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The Scariest Minecraft Experience - animation

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Text Comments (94)
Felice Milena Saathof (5 months ago)
Thats to short😡👎🏻👎🏻
ANTonio51006 (2 years ago)
That wasn't the scariest moment/experience, The was the saddest moment/experience Why: 1. He haves tears in his eyes 2.Hes doing a "Trying to grab" pose to catch the diamond That's why it isn't a scariest moment/experience
Parker Parker (2 years ago)
LOL a emarld hahaha
TheOverLord 17 (2 years ago)
So true 😞
Shieda Kayn (2 years ago)
Tracy Whitaker (2 years ago)
poor steve he had so many diamonds
Jez/ArtistDud (2 years ago)
+Tracy Whitaker actually i think that's Alex
Angela Basurto (2 years ago)
srsly :-[ :-[ :-[
George John (2 years ago)
so short whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Brickcraft productions (3 years ago)
Whipped Cream Pancake (3 years ago)
Lol I cried when that happened to me lol fell in lava with 24 of them
Ki wi (3 years ago)
So true XD
poke nerd and trainers (3 years ago)
So true lol
Crystal Rose (3 years ago)
Lol ones me and my cousin went mining and then HE saw a diamond and walked into the lava 😂
Fantage Diamond (3 years ago)
The same thing happened to me I was killed too but that time my emarlad was destroyed by a silverfish while I was mining I saw a silverfish came out of a block and pushed me in the lava then I lost all of my tools and items that was so bad
Amelie Desforges (3 years ago)
That happened to my friend and we laughed our face off XD
UltimateRayquaza (3 years ago)
Once I was in minecraft survival and I had full diamond armour and i dropped 9 STACKS OF DIAMONDS IN LAVA!
WSYA478 (3 years ago)
Thats not bad... I lost my entire village I was working on for 2 years. With a Safe with about 5 stacks of Diamond blocks °^°
Regswidergren (3 years ago)
isaiah reib (3 years ago)
this is so... TRUE
Regswidergren (3 years ago)
Amorim Viera Margarida (3 years ago)
Amorim Viera Margarida (3 years ago)
Russell Copley (3 years ago)
not scary the is is scary were are you? heh? AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Nick Stevens (3 years ago)
So so sad
Koops Productions (3 years ago)
Eason Chan (4 years ago)
whats that the experience ?
alex world derp (4 years ago)
so the scariest minecraft expierence is loosing a diamond dildo
Anderson Sky (4 years ago)
That is so true you shoud make more of these clips
Earline Spires (4 years ago)
The End (4 years ago)
guilherme henrique (4 years ago)
por que
guilherme henrique (4 years ago)
hasanain almamoori (4 years ago)
You hafe to be kidding me
Coyote Gaming (4 years ago)
More mob storys! Im not being mean but you haven't made a video for long . Nice video tho! Now imma stop going ghast hunting...Maybe
TheDesertEagle (4 years ago)
Meh I'm using crazycraft
Rain Storm (4 years ago)
What's the music? Yes, I already looked at the description, but still can't find it! Any help on what the specific name is and where to find it? Sorry if I seem annoying ;-;
Troy Goates (4 years ago)
so true
Zergtrap Deathtrap (4 years ago)
Not scary but sad
Wafflez XxX (4 years ago)
I don't understand
Pfft, diamonds.... Diamonds is useless for me :I
Renesmay Dark (4 years ago)
This is so sad but it happens to everyone I remember I didn't get the controls right and tossed a stack of diamonds In to lava #facepalm
Arian Krasniqi (4 years ago)
Whats the namr of the music at 00:12
juegosgamesesp (4 years ago)
LEGO ?¿?¿
MARCOSHALO HALO (4 years ago)
Mob-ile Konnect (4 years ago)
Do more mob stories zombiepigman
michal/majkl (4 years ago)
povině like
Elf Productions (4 years ago)
not sad. not scary. i dunno WHAT it was XD
Hanan Ahmed (4 years ago)
Sad this was bad
Temior Blackhralland (4 years ago)
I knew this would happen
Jbielsantana (4 years ago)
Sapphire Step (4 years ago)
.n. The feeling of loosing your precious diamonds
TheDesertEagle (4 years ago)
screw diamonds i use crazycraft
slalalalalaaf250 (4 years ago)
Waaaaaait, your 56,000 subs video is an animation about the saddest thing in minecraft.
slalalalalaaf250 (4 years ago)
+ANIMAForce You better keep that promise. XD
ANIMAForce (4 years ago)
+slalalalalaaf250 Next short video will be funny, I promise :)
ANIMAForce (4 years ago)
+slalalalalaaf250 Don't worry! ;) ..You should know that in a real life I am kinda funny and very optimistic person :)
slalalalalaaf250 (4 years ago)
+ANIMAForce Promise me this. Don't ever make your main celebrations about something that as horrible as this video. Btw, I love your videos.
ANIMAForce (4 years ago)
+slalalalalaaf250 In fact this isn't the main celebration..this is just another video that may be touching your feels, I enjoy doing videos with a deep ideas :) ..And I have to say, that I CELEBRATE EVERY DAY FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE VIDEOS FOR YOU ALL! :)
ANIMAForce (4 years ago)
I know this video is short. I decided to make this short cartoon because I didn't want  you to wait so long before the next bigger video. Mob story to be accurate..Thanks for understanding, next Mob story coming these Holidays :)
The UnspokenGamer (1 year ago)
ANIMAForce lol video
Bonnie jr (2 years ago)
Mr. Epic Face (2 years ago)
So true
EnderXV (3 years ago)
Do you mean saddest minecraft experience?
Yoshi Has Issues (4 years ago)
do a cat
Temior Blackhralland (4 years ago)
Oli T (4 years ago)
BTW, can u make a mob story?
Waldo (4 years ago)
Or a block story about a stone heres my idea for it A stone came and it was destroyed by a metal pickaxe his last words were WHO LIKE MINECRAF WHO LIKE MINECRAF
Oli T (4 years ago)
+ANIMAForce Thats great, I'm excited to see that :D
ANIMAForce (4 years ago)
New Mob story is in progres :)
Oli T (4 years ago)
So true, this is scary
The KB9 (4 years ago)
I'm crying 15th
DicloniusRain33 (4 years ago)
the feels... :'c
Undermining Duck (4 years ago)
the feels 
zachsearth (4 years ago)
SALXAPHONE (4 years ago)
pfttt so what, u know what's scary, watching a whole 64 stack of Diamond Blocks and then your house that took a month to make burn down
SALXAPHONE (4 years ago)
64 diamond blocks burn*
Katie Meep (4 years ago)
So true!
DaveNJoePro (4 years ago)
 How do u make ur cartoons?!?! Please reply!
Albarati 01 (2 years ago)
like more!
Albarati 01 (2 years ago)
+ANIMAForce could you help us?!
DaveNJoePro (4 years ago)
+ANIMAForce  Okay, thank you man!
ANIMAForce (4 years ago)
I use Adobe Flash CS6 for drawing and making animations :)
Devon Palmer (4 years ago)
Mine is when I forgot to turn off auto save
Millsbro (4 years ago)
Sample Text (4 years ago)
Liek if u cri everi tiem ;-;
Master Ivan (4 years ago)

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