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THE KOBOLD KING HIMSELF! - Kobolds and Catacombs Review #3

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Review playlist: http://bit.ly/Trumpbold ⭐ Value games at: http://www.g2a.com/r/trump ········································­········································­···· 00:15 - Grizzled Guardian (Druid) 01:12 - Arcane Artificer (Mage) 02:06 - Lesser Ruby Spellstone (Mage) 03:07 - Explosive Runes (Mage) 04:15 - Sonya Shadowdancer (Rogue Legendary) 06:07 - Lesser Pearl Spellstone (Paladin) 07:07 - Benevolent Djinn (Paladin) 09:05 - Temporus (Priest Legendary) 10:33 - Psychic Scream (Priest) 12:12 - Grumble, Worldshaker (Shaman Legendary) 13:19 - Arcane Tyrant 14:24 - Grand Archivist 15:52 - King Togwaggle (Legendary) ········································­········································­···· WATCH MORE HEARTHSTONE! • Highlights: http://bit.ly/TrumpHighlights • Constructed: http://bit.ly/TrumpMoreStandard • Arena: http://bit.ly/TrumpMoreArena • Tavern brawl: http://bit.ly/TrumpMoreBrawl • Tournaments: http://bit.ly/TrumpTournament • Deck teachings: http://bit.ly/TrumpTeach1 • Basic teachings: http://bit.ly/TrumpTeach2 ········································­········································­···· FOLLOW TRUMP! 💗 Subscribe: http://bit.ly/ValueTown 💗 Twitch: http://twitch.tv/trumpsc 💗 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trumpsc 💗 Twitter: https://twitter.com/trumpsc ········································­········································­···· ‣ Edited by: jnZaneHD ‣ Contact: [email protected]
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Text Comments (874)
aptand (10 months ago)
Ultimate brokeback is 17 mana worth. It's literally, mage portal + shield block + sprint.
I Don't Know (10 months ago)
Togwaggle into mind vision can copy the king's ransom so you can keep their deck for good
Spocklee (10 months ago)
thanks for this video, knowledge is power
Toms Toms (10 months ago)
Would one put Togwaggle in a Treachery deck?
BoomStar (10 months ago)
I think temporus is the worst card ever printed.
Chiterok (10 months ago)
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q y (10 months ago)
What happens when your opponent plays temporus after you played temporus? HAHA
Juckslasher (10 months ago)
King of memes
Bad4tGames (10 months ago)
I like how he refers to mage as a deck
Chiterok (10 months ago)
Внимание! Слита с платного форума модифицированная гипотиза ССleaner. Теперь это модернизированное волшебство что лишь не может , сейчас ваш компьютер будет и истина "летать". Успей скачать покамест она еще бесплатная! (загружена на yandex диск , этак что без вирусов). Ссылка: https://yadi.sk/d/1rsayJC23Q33xn
wiiagent (10 months ago)
Sonya has a nice ass! potential waifu material! lol
Etienne Andlau (10 months ago)
If you guys dont mind throwing a little support for my game project on Kickstarter. Big thank you! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/793117293/escape-from-mill-station/description
Eruhin Makhtar (10 months ago)
King Togwaggle: Damn its a shame they have a ransom. I'd have so much fun being Rafaam.
Fliits (10 months ago)
Grumble, Worldshaker, not even 4 mana 7/7. 0/1
Thomas Varney (10 months ago)
I could see Temporus potentially in a Inner Fire/Divine Spirit Dragon Priest.
DG (10 months ago)
Trash deck, Counter Spell + King Togwaggle, if it works it could be hilarious.
Clean Living (10 months ago)
Dang Blizzard is going for the thicc girls these days between Alexstrasza in HoTS and those thighs on Sonya Shadowdancer 4:17
LE0NSKA (10 months ago)
I wish for an expansion that just "restocks" the existing mechanics instead of introducing new ones....
Ruckleback (10 months ago)
King Togwaggle + Temporus! There you have it! The combo, right there!
hewwo? anywun dere?? owo (10 months ago)
that quest rogue/boar/sonya combo sounded terrifying I SWEAR IF THIS IS PATCHES 2.0 IMNA LOSE IT
TeeDabs (10 months ago)
psychic scream into benedict
FuturePants (10 months ago)
give them 10 cards then king togwoggle, ultimate meme
penoyer79 (10 months ago)
temporus with a doomsayer? i guess? if you have like a Malygos win in hand
Fernand Arnold (10 months ago)
2/4 Benevolent Jens
Music Cover (10 months ago)
King Togwaggle + Lorewalker Cho
Fancy (10 months ago)
Trump is REALLY missing the boat on Temporus. He's exactly right that it's a terrible value proposition in a standard control game. That's why it'll be played in an OTK Priest. All you have to do is get to a board state where the opponent can't kill you in two turns. Say, the turn after you Anduin DK the board, or Psychic Scream. Feels like 18-25 health on a 0-1 minion board would be pretty safe for consecutive turns in the current meta, expect against late-game jade druid. Then you have a whopping 20 mana, a turn to give your minions "charge", and potentially a 6/6 on the board to work with. The OTK potential is so huge. Priests have already had plenty of OTK decks in the past, from set-up reliant Divine Fire decks to Velen/Embrace the Shadow/Flash Heal decks. Even the CURRENT top tier Priest deck can easily be built to put out 20-28 damage in one turn on 10 mana. Now you can just build that Razakus Priest way more conservatively and finish the game on a huge two-turn machine-gun spree. Card will be ubiquitous a few weeks into the expansion if Priest is any good at all. Can't wait to workshop my version - already know that I'm gonna name it "take your best shot" Priest :D
dedf15 (10 months ago)
spellstones are just dova shouts from TESL. hearthstone has some catching up to do, i see.
Satchury (10 months ago)
If u look closely u can see some weird asian guy hiding in the thumbnail
Hexpro (10 months ago)
Am I the only one who thinks this expansion looks like shit so far
rat488 (10 months ago)
what stats would a temporus need to be playable at 7 mana 20/20 15/15? 10/10? its a shame that those recruit cards ruined its potential :(
Will Lozinak (10 months ago)
explosive runes is cool bc it gets through iceblock
Danny Deng (10 months ago)
When i predict that control will die gadgetzan and aggro will die in lich kingAnd people laughed at me
George Tsoullis (10 months ago)
Why not swap Arcane Artificer's stats with, I don't know, mana wyrm? Which effect is really better?
aidan derr (10 months ago)
Isn't old God's rotating out once this expac is released
SHREK-NESS-MOBILE (10 months ago)
17:34 you would need to get them to 10 cards first, so dual naturalize then togwaggle
AF Raider (10 months ago)
People gave me shit for comparing Sonya to Cult Master, and here Trump is pretty much saying the exact explanation i did. Lol man maybe I should review cards. Ain't like the experts get them right all the time anyways
littlej211 (10 months ago)
I like that Grumble has good stats. There are SO many legendaries that have terrible, terrible stats, which makes them suck so bad. If they just gave the same legendaries some decent stats then the "meme" decks would actually be playable and fun.
Josh Hathaway (10 months ago)
King Togwaggle would be funning if you played him and their hand was full
colin young (10 months ago)
If you can get Keleseth to stick on board (and have a way to kill it on your turn) and you lucked into an Animated Berserker off Swashburglar against Warrior you could play Sonya + Berserker then Keleseth (a 1/1 for (1) which dies and goes back to hand) for all your remaining mana each turn (until your buff is enough... hard to win by buffing your deck and doing nothing else)
ImAllInNow (10 months ago)
how does Explosive Ruins work on divine shield minions? Does it deal 1 to the minion and 5 to face or all 6 to the minion? Or 1 to the minion to kill divine shield, and the other 5 split between the health of the minion and face?
John Bonacorsi (10 months ago)
Wild mill rogue is gonna break the game...
thomasvlie1 (10 months ago)
sonya shadowdancer is THICC
Nikita Yudin (10 months ago)
I think Temporus have a great potential in OTK decks though bliz said themselves they don't like those kind of decks. Strange but cool
NekoDri (10 months ago)
4:30 what...? did i miss something...?
Daniel Belair (10 months ago)
Use togwaggle in dead man's hand deck. Draw both dead man's, a skulking geist and explore ungoro. Togwaggle them so they have a deck of just removal and board clears then play explore ungoro. If they ransom you geist their whole deck, if they don't ransom you can go infinite and fatigue them out.
lemble (10 months ago)
Sonya Shadowdancers’s legs are actually bigger than her torso, the fuck. Does she store her internal organs in her thighs or something?
Mugs zy (10 months ago)
Djinn with Blackguard should work great!
Attila Décsei (10 months ago)
10:20 DisguisedToast is excited
ItzLik3That (10 months ago)
Trumps ears are so weirdly shaped, can't unsee that
insan inater (10 months ago)
Psychic scream could combo well with archbishop beneddictus. Psychic scream the board clear, If you ever run out of cards, just drop bennedictus! He basically negates the "downside" of psychic scream!
tranmer32 (10 months ago)
Temporus = meme dreams
Random Guy (10 months ago)
Psychic scream + benedictus combo :O
rob stark (10 months ago)
beyutubeful (10 months ago)
they give mage healpotential, does that signal a rotation of iceblock in next rotation?
notmyrealnameify (10 months ago)
I think temporus can be good because you can have cards that setup for a 2 turn lethal while often you opponent doesn't. I think a powerfull effect like 2 turns should never be underestimated. An average opponent doesn't kill you in 2 turns if you have almost all your health and the board isn't full of minions. If you can make a deck that practicaly gurantees lethal after 2 turns this card could work.
SuperUnunquadium (10 months ago)
Kun into Worldshaker into Kun whoa
Collin Regalia (10 months ago)
Temporus is a 7 mana deal 13 in fatigue priest if that ever becomes a thing.
Mabujold (10 months ago)
I can see the king being played in a mill rogue with no generation where you want to put your deck to 0 and your oponents hand full then swap your deck so they draw the ransom but immediately burn it
reallyhappy cow (10 months ago)
Rowan Mayer (10 months ago)
Trump: Quest Rogue with Sonya won't work New Meta: Quest Rogue 2, Electric Boogaloo
Quality Gecko (10 months ago)
What about King Togwaggle + Cho on turn 10? :>
Umbrall (10 months ago)
3 mana boardclear dragon into temporus seems like a fantastic play
Gol D. Roger (10 months ago)
Psychic Stream 👍😂😂😂
Jhon Fredy Rivera (10 months ago)
7 mana Lose the game
Mavloc (10 months ago)
Who is sonya shadowdancer even suppose to be? No lore but she is a legendary
CS Surf (10 months ago)
rng fiesta
ZLleidi (10 months ago)
Ultimate memefestation
AnUnculturedLittlePotato (10 months ago)
Kobolds and catamemes?
EnvyDragon (10 months ago)
Play it in a modified Mill Rogue. Draw your whole deck, sap an enemy minion to put them at 10, play Togwoggle, they don't get a ransom because their hand is full.
Xandit the Bionic Bandit (10 months ago)
Grand archivist combined with jade druid, calling it now.
TheRealPentigan (10 months ago)
Sonya/Boar is a 4 mana board clear if you're quick enough to ping everything before you rope out.
Collin Campbell (10 months ago)
Mill your deck to 0 cards, king togwaggle and them gnomferatu the ransom
Val Donaldsom (10 months ago)
Explosive rune precursor to trample
Renjia Lu (10 months ago)
i wonder what's below his I ❥ on his tshirt
duwe kapak (10 months ago)
What a meme expansion
Dokurider (10 months ago)
Togwaggle aka Mr. Steal Yo Deck
MidNight Eagle (10 months ago)
Dopple gangster, Grumble Worldshaker, Dopple gangster x2, then evolve
Nigward (10 months ago)
My best Idea was to play King Toggwaggle in a Warlock Deck with Hemet and Gnomeferatu and only (3) or lower cost minions inside. Once you draw Gnomeferatu you can play Hemet and delete your deck,draw King Togwaggle and play him next turn (Yes you get 1 fatigue dmg) and then play 10 Mana Togwaggle Gnomeferatu that deletes the Ransom Card. If you`re not drawing Hemet you just try to Mill yourself with Life Tap and Things like Novice Engineer and the Coldlight Oracle. Have Fun with this Deck! Hehe
EDM/THM Channel (10 months ago)
Does Bran doubles the battle cry of Temporus like give you opponent 4turns ??
Michael Lennon (10 months ago)
Grumble Turn 8 Ozruk Turn 9
Hahahahaaahaahaa (10 months ago)
Arcane Tyrant will find a home in control lock, if it can exist in the meta, I imagine. Not just SS, but maybe more importantly Twisting Nether (or even doom!) will combo really nicely. I'm excited.
Axel Daval (10 months ago)
King Togwaggle + Brand 8 mana 5/5 does nothing
Rigo Valadez-Bigler (10 months ago)
Two words: Nozdormu/Temporis
Patrick Freeman (10 months ago)
Could Doomsayer Temporus not be a thing worth doing?
Bao Loc Le (10 months ago)
Sonja Shadowdancer: Interesting effect and good body #thicc
Roy bgp (10 months ago)
Psychic meme
Nicholas Berrington (10 months ago)
king togwaggle priest that aims to mind vision the ransom. Add this one to the meme list
rapsody230 (10 months ago)
Apparently reddit thinks that raza priest is tier 2. Why?
Dafaq (10 months ago)
they shoulda call it 'meme expansion'
Hani Essam (10 months ago)
The end is coming...
TheEmissary (10 months ago)
I want to see games with Togwaggle + Lorewalker Cho for the eternal swapping.
Isaiah Williams (10 months ago)
You can play king togwaggle with lorewalker so if they cast it you can get it back kill off your cho and cast it again
gary nemis (10 months ago)
Aviana, king togwoggle, then coin hemet. mill druid.
bagel (10 months ago)
turn 10 togwaggle explore ungoro, they now have no proper deck
Dharcsu (10 months ago)
Crystal Core + Shadowcaster / shadowdancer does it become a 5/5 or a 1/1 since both make it that? is it whatever came after? or does crystal core take priority since it cant be silenced?
David Copperfield (10 months ago)
Can't wait to play psychic scream with my purify deck
Shezmu (10 months ago)
So if you play a temporus before playing your second turn, do you have to wait through their two turns and then you get three turns in a row, or do you get to finish your second turn and then they get their two and then you get your other two?
Tim 0901 (10 months ago)
Arcane artificer would be a OP quest mage card and i have a feeling we will get a thing that affects reqruit..
Gubzs (10 months ago)
Shaman is back baybeeeee
SoulsBorne (10 months ago)
shaman was never gone
1fgchamp (10 months ago)
Surprisingly my hunter deck is my best deck right now. That being said, I’m a f2p player running a deck with no legendaries and I can only manage rank 5 right now

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