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Infinity Gauntlet Game Mode!! - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay - Ninja

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Text Comments (14740)
Ninja (4 months ago)
Still live! Come hang out! https://www.twitch.tv/ninja
TJ THE GOAT (3 days ago)
The Round Chair (4 days ago)
Ninja fan!
Gideon Kubai (13 days ago)
Ninja play with me I play on Xbox one and my name is goldcurve41313
Bobby (1 month ago)
Ninja wat
Vladka Nemčekova (4 hours ago)
noob ninja
Vladka Nemčekova (4 hours ago)
blog nija
Muhammad Hadi (5 hours ago)
There should be a mode when captain marvel will release in 2019
zombie beast0120 (10 hours ago)
I loved playing that game mode
Wilczek Vlog (13 hours ago)
Derrex 25 (14 hours ago)
bery good ninja
Derrex 25 (14 hours ago)
buen video
Diego Valadez (16 hours ago)
Fortnite is dying
CRAZY Kids tv (17 hours ago)
ninja do you know ali-a
Ali Haidar (17 hours ago)
Ninja is the best player in the hole world
chauna wilkins (18 hours ago)
Your a god
Cesar Soto Inostroza (19 hours ago)
I like ninja👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 u lolito👎👎👎👎👎👎
Reyna Clarke (20 hours ago)
you should have gone for the head.......*SNAP*
Lee Purser (21 hours ago)
Well the avengers can’t stop him but ninja can… Umm
Chad Bolger (23 hours ago)
Ninja:hey I’m ninja I’m going to kill you now :b
ethan ma (1 day ago)
Ravioley (1 day ago)
Damn ninjas soo good
Pink Ribbon (1 day ago)
Erika Moreira Burum (1 day ago)
elena quinonez (1 day ago)
Bernhard pahlen (1 day ago)
Thanos: The is near Ninja: Shh Me: 😂👌
nusrat ahmed (1 day ago)
I sent u a friend request I am. a. hacker my name is MAHIR SPIDER
Souhail TV channel (1 day ago)
Does Ninja know Dragon Ball
ZulqarnainCraft (1 day ago)
what font did ninja use for his thumbnail
Luciane Martins (1 day ago)
Hellou ninja
Tasos Loup (2 days ago)
OMG in 1:14 one guy change skin in the game!!
Sisy Pajuelo (2 days ago)
Eres el mejor
Elmi Mohammed Awsome (2 days ago)
Hi. Play. Y8. 😀
GamerBossBoy 101 (2 days ago)
Sub me if you Like NINJA
The MRKZ (2 days ago)
Woops sorry i did not watch the full vedio
The MRKZ (2 days ago)
But your skin was not thanos
JACKSON Dorrough (3 days ago)
# team ninja
John Gillette (3 days ago)
Blake Gillette
Augusto Sodre (3 days ago)
Ninja i love tour Chanel you ITS my favourite stremer🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮♣️♟🥋
TheMainZane (4 days ago)
He doesn’t seem happy at the end
Bring it back
BigGamer 4445665 (4 days ago)
Your the best
hay ninja
Zahra Tajik (4 days ago)
Pirate (5 days ago)
1_console:like 2_mobile:comment 3_Pc:sub
abdelle gth (5 days ago)
ninja nembre1keen
Joey does everything (5 days ago)
Make season 6 vids
Greisel Garcia (5 days ago)
Ninja is the best
lucas façanha (5 days ago)
Brasileiros no vídeo do ninja?
Ergi Lakra (5 days ago)
Do u speak some times
D Mc (6 days ago)
Ninja you are the best YouTuber ever because you are in a the best player in the whole entire game and I like how you play with marshmallow when you play with tie I liked how you teach them how to play
Liveyplays (6 days ago)
winning for u is so normal but for me I would be screaming around the house “I GOT A VICTORY ROYALE WE ARE GOING OUT FOR DINNER TO CELEBRATE “ main of this is because I never won a game before... I play on ps4
Extra Account (6 days ago)
2:00 your welcome
zhyir tv (6 days ago)
Fuck you ninja
Goldin Perez (6 days ago)
Ninja You área sososososososo Goodyear atte fortnite
DogGuy123 (7 days ago)
He said "when im done half of humanity will still exist" then why did he eliminiate everyone?
Yusuf gaming YT (7 days ago)
I can get 6kills
Jett Council (7 days ago)
go Ninja Thanos the entire time!!!
Martin Romano (7 days ago)
Best thanos
علي ZOX (7 days ago)
you are loke
FRIENDZ VINES (8 days ago)
take ninja in infinity war movie will end in just a minute
THE CARTOONZ (8 days ago)
Which recorder do you use
life of you (8 days ago)
becaus you dont spik in the video
I'm Deformed (8 days ago)
Sebastian Isasi (9 days ago)
Wats you friends
Jarvis Sherwell (9 days ago)
Hey ninja at my house I have a hole wall filled up with posters of you. (So lit)
The tiger clan (9 days ago)
Why does he look Asian
Shameema Iqbal (10 days ago)
Ninja you are the best player in fortnite
Abdullah Dar (10 days ago)
Tanhos is so Angry
Fridell Lango (11 days ago)
You are the best player
Fridell Lango (11 days ago)
Is this hard to play infinity gauntlet mode
You are The best Youtuber
Dalal Isa (11 days ago)
Did he say any words
Harleen Kaur (11 days ago)
Is this is for limited time to get infinity guanglet
DuckierDuke 5 (11 days ago)
I miss this game mode
sloppy Alex vlogs (11 days ago)
Friend me ninja I love you VIDSSSSSS :)
Diles46 - AIRSOFT (11 days ago)
Thanks for sharing this. Good Stuff!
Adrian Lopez (11 days ago)
marica ninja plays well
rpoli1 (11 days ago)
best moment 8:29
AJ Miller (11 days ago)
Kemal Savran (11 days ago)
wolf team
Kemal Savran (11 days ago)
Tristan Felesco (11 days ago)
You are good ✌️
pandji chanell YT (12 days ago)
THANOS used ganlued with right hand on FORTNITE is letf
warrior gamers (12 days ago)
Talk and play ninja plz
Slogoman Fan (12 days ago)
When ninjas sees thanos Ninja: may I have my Red Bull for a sec.
Trey Ware (12 days ago)
oooo thanos can floss 😂😏
Tiffany Bell (12 days ago)
Ninja you are cool
Hoang Anh Mai (12 days ago)
Why u not saying some thing
Xhesian Ymeri (13 days ago)
Hermany_ _ (13 days ago)
the true thanos is ninja
Anderson Vaca (13 days ago)
Joel C (13 days ago)
I’m a fan
Joel C (13 days ago)
Hi ninja
elena quinonez (13 days ago)
You trash
undertale gamer (13 days ago)
You just never talk in your video's
undertale gamer (13 days ago)
But i love your video's
Lewis Farquhar (13 days ago)
Monster (13 days ago)
When he slamming down on someone it looks like he has a rift on his hand 😂
EnderViper (13 days ago)
Who wants to hear a joke Minecraft: I am the best game Fortnite: I have realistic graphics PUBG: Ahem Ahem
Mysz Komputerowa (13 days ago)
jebac ninje chuj mu zwisa i mu sse :3
後藤デイラン (13 days ago)

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