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Infinity Gauntlet Game Mode!! - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay - Ninja

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Text Comments (13730)
Ninja (15 days ago)
Still live! Come hang out! https://www.twitch.tv/ninja
Audrey Yohou (1 day ago)
Audrey Yohou (1 day ago)
Ninja j ame tes vidéos
radishark bg (1 day ago)
Jokekiller123 321 (3 days ago)
Ninja you're so good at this game and your the best of the 100 players here.
Dimitris Moustakas (4 days ago)
i am from greece
nrico adreean (8 hours ago)
Tim Lamb (8 hours ago)
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killer clown (9 hours ago)
Fornite avengers fact: Ninja is the creator of the infinity stones and gauntlet
Alex BG pro (14 hours ago)
Islam nov klip Ninja
Leonardo Peña (17 hours ago)
So close
MossingBloxer JOKER (18 hours ago)
i keep hearing in my head “hulk destroy”
The Wavewalker (18 hours ago)
Nattu Sole (21 hours ago)
Jayden tofye (23 hours ago)
ninja is so cool
Joshua Nacuspag (1 day ago)
ninja are sucks
Dave Emelo (1 day ago)
3:41 so close
Audrey Yohou (1 day ago)
JIO DHUBRI (1 day ago)
Why you destroying nature
Tolles Video gefällt uns, echt top 💪 Schon bei uns vorbeigeschaut? wäre klasse. Ein like hast du sicher von uns 😎
João J (1 day ago)
Tem Alguém BR?! Além de Mim...
João J (1 day ago)
Richard Duarte (1 day ago)
more epic than fortnite is thanos!
troll (2 days ago)
He taped on rock out and dances floss. Quick maths.
Natalia Marcinek (2 days ago)
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I Hate Hot Chocolate (2 days ago)
Uh, guys? Did anyone notice when Ninja ELIMINATED someone, it said Player3749
Maxparker169 MP (2 days ago)
Not one word
deep Daftary (2 days ago)
8:41 😂
Hussin (2 days ago)
Arab here 😚 love you sooo much ninja the king of fortnit you are trendind in our city are you know 😚 any Arab love you not just im everyone Arabi 😚 this message from Arab to ninja 😘 bay bay 😚 Sub + Shear + Like for King of fortnit🙋
שחר S.שחר (2 days ago)
Sindy Matute (2 days ago)
Hi ninja
Sil Amen (2 days ago)
te amo ninja eres muy bueno en fornite te quiero visita mi canal se yama ixo99
cbvcruz1 (2 days ago)
My brother’s user is pouity98
Chakaka Daba (3 days ago)
So this a_hole made his channel only for fortnite
DoRmAnCZ (3 days ago)
Nehraj tu hru neumyté to marta zmrdy
mas ter (3 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m96a0x_FiKo&feature=youtu.be دعمكم شباب وراء الاختبارات أنزل مقاطع القناة جديدة أذا أكو عربي يريد يشترك بالقناة يثبت أنه عربي في خانة التعليقات
Phanuphak Jarusombuti (3 days ago)
DID YOU DID IT FIRST TRY???????????????
Christina Seng (3 days ago)
you are the best player of fortnite
anatol cirimpei (3 days ago)
Super video
LawLight Llama (3 days ago)
Help! What's the song at 3:00 and 7:29 ? I've been looking for it for a long time
Ninja no disrespect but it’s inanity gauntlet and bro I love Pom Pom dance when mr beast donated
Fernan Garcia (3 days ago)
how are those mods working for you
Tavi Runcan (4 days ago)
Your the best
Caden Potach (4 days ago)
Hi ninja I love your channel can you friend me on Fortnite I’m sad because
Monkey Boy320101 (4 days ago)
You make it look so easy
CRISTI -RO 2 (4 days ago)
You are the good of fortnite
CRISTI -RO 2 (4 days ago)
Can you friend mee on fortnite? My name is gg cringe
ANXIOUS-LIGHT (4 days ago)
He is so good its not fun watching
gaming with young boy (4 days ago)
Bro I got 40 wins you got so many keep it up man
Roberto Puga (4 days ago)
Ninja is lit
Sem Broekema (5 days ago)
Hi ninja I absolute love your vies and always watch your stream!
Fishcake Knackaz (5 days ago)
Ninja is the beast fortnight in the world 🌎🌎
Fnaf Fan (5 days ago)
It’s gone no more the end is near rip infinity gauntlet 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😥
Reyli Suarez (5 days ago)
You are Cool Ninfa
Diego Fox (5 days ago)
It’s not out anymore:(
ELPEPO (5 days ago)
Como se llama la cancion de cuando le donan
lil pump jr (5 days ago)
Trash let's see how many haters comment
Joe Sew (5 days ago)
Can I come over I am your neighbor
Joe Sew (5 days ago)
selena Rodriguez (6 days ago)
You're good
Karl Gunnar Borring (6 days ago)
LearnToGo (6 days ago)
You are The best player
Mayank Yadav (6 days ago)
Someone tell me the name of notify song!
Kelly Tate (6 days ago)
Ninja u need to talk more
AD-LIZ CØØL (6 days ago)
Dont sanp your fingers ninja!!!!
Krxve (6 days ago)
I got thanos from the start on ps4 got 18 kills then choked because two dudes had a rpg at the end
LuciMy Proyec't YT (7 days ago)
Le robo la intro a Daarick :v
Zefanja Scheinhardt (7 days ago)
Doesn’t talk the entire game 8,5 mil vieuws and had 20 kills
Jorge Mora (7 days ago)
Ninja=thanos destruction😈
the gamerpool YT (7 days ago)
Thanos dancing the swish swish that was funy. You are amazing Ninja.
- Vent - (7 days ago)
Android_gamer2.0 (7 days ago)
Jasmine Sweets (7 days ago)
Ninja-Wins-Drinks tea- me-Clapz-
Jasmine Sweets (7 days ago)
I tried to type “Ninja thanos” but then Instead typed “Ninja thanks”
SGFighter MobileGamer (7 days ago)
Sub is faster than ever
Mohammed TouseeF (7 days ago)
You don't talk to much
Jake Rennings (7 days ago)
5,000,000 subscribers in 3 months dude! You broke Jake Paul and Logan Paul’s record!
Sad Thanos Left Us!
mobile legends (7 days ago)
Wtf game play lol
Julio Tristan (7 days ago)
ninja why you quiet
Julio Tristan (7 days ago)
ninja why you quiet
Bong-Bong Juniar (7 days ago)
If Theres Gonna Be A Gold Thanos Skin Ninja Would Forget Saving His V-Bucks Then Buys The Gold Thanos Skin XD
rowdy linn (7 days ago)
If i had a dollar for everytime he got 1st place...
DANIEL LOPEZ (7 days ago)
Ninja is pro of fornite
Lars Landsem (7 days ago)
Ninja is more deadly without the gauntlet.
M&J Vlogs (8 days ago)
Ninja maybe you should speak in the next video?
Joshua Duran (6 days ago)
M&J Vlogs I think he was sick in this video
SurF Silenc3r (6 days ago)
U liked and replied to ur own comment.... loser
M&J Vlogs (8 days ago)
Andrew Mackay (8 days ago)
I love how he says nothing the whole time such an interesting video lol
SkillsNeverStop (8 days ago)
Lol you know it’s a short game when Ninja becomes Thanos
SkylarXFortnite (8 days ago)
I won my first ever solo on that mode
nitram TV 121 (8 days ago)
Yo soy español
FuckingRainbows (8 days ago)
I've seen better
xyoxus (8 days ago)
Those skills you have as thanos are ripped straight from Saints Row IV
Carlos Estrada (8 days ago)
I turned on my notifications but still can’t see when u live or streaming I wanted to watch ur streams
Max Mustermann (8 days ago)
Were do landing normally
Gaming with arman (8 days ago)
Wow man
Razzer TO (8 days ago)
Me dida tha puta die dislike bota
Aeon Vito (8 days ago)
If Noah And Ninja 1v1 who will win?
Alfie Halliday (8 days ago)
How many wins do you have I have 55
ninja give me the fortnite
Sedanur Onan (8 days ago)
can we play pubg I now you play footnote but can we go and play footnote
Alicia Gamer (8 days ago)
And u got him
Alicia Gamer (8 days ago)
U do realise that The gauntlet is out there and u missed it XD
Juanita Fernandez (8 days ago)
Hey Thats Pretty Good
lee cathey (8 days ago)
Love watching you

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