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Minecraft 1.5.2 Mod - The Easy Crafting Mod - One Click Crafting!

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Subscribe for more! - http://bit.ly/La9QsI Please Like, Comment and Subscribe for more Minecraft videos! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Easy Crafting Mod - http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1558714-151-smp-easy-crafting-automatic-crafting-table-one-click-craft/ Minecraft Forge - http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, I'm Alex and welcome to another Minecraft Mod spotlight/showcase/whatever video! In this video, we're looking at the Easy Crafting Mod, which uses your items in your inventory to show you what you can and can't craft, and can click on that item, making the item in a split second! This makes crafting work quick and efficient so you can spend more time building and what not! I hope you enjoy, and if you do, please nuke the like button, comment and subscribe to NewNukeGaming for more Minecraft Mod videos! Thanks for watching :D ---VVV--- •Subscribe - http://tinyurl.com/SubtoNNG •Twitter - https://twitter.com/#!/NewNukeGaming •Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/NewNukeGaming/143173652476388 •Twitch (Livestreaming) - http://www.twitch.tv/newnukegaming •Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/ajbernini/ •Ask me a question - http://ask.fm/NewNukeGaming
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Text Comments (24)
Periodic Mindz (1 year ago)
this doesnt work for me it will not let me craft the easy crafting table can anyone help me?
Simon L (4 years ago)
This is like crafting table 3 mod( an old 1.2.5 mod)
Alex (5 years ago)
Oh, awesome :D
DeathsEye4444 (5 years ago)
I was able to get the answer: The mod does indeed work with other mod recipes. According to the log, once every mod is loaded, the crafting mod scans all recipes and allows them to be created via the table!
DeathsEye4444 (5 years ago)
ok, thank you very much :)
Alex (5 years ago)
I don't think so but since this video was released there may have been an update adding that, take a look on the forum page linked in the description :D
DeathsEye4444 (5 years ago)
Question: Does the crafting table ALSO show recipes for mod items? Ex. an engine from BuildCraft? Reason im asking is i have 72 mods currently and i want to try survival, but i got so much crap... Thanks for an answer!
Callum Curtis (5 years ago)
basically its just a worse version of the craftingbench mk3 from redpower
DBZ[Special] (5 years ago)
That's a really nice mod!
Alex (5 years ago)
lol Thanks :D
jbarton727 (5 years ago)
Volfie (5 years ago)
awww c'mon man, terraria? again? for meeeeee? :'(
Lava Wolf Paul (5 years ago)
Help! I want to download Adventure Craft for 1.5.1 but I don't know how :(
Alex (5 years ago)
Yeah I agree
Jade Walker (5 years ago)
i wish they would create some forge mods for modloader, as you can't use both at once
Dom (5 years ago)
No problem, I think i still have you in my steam friends. P.S. The new Terraria update will be awesome, it will even add 100+ items. :P
Alex (5 years ago)
Wow, the Terraria series, that ended coming up to a year ago, I don't think I'll start another Terraria series, but I might livestream it sometimes. And thanks for sticking around for so long :D
Bomega (5 years ago)
That_Thing_Guy says Hi
Bomega (5 years ago)
The minecraft shur'tugal mod it is amazing and I love it. Could you please at least look at it?
Dom (5 years ago)
You are still growing, Alex. I remember when i was suggesting stuff in your Terraria series. Oh, and will you continue it when the new update will come out?
Alex (5 years ago)
It's from Saturday's livestream playing SimCity xD
WagermanMW (5 years ago)
Alex (5 years ago)
If you have any mod suggestions, let me know in the comments :D
G K (5 years ago)
Money whore.

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