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Project Happiness JAPAN

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Check out Remember : https://youtu.be/wjUGcWPE-hk NetNobody and friends take an adventure in Tokyo Japan to produce music, create some videos, eat good food and create fun memories. This is the second of many more in the Project Happiness series. Be sure to stay tuned for more vlogs and videos! Everyone Involved MUSIC PRODUCTION NetNobody http://www.soundcloud.com/netnobody http://www.twitter.com/netnobody Idan https://twitter.com/Cashio65 FEATURING Gooby https://www.twitter.com/thaidyedfalicia Young Lawngo https://soundcloud.com/young-lungs-1 Kronus https://twitter.com/iamkonus VIDEO PRODUCTION Directed by Adam Dahlberg (NetNobody) Camera Work Philip Engle https://twitter.com/PhilTheFilmer Editing Foxy https://twitter.com/foxycomedy Additional Camera: Julio Gonzalez https://twitter.com/ThatOneTomahawk
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Text Comments (1141)
Chairs tables (1 day ago)
i went to japan 2 day after u uploaded this video wow
Alex Luna (1 day ago)
Stick to music, Adam
Sam Jackson (2 days ago)
Can you speak Japanese My name is jeff
TURTLE Dom (4 days ago)
At least this is isn't another suicide forest Adam actually should respect unlike Logan Paul
Nixiam Gaming (4 days ago)
No dead bodies...
PixelPlayersGaming (6 days ago)
8:50 It really is Yamcha... Also, why wpuld they revive Yamcha? He got killed by a freaking plant monster that was the size of his leg
PixelPlayersGaming (6 days ago)
Can you guys please go to the Philippines or Germany after this please?!?!?!?
Jenna Howard (7 days ago)
EvocableDragon (8 days ago)
Parzival (11 days ago)
Music at the beginning?
Nobody Darkened (11 days ago)
Rima Kolleh (11 days ago)
These Vlogs are the best
RevSoMuch Commentary (11 days ago)
3:15 love the choice of sonic music
Chill Weeb (11 days ago)
Yo was that Saiyan Orb S?
SSBrochacho (12 days ago)
What is the song played at 2:44?
My Boy (12 days ago)
When did Adam become a weeaboo? Confused #savemefrommyself
Hunter Manning (12 days ago)
Dude this is all super dope man. Keep doing what you’re doing it’s funny it’s awesome and I love it
My name is Suhail (12 days ago)
He watches Dragonball?
My name is Suhail (12 days ago)
Thx for not filming a dead body
My name is Suhail (12 days ago)
Hello adam i have noticed that you have left butter for sushi How about both
Ashtondacool 32 (13 days ago)
Legit young lungs sounds AND looks like Justin beiber no offense
The Doctor (13 days ago)
Toony (13 days ago)
-WHO LIKE MINECRAFT- who likes sushi?
Gabriella (14 days ago)
Glad you're continuing to make videos! Love ya Adam! :D
Anime Lover (14 days ago)
CiN (14 days ago)
Ok but can we appreciate the camerawork
Kiwan (14 days ago)
I almost yelled about not seeing u do the Naruto run
Lewis&Luke Roan (14 days ago)
The largest tower on the planet... wow
Barb Rozenblum (15 days ago)
my name jeff
Son Goku (15 days ago)
*Jackass penguin*
Rixiant (15 days ago)
I visited that same Zoo when I was staying in Japan.
Tchotchke (15 days ago)
my name jeff
mr.king22 (16 days ago)
Are you friends with any of your Minecraft friends still
Metalicbat 2 (16 days ago)
I subbed I love seeing one of my gaming idles become happy
Metalicbat 2 (16 days ago)
Japan is cool its like being high on tech and stuff
Bet you won't film a dead body whiel you're there no balls
Colin Tran (16 days ago)
You look like net nobody
RIP Gota (16 days ago)
Retro Cat Baker873 (16 days ago)
Isn't this a Netflix show? ._.
Sean Likes Cereal (17 days ago)
You can tell how much work they put into this it’s amazing
Link Solstice (17 days ago)
God I feel old.
RepartusS (17 days ago)
Tiny Reaper (17 days ago)
6 years and still making me smile
Smorelvr (17 days ago)
ive been here from the first vid of SkyDoesMinecraft to now you are an amazing person!!!!
Smorelvr (17 days ago)
this is amazing
Victor Wathen (17 days ago)
6:38 im dead 😂😂😂😂
Takemoto Arashi (17 days ago)
Leah Anguiano (17 days ago)
Can we have more Minecraft videos plz
Daze Eostrow (18 days ago)
Where is your kid
Grey Ghost (18 days ago)
I actually know Japanese so im so proud of myself that i can read that lol
EIPLAYS (18 days ago)
nice escape from the city music. also i love ur vids adam
Zed The Game (18 days ago)
Panda and penguin
qwertyuiop (18 days ago)
i just popped xan 50000 in japan
Troll Lolol (19 days ago)
It’s all about the respect
NavyTurtles (19 days ago)
I enjoy this new content.
Ohh Madara (19 days ago)
At least he didn’t go wild like Logan and didn’t go to the suicide Forrest RECORD A DAMM DEAD BODY
MA215 Thegoat215 (19 days ago)
Were is sgcbarberian
Elemental Dragon (19 days ago)
i just want to know when new music is coming
Grayson Milk (19 days ago)
I did not know you were in the infinity war avengers
TheMercifulGuard (19 days ago)
I wish the team is together
DuchessMoon 7 (20 days ago)
I’m so happy that you set up a go fund me for a wonderful woman on musically for her cat so they can get the surgery for the eye and won’t have to put it down!!!!
OmegaEOP (20 days ago)
I’m not disrespecting Adam and his decision but he said he stopped doing Minecraft because he couldn’t keep “acting” happy playing games but going around the world and making music he has the same attitude as when he played games
Marshall Finc-Calhoun (20 days ago)
Maybe some things are best left forgotten
VT7 (20 days ago)
3:55 “NOW TO THROW IT AT THE LOCALS!” 😂 Logan Paul cough
KO KWEIT (20 days ago)
1 like for adam to becom skydoesminecraft again
Madz (20 days ago)
Sky does Japanese people
Lisa Collins (20 days ago)
i like the traveling but sky/adam i miss mindcraft and if your willing to bring it back i would me happy but if you cant i get it but think mindcraft is a big part of your life and mine. #bring mindcraft back #mindcraft=life.
Ciel Phantomhive (20 days ago)
Go back to YouTubeing I am not your fan do you understand because I loved your minecraft video.:(
Samantha Fink (20 days ago)
I challenge you to do smell and taste where are you plug your nose and eat something. See if it makes it taste
Samantha Fink (20 days ago)
The same
TAK WhiteWolf (21 days ago)
This was amazing
Blazer The carftyGirl (21 days ago)
Well...although the pass he been thought so hard but...it doesn't matter, all i want is that Adam be happy with his new life
life life (21 days ago)
They made a game about max its called mad max
Hey adam i remember when u said u not use to playing gaming how about vlogs with mason. And puppet speaking like elmo and kermit shaun (are u super cearal) and steven (diaTrickster) post they find it funny speaking like puppets they also like to beat them up
Chan0 (21 days ago)
I dont understand the shulk reference someone help
Rodrigo Jr Sotto (21 days ago)
Wow you guys really get about just a few weeks ago you were in Hawaii now tokyo
Jacob seed (21 days ago)
Cool beard Adam
Vance Strickland (21 days ago)
Where's the pokemans?
Josh L (21 days ago)
I saw him at universal studios city walk
Kaden Velasquez (21 days ago)
EVERYONE LIKE THIS COMMENT SO ADAM CAN FIND IT!!!!! Adam, you are amazing. You may think you are not, but you are. You have helped so many people with their lives and you don’t even know it. You are following your passion and you deserve to be happy. You have been on YouTube for 5 or 6 years (I think. It’s hard to tell) and you helped me with hard times. You don’t know me, and it’s kinda weird I’m talking to you. I’m a huge fan of you. I hope you can achieve your dream and do everything your life has to offer. I’m rooting for you all the way through, and I think everyone is. From a forever fan and subscriber, Fandom Man
Kenneth Monfil (21 days ago)
R u by any chance related 2 the "bastard" who fought "Jon Snow"?
venom Glenn (21 days ago)
I want him to come back to Minecraft
puppy boo!! (21 days ago)
literally thought you fell off the face of the earth....where have i been
instagram hofmannzach (21 days ago)
So you are NetNobody 😂
TheGamingKingdom (21 days ago)
Like, you should totally visit South Carolina where birbs eat worms...thats really it
CreeperTheDestroyer (21 days ago)
Do a try not to laugh challenge plz
traveion Griffin (21 days ago)
I couldn't make it as a wise man I couldn't make it as a poor man stealing can anyone guess it's a song?? :)
Night TheThird (21 days ago)
niqisha epiha (22 days ago)
Does Adam have discord?
Koolaid Twistin (22 days ago)
AND WE WILL ESCAPE TO THE CITYYYYY I'm sorry....... Great video Adam:)
Tasty Co (22 days ago)
Legend Has it! If u get this video to ONE MILLION likes! Adam will make season 2 of Maze Runner MINECRAFT!! NOT CLICKBAIT NO FAKE!
Roman Ward (22 days ago)
Did you ever get your son back?
Toorcch (22 days ago)
Where's your son? Na I don't know either
THS niceperson (22 days ago)
Proof good content does not equal views
LDUnicorn Lady (22 days ago)
this is awesome
DentalSaurus 218 (22 days ago)
I love these a lot more then Minecraft vids actually
TAK gamer (23 days ago)
Plz ok u hate minecraft now but I liked it all the maps and stuff so plz play:(
TAK gamer (23 days ago)
Play minecraft plz I liked when you played cops and robbers with your golden butter team so plz play minecraft :(
Daniel 0mega (23 days ago)
What an amazin Video

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