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How to Tekkit - Advanced Machines and Insertion Pipes

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Tutorial on Advanced machinery like the rotary macerator, induction furnace, centrifuge extractor and the singularity compressor. Then we take a look at a pipe layout with diamond pipes and advanced insertion pipes. Check out my let's play series: http://goo.gl/dXlWZ Connecting an Energy Condenser to this system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hj3vfzMknMc Thanks for watching, if you have any questions or suggestions leave a comment below and if you enjoyed this video please like, favorite and subscribe! --------------------------- Tekkit Minecraft Mod-Pack: http://goo.gl/PtVCN Texture Pack BDCraft HD x128: http://goo.gl/WYxjK Music: Blackmill - Home (Full Version) http://goo.gl/gV7Bz
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Ben Guffey (4 months ago)
Replaying Tekkit Classic and I still come to your videos for help. You were great when you were making videos and I hope you are doing well.
TheBiGJohnik (2 years ago)
what are the blocks u have made flor from?
zak schickler (1 year ago)
Nardoc DaMiner (3 years ago)
What version of Tekkit is this?
RaptrX (5 years ago)
Check the description, if you need help installing I also have a tutorial on how to install it.
Connor bale (5 years ago)
Alex Cabrera (5 years ago)
Thank u so much i love listening to your tekkit tutorials
Gian Coetzee (5 years ago)
This is ingenious.
Craftsman Chris (5 years ago)
Great tutorials! Thank you for doing them, I like the music too! One thing though, I had stuff going the wrong way in the pipes when it came to the cobblestone T junctions at the top. Maybe my version of Tekkit (3.1.2), not sure. I fixed it by replacing the cobblestone junctions at the top with Iron Transport pipes so the flow could only go up or forward. Peace :)
Indigo Nights (5 years ago)
I seem to have a little problem with the iron pipe. When I use my wrench on the pipe to change the input and output directions nothing happens. It just doesn't do anything.
Nick Willems (1 year ago)
Indigo Nights are u Sure u have the wrench From the right mod?
Camo Jenga (5 years ago)
I'd use distribution pipes so that half the iron ingots went back to the furnace and became refined. Just an idea, but might work
RaptrX (5 years ago)
It has to be at 75% minimum for it to electrolize the water cells, if it drops below 75% it will de-eletrolize them.
snowtart1 (5 years ago)
My electrolyzer won't work, it's beside my MFE and it doesn't "electrolize"
TheEmanP (5 years ago)
happens a lot in tekkit.
TheEmanP (5 years ago)
your cousin can use MCEdit to destroy the rotary macerator to stop your server crashing.
RaptrX (5 years ago)
You can use tier 1 machines, they will just be a bit slower. I think the problem you have might be related to a bug in 3.1.3 which is why I had to roll back to 3.1.2
Josh Powell (5 years ago)
HELP RAPTRX!!! I need an answer to this question, My cousins server gets blown up when a redstone signal is applied to a Centrifuge Extractor, Singularity Compressor and the Rotary Macerator. And by blown up i mean it wipes the map. so can i just use the tier 1 machines with overclockers in this setup? or am i screwed :D
RaptrX (5 years ago)
It will eventually take out the iron once there is no more in the first slot. Maybe add more redstone engines so that it pumps out quicker
James Jordan (5 years ago)
A friend of mine and I got together last night and build a factory to produce High voltage solar arrays. It works pretty good except for one issue. we are using an induction furnace to turn iron ingots into refined iron for circuts and machine blocks. however the pnematic tubes we used to draw the refined iron out of the furnace only seems to draw out of the first output box and never the second. so my furnace is only running at half efficiency. is there a way to make that second half work?
RaptrX (5 years ago)
Because I haven't enchanted anything in forever.
Neon12900 (5 years ago)
why you got lvl 61?
Thryfte (5 years ago)
1 month ago today :P
SugarBeetMC (5 years ago)
I had. Great vids!
RaptrX (5 years ago)
Quantum Armor, I made a tutorial on it, check it out!
SugarBeetMC (5 years ago)
What armor is that?
Torlash4 (5 years ago)
I just wanted to say thank you for the videos, they've been extremely helpful. I had no idea they had upgrades for the compressor and extractor. I'm going to watch your entire series now! I hope you do some kind of power tutorial later on. I don't really understand the buildcraft power to industrial craft... I'm trying to set up a mobile quarry not using engines, but I'm having a hard time finding an efficient set-up.
RaptrX (5 years ago)
Its not the first time someone has asked, I'll see what I can do.
Deathline77 (5 years ago)
Firstly, I think the problem is his English. :) Secondly, I believe he means why does cobblestone and dirt go in his steam engines, and the simple answer to that is that his pipes are to close to the engines. By chests and colors, and I think he means diamond piping and using sorters. The color scheme is tricky, but easy to learn later. :) Hope this cleared up any confusion.
jonathan boucher (5 years ago)
Great series, it's like watching a cooking show.
RaptrX (5 years ago)
Not sure I understand exactly the problem but if you are having trouble with too much dirt and cobblestone then you should take a look at the tutorial on the energy condenser. I've added a link in the description.
Crazy27Mateo (5 years ago)
RaptrX (5 years ago)
Yup, should have a video coming out this week!
Crazy27Mateo (5 years ago)
Can you make a tutorial for the solar panels and all the stuff up top that you had?
RaptrX (5 years ago)
Not a bad Idea, I'll most likely have a video coming out this week.
t5oizy (5 years ago)
Hey Can you show and explain the Generator system that powers all of your machines? Please! Nice Vid!! Thumbs Up!!
RaptrX (5 years ago)
Well in the second diamond pipe I just have the dust for all the ores I put in the first one, for the other ones I have sticky resin, rubber wood, and water cells for the extractor, then I have mixed metal ingot (for advanced alloy), raw carbon mesh (for carbon plates), and uranium (for refined uranium). It really comes down to automating the system so if you find yourself manually putting items in the machine then you know you should drop a sample in the filter. Hope that helps.
snowtart1 (5 years ago)
What did you have in the rest of the filters? I kinda wanted to see
RaptrX (5 years ago)
Glad you liked the video, should have a new video tomorrow, so stay tuned!
snowtart1 (5 years ago)
I saw your video on a site for minecraft tekkit help , I forget what one , I think its under the quarry guide , but , now im glad I found it , your the first source that I will look for.
RaptrX (5 years ago)
Just look at the color of the bracket for the side you want the item to go through and just put a sample item in the same color line when you right click the diamond pipe. Hope that helps.
Oliver Kragh (5 years ago)
Okay so basicaly i can't set up the diamond pipe filters, how did you do it?
RaptrX (5 years ago)
Advanced machines need a redstone signal to maintain maximum efficiency but that means it has a constant draw of energy, so the lever is just a way to "turn on/off" the machine. Hope that helps.
TheEmeraldknight79 (5 years ago)
Dumb question....What are the levers you have placed in front of the advanced machinery? Thanks for the tutorial, its made my life easier than having to ask my 10 year old how to build certain items...
RaptrX (5 years ago)
Hmmm, I'm not sure I understand the question. By black pipe do you mean the insertion pipe? If you have the same setup as I showed in the video make sure that you are using cobblestone pipe for the output of the machines so that it doesn't reconnect with the insertion pipe.
Oliver Kragh (5 years ago)
Ok so i have a problem when i smelt smooth stone some of it goes down the next black pipe and into the wrong machine :/ I their a certain way they will go UNLES they told otherwise or is it just random? (: Ps. awesome tutorial :D

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