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Star Wars Mod v0.3

191 ratings | 120008 views
New update to the Star Wars mod is here and it's better then ever with new ai, new textures, and even combat! Mod Here: http://adf.ly/9i5WL
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Text Comments (26)
Alan Hitt (5 years ago)
you said top 5 mods
Doug Rickard (5 years ago)
what is the mod called
jessica nunez (5 years ago)
Sigtyr (5 years ago)
Instead of apologizing for having an outdated texture pack, how bout you get the new fucking texture pack..
John Jackson (5 years ago)
dark jedi=sith
themattsmith man (6 years ago)
Gorman_Fr33man (6 years ago)
the mobs don't have weapons!
Gorman_Fr33man (6 years ago)
this mod is freaking awesome
mapetowo1 (6 years ago)
blabla trohe nudne
Rexorz (6 years ago)
Awesome! I bet u need single player commands though. Can you fire the clone troopers' weapons?
TjumiProduction (6 years ago)
i found out that u just download the newes vesion of modloader
TheBonistyle (6 years ago)
that dont works for 1.2.4 i just have a black screen. plz send on my email ( [email protected] ) the minecraft.jar . thanks
Bullzeye93 (6 years ago)
4:44 NASA called they want their computer back.
TjumiProduction (6 years ago)
@undeadflayme yup, but can this mod work for 1.2.3?
DZYA (6 years ago)
@TjumiProduction do u delete META-INF?
TheBonistyle (6 years ago)
please send me .minecraft folder with all installed!
TheBonistyle (6 years ago)
dude.... i got minecraft 1.1 with your mod v.0.4 (special for mc1.1) crashed! i there is black screen and then that writes cant find a file and the game needs to reinstal!
Screen511 (6 years ago)
Eh, mine won't fight. Do they have some kind of agreement or something?
schampanes (6 years ago)
hmm... this texture pack must be from right before the nether update... why don't you just use the default texture pack? it looks the same...
TjumiProduction (6 years ago)
i can finally mod in minecraft thank you so mutch
RetGamingTV (6 years ago)
@TjumiProduction Minecraft upgraded to 1.0.0! Wait for your mods to get upgraded as well, hope this helped!
TjumiProduction (6 years ago)
but every time i try to download a frikkin mod i need modloader but modloader make minecraft crash every time!!
RetGamingTV (6 years ago)
@TjumiProduction Single player commands
TjumiProduction (6 years ago)
how can you write in that text to get things?
asdf asdf (6 years ago)
this looks awesome haha ima try it out
Joe O'Hara (7 years ago)
Lol yeah the I'm trying to figure out why the clones don't do damage when they fire and thanks for the video!

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