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Minecraft Custom Adventure Map : ASLEEP! /w Facecam!

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JOIN SKY AND ROSS AS THEY TRAVEL THROUGH THEIR DREAMS IN ORDER TO WAKE UP IN THIS INSANELY WELL DONE MAP! Ross' Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/raginghouse Follow me on these things! http://zergid.com/Sky http://instagram.com/skydoesstuff https://twitter.com/#!/SkyDoesMinecraf http://www.facebook.com/realskydoesminecraft Music used in this intro is by KevinMacleod at http://www.incompetech.com Music Used NoiseStorm - Airwaves http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1x9VeneffTM NoiseStorm - Renegade http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjOeSzktwJs Music Supplied by MonsterCatMedia - http://www.youtube.com/user/monstercatmedia I am a founding member of http://www.zergid.com Hey guys, SkyDoesMinecraft is here with Asleep! This is an adventure map that you guys have asked us to play! It’s because of you guys and all your support that we’re able to do the Asleep Map! Thanks so much for supporting this and all other channels! Also, if you would like to see more videos like the Adventure Map Asleep, leave your comments down below and slap that like button! RagingHouse is with SkyDoesMinecraft for this map! It’s getting late and SkyDoesMinecraft is off to bed and falls asleep! So, in this map when you are asleep you dream! RagingHouse and SkyDoesMinecraft find that they are in some kind of strange building which RagingHouse thinks might be a space ship! SkyDoesMinecraft and RagingHouse are told that they need to head over to the control center! So, they are on a quest to find the control center and figure out what’s going on! The next thing SkyDoesMinecraft knows he is prompted that he has to work on his computer! As if thinks aren’t random enough with this map, SkyDoesMinecraft and RagingHouse received a prompt saying that they are about to enter a meteor shower! They look outside and, sure enough they see the shower heading right toward their ship! SkyDoesMinecraft and RagingHouse need to get to an escape pod fast! On a space station, SkyDoesMinecraft and RagingHouse view their space ship off in the distance which is being pelted by the meteor shower! Now, SkyDoesMinecraft needs to contact Earth so he can get off of the space station! With contact established, SkyDoesMinecraft and RagingHouse can head back to Earth! Anyway guys SkyDoesMinecraft and RagingHouse can go from outer space to other crazy adventures like being on a game show and winning a million dollars! So, this map is filled with all kinds of fun, weird and bizarre stuff to keep you entertained for hours! Don’t forget to leave your comments below if you would like to see more games like this Minecraft Adventure Map Asleep!
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Text Comments (5068)
Night mare (3 days ago)
Kari Lo (4 days ago)
Matthew Skepper (7 days ago)
Don’t you just love going to the bathroom the the floor break open reveal hell but it’s to late your consumed by your sins
Itsme bilalo1 (9 days ago)
Kyle Noe (12 days ago)
And when I saw is head vigorously shaking I knew it would be love at first sight
Brian Hanson (20 days ago)
Play asleep 2
ChitChatCAT (23 days ago)
Get an exorcism on Ross
TalkedJupiter78 (23 days ago)
Ava Sayasith (24 days ago)
You love 💘 buder
His face glitching killed me
Mr. XtAc (1 month ago)
Adam keep up the good work your video's are great!!!!
the hopeful clover (1 month ago)
I'm Sam I made it
River Yes (1 month ago)
Hey guys Sky here and I’m with GOD
shelly mosbrucker (2 months ago)
Ross has d's buttyful face😝
Jeovan Gaming (2 months ago)
ross your head needs Jesus right now
Thecreeperclan (2 months ago)
Rest in pepperoni sky 2016 XD
Mini Angel (2 months ago)
Another Torch!
Ebony War (2 months ago)
Ross isn't beautiful anymore rest in prices Ross may we never forget that bootyful narwhal squirrel thingy 😢(ㄒoㄒ)(╥_╥)(✖╭╮✖)
Travis the trans wolf (2 months ago)
Caitlin Valentic (2 months ago)
You gotta get sHwIfTy (3 months ago)
AlexDraws (3 months ago)
It’s 2018, I didn’t have my glasses on and I clicked on this because I thought the font said ‘Asian’ and I was too curious not to click, because putting on my glasses to find out instead was not an option clearly.
Core - Void (3 months ago)
Hey guys I’m here wit-GOD ! God ?
Kat Games X (3 months ago)
Adam- Hey guys Sky here and today I'm here with.... GOD" Me: Lucky, your with the one who created us all ;o;
??? (3 months ago)
James Ace Moore (3 months ago)
play asleep 2
ii SlytherinSoul (3 months ago)
No "like" goal? [Likes Anyways] I'm a rebel.
LEGO master 76 (4 months ago)
Ross is beautiful 🤢🤢🤢🤕🤕🤕🤯🤯🤯🤯🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤬😡😠😡🤬😠😡🤬
AnimeIsLife :DD (4 months ago)
God, I know that it's been addressed before, but I swear, it'd be great if Ross was Adam's kid. Well, he's not, but I still get a sort of feel like that. Or brotherly feel. It's just adorable.
V the werewolf (5 months ago)
My dog is named gizmo lols
V the werewolf (5 months ago)
Seeing this brings tears thanks Adam for bringing it back :)
Lord Helix (6 months ago)
So 1337
Lord Helix (6 months ago)
This video is so 13:37
Bryanna Marcum (6 months ago)
Every time they said bat I replaced it with duck 😂
Derivedhawk Gaming (6 months ago)
I saw a zombie cow
DaisyGirl 123123 (6 months ago)
u said u were there with god where was he??? :P
Mia Urquhart (6 months ago)
Amor Catapang (7 months ago)
The video is 13:37 :P
MiloTheCat Msp (7 months ago)
Ross- is my head working? Sky- Yes Ross- what about my real head? -takes ross head off- sky- OH GOD!!!!!!!
Mattie Booher (7 months ago)
Mattie Booher (7 months ago)
What's wrong with Ross's skim
Steve Atonamy (7 months ago)
1:25 well someone watched the dark crystal
ThatGirlBeckster (7 months ago)
"Look at all of these tararyasus" OH MY GOD 😂😂💀
Gamegladiator Playz (8 months ago)
DanTDM has 5mil lore subscribers
Michael safron (8 months ago)
Faulty Shed (8 months ago)
Michael safron he doesn't upload anymore
Djtomb 59 (8 months ago)
Escapist resource pack detected
Cayden Richardson (8 months ago)
Ross is having a seser
Ally Gacha (8 months ago)
Hahaha nice pun Ross Ross:I guess you could call me a nightmare*Drums* Sky:*He dyes*
Spasheh (8 months ago)
"Hey guys Sky here and today I'm here with, GOD, GOD, GOD"
simply demons (8 months ago)
I miss you ski
KJ Bolt (8 months ago)
You have been blessed with MLGness when you looked at the length of the video
Vamster Gamer (8 months ago)
Ross's beautiful face is back
There is 5,000 comments. Not anymore :)
Emmie Speedpaints (8 months ago)
Turn de shaders off; I said the entire time..
Emmie Speedpaints (8 months ago)
pinkgal Hernandez (9 months ago)
Wat the ross
Shadow Knight (9 months ago)
Shadow Knight (9 months ago)
Shadow Knight (9 months ago)
Shadow Knight (9 months ago)
Shadow Knight (9 months ago)
Jeovan Gaming (9 months ago)
Ross kills me so much
Green Ninja44 (9 months ago)
NOOO!!! Gizmo 😭😭
Allison Page (9 months ago)
Isabel O'Connor (9 months ago)
I swear i will like this comments....... YOU SWORE!
TrippDa Savage (9 months ago)
Illuminati confirmed
TrippDa Savage (9 months ago)
Do Do Do do do do
Ice wallow Kum (9 months ago)
Little did you know Ross is the flash
Munchkin B (9 months ago)
Wow 55k likes
Sofia Zigliani (9 months ago)
Adam needs a salad...
Jenn Ferris (9 months ago)
i love skys voice its like something beuatiful let me do a poem Adams voice is like a dove chirping a beautiful tune Even though he quits he is EVERY
Shane Beyer (9 months ago)
Sky Ross is wearing his escapists outfit
Spasheh (9 months ago)
irl tho xD
Spasheh (9 months ago)
Key 3DS (10 months ago)
3:06 rest in pepperoni
Meep the wizard 1 (10 months ago)
Baby Bunnyquake (10 months ago)
"Hey guys I'm here with God!" Sky 2015
Kawaii_Panda _Aphmau (10 months ago)
This is unrealistic... people have 5 dreams a night (dont remember all if not any) not 10 dreams.
LittleKawiiKitten 06 (10 months ago)
I thought​ that at 12:30 the minions were named mithzans
Alpha Werewolf (10 months ago)
For all the people that were on the friendship rest in pepperoni
GIGI P (10 months ago)
Why are you sleeping with Ross in the thumbnail?
YoonminTaekook4Lyfe (11 months ago)
How do you sleep and dream?
Crazy KitKat Lover (11 months ago)
Cute small Fangirl (11 months ago)
Eva Girl101 (11 months ago)
How do I get the map
Maggie_Draws (11 months ago)
5:30 *insert Gene being shot by Aphmau* MMMM WHATCHA SAAAAAY
Dat1Turtle Gaming (11 months ago)
Hey guys sky here and I'm with GOD!
IIGalaxyGirlII (11 months ago)
Ross! Adam! Wassup! It's been a while since I've watch Ross and Adam's vids so wassup?? As if they would respond... I'm not that lucky
Dana Shehadeh (11 months ago)
Adam:"Hey guys its Sky here and today im with God! " Me:"GOD! oh his skin." Ross:Ahhejwowbfvoxnwoeb
Brave 11 MLG garmer (11 months ago)
Play a SLEEP 2 plz
Mr. Pink lama Lama (11 months ago)
Play the 2nd one
The amazing Pvpawsomeman (11 months ago)
Ross is posezed
Creeper Bomb (11 months ago)
came back to watch this again and theres 50k likes exactly
Nathan live gamer (11 months ago)
AditPlayz CRAFT (11 months ago)
Play asleep 2
Hayden Hayes (11 months ago)
Please play asleep 2
Innocent Bean (11 months ago)
Ross da nightmare hunter!
Fluffy Tails (11 months ago)
did anyone notice the squid falling in the credits?
JoAnna Hughes (11 months ago)
Russ is braking the map he's baned
Shauna Aland (11 months ago)
"Hey guys sky here I'm with GOD"
OrbitVlogs (11 months ago)
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