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50 Subscribers | ComputerCraft Color Printer

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Finally hit the 50 subscriber landmark and decided to make a cool video for you all. This printer was built using ComputerCraft, making heavy use of wireless turtles. It features a paper re-filler, line feeder, and printer cartridges. Right now it only supports Red, Black, and White ink. Please click LIKE. I already have ideas for my 100 sub special so share my channel with your friends :) Music provided by danosongs.com with permission
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Text Comments (19)
Jason Casey (4 years ago)
One word... Badass...
supersimon126 (5 years ago)
nice man
Kit Kauffman (5 years ago)
Land Rat (5 years ago)
Or not
Land Rat (5 years ago)
Cool can you make a tutorial on that
Roman Meusch (6 years ago)
can you upload the save
Fuzzy Purp (6 years ago)
Thought you were going to print a Creeper's face :S
Jenrik for life (6 years ago)
challenge accepted
Deven K (6 years ago)
Oh. Cool!
FunshineX (6 years ago)
Just realized this was only 4 months ago when I had 50 subs, and now I have 1k. Crazy!
FunshineX (6 years ago)
I use dig to remove the white wool and place to put down a specific color from their inventory. Sorry to disappoint if you thought I was coloring it
Deven K (6 years ago)
How do you make the turtles color the wool? Please tell me I have been looking all over for how.
LBPHacker (6 years ago)
no, this is ComouterCraft ;)
Kjetil Sheep (6 years ago)
dafuq o_______o this is epic o_o
Darkislight (6 years ago)
rossmodz (6 years ago)
Now make a turtle that goes around placing TNT...hehehe
Scai (6 years ago)
this is AWESOME!!! i liked the 48 pph part :) I want... I need a behind the scenes!!! with coding included of course
KappaChino (6 years ago)
do it without mods XD or get retard mode for minecraft
GamerNXE (6 years ago)
Congrats on 50 Subscribers! :)

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