (3 years ago)
I paid $4.26 for Duke Nukem Forever. This is truly a timeless game. I first played it via the 360 Arcade version, and it didn't feel dated AT ALL.
captain N (3 years ago)
duke nukem by far has to be one of the greatest first person shooters game up there along with wolfenstein and doom as I have heard, blowing away those creatures seems so satisfying and fun

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